The Fire Master's Pokemon

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The Fire Master's Pokemon

"The ice chunk is gonna melt!" Crystal cried in fear, pulling Vulpix close to her and tucking her into her sweater. "And then we'll probably freeze before we make it to shore!"

"Vul...pix," Vulpix murmured sadly, shivering in Crystal's sweater.

Crystal looked around fearfully, knowing it would be pointless to yell for help.

"And if I did that, knowing my luck, I'd cause an avalanche!" Crystal sighed, on the verge of tears as she hugged her fire Pokemon. "Oh me and my stupid plans. I wanted to get to the next gym so badly that I went out in a blizzard, and now look where we are! Stuck on a melting chunk of ice in the middle of a lake!"

A tear drop slid down her cheek and landed on the ice beneath her, which was slowly melting away as well, despite the cold temperatures and the blizzard all around them.

"And what'll happen to the other Pokemon back in the cave?" Crystal muttered, hugging Vulpix tighter. "They'll freeze, or starve, or something. No one'll be up here for a long time with all this snow coming down."

"Help me," she murmured quietly to herself, her worries and anxieties all becoming too much for her as she closed her watery eyes and hugged Vulpix silently.

Suddenly, there was a howl of some sort through the blizzard, and for a fleeting moment, Crystal thought Houndour might have broken out of his Pokemon Ball (somehow) and had come to their rescue. But as she opened her eyes and looked up, the wind and snow stinging her cheeks, she caught a glimpse of a flash of orange as something huge landed on their ice chunk, causing it to sink slightly.

Gasping, Crystal held tightly to Vulpix as she pulled herself up on top of the peculiar creature that had just flown by, and up onto his back. Then, the creature took off with a flying leap, even though it had no wings. After the initial shock of being swooped off a chunk of ice by a large and unknown creature, she looked down at the Pokemon, and gasped as she realized what it was.

"It''s an Arcanine!" Crystal cried, Vulix peeping out of her sweater curiously.

Crystal's mind was spinning as the Arcanine hit the snowy ground and bounded back toward the cave where Crystal had stashed her bag and Pokemon balls. Could it be...? She thought to herself, remembering the story Nurse Joy had told her about the Fire Master who had formerly lived at Fire Fortress.

"Is he the Arcanine that was never seen again...?" Crystal murmured to herself, her eyes wide as the magnificent fire Pokemon bounded into the cave, halting to a stop and letting Crystal and Vulpix drop off its back before roughly shaking snow out of its fur.

Crystal stayed right where she was, amazed at being so close to one of the most powerful and legendary Pokemon ever, not wanting to blink, in case it left in the short second she was closing her eyes.

The Arcanine went over to the corner and curled up, staring at Crystal, who gulped. Vulpix went over to Crystal and nudged her hand curiously, as if she were asking for an explanation as to who this fire Pokemon was.

"It's an Arcanine, Vulpix," Crystal replied shortly, patting her favorite Pokemon on the head before standing up, taking a deep breath.

Before anything else happened, there was one thing she HAD to know about this Arcanine that had just rescued her and Vulpix from certain death in icy water.

"Are you..." she began slowly, looking the Pokemon in the eye. "Are you the Fire Master's Arcanine? The one who was never seen again after your master was gone?"

A sad look suddenly came over those great eyes of the Arcanine as he slowly rose to his feet, looking down at Crystal and Vulpix seriously. He barked softly, nodding.

Crystal's eyes widened, her hunch having been proven to be right!

" really are!" she cried, smiling. "And you saved our lives!"

The Arcanine looked away, as if he were somewhat disappointed, or sad about something.

"No, wait!" Crystal cried, running over to the Pokemon, Vulpix bounding after her. "Please don't leave just yet. My Pokemon and I have sort of turned the old gym your master used to own into a home; a Fire Fortress, since I train mostly fire Pokemon."

The Arcanine stopped and turned around, looking at Crystal seriously.

"I read that poem on the wall in the gym room," Crystal continued in a rush, as if the Arcanine would leave if she didn't make her point quickly. "I understand it, and I love it. I think it's beautiful, and true. I want to continue bringing out the best in Fire Pokemon, and all other types of Pokemon, just like I'm sure your master did. In fact..." Crystal murmured, smiling up at the Arcanine. "You can pay a visit to the revamped gym, if you want. Just tell my Ekans I said it was okay. He'll be guarding it."

"Vul!" Vulpix added, nodding.

The Arcanine looked at Crystal and Vulpix for a moment, and Crystal could have sworn she could make out a smile of some sort flickering across the great Pokemon's face.

"Thanks again," Crystal murmured, reaching out to touch his mane, but the Arcanine, in the blink of an eye, bounded out into the storm once again, and out of sight.

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