It was like a bomb had dropped in the semi luxurious apartment complex. Most of the residents were rich or single or a combination of the two. It was no surprise, therefore, when tensions began to rise at the new rumor on the mill.

"The new tenant who moved into floor thirteen is a dad... And he's hot."

Of course, many of the tenants had busy lives maintaining their wealthy status. They could not be bothered to check the validity of these rumors. In a similar vein, others couldn't be bothered with a man who already had children (and yes, that was a plural.)

And then there were the select few who decided greeting their new neighbor... s was the best way to show hospitality.

These few, of course, were the ones who couldn't stand to lose; who had to know and see everything with their own eyes. They were the ├╝ber rich, the old money who always got what they wanted, and did not stop until they did.

A letter of challenge had been issued.