Sakura hadn't told him shit, that tight lipped bitch.

Neji didn't come to the party, which was just fine with Sasuke. Gaara had shown up, meaning Naruto would be there. Whether it be later or sooner mattered not to Sasuke. So long as the man did attend, there would be no problem.

Ah. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

Naruto walked into the small hall filled with a few dining tables, luxurious lounge chairs and couches, and a small play area for children. He looked positively radiant, even with a small girl on his arm. He held the door open and let another man in, who was holding his son. The boy seemed the opposite of the girl, who was looking around at every possible corner of the room. He was hiding in the man's brawny shoulder, only peeking out to look at the man's behest.

Sasuke wondered if Naruto had hired a nanny for the event. The man seemed very close with his children. Naruto let the girl down and she nodded at his instruction before darting off to the play place just a short ways away. The tall man continued to talk to Naruto's son while his father rubbed his back.

The boy seemed to open up a bit. Still, when the tall nanny set him down, he did not let go of his hand. Naruto and the man shared a look. Then Naruto watched them walk off to follow his daughter.

"So you made it, Nana-chan," Sasuke teased, sidling up behind the man just as another family made their way over for introductions. Naruto's face was curt in it's politeness.

"It would be rude to miss my own welcome party, wouldn't it," he replied in a cold voice. Sasuke shivered. He wouldn't mind having an antagonistic relationship. Hate sex was good. Very good.

He waited for another group of people to make their introductions, then continued, "You know how we are. The rich might not be offended that you didn't attend, but you'll find some crazy rumors going on about you sooner rather than later."

"And what kind of rumors are on about you," Naruto asks, picking up a drink from the small bar on the side of the room. He was still watching the nanny and his kids.

"Don't worry, they're all the pleasant kind. But I wouldn't mind helping you start a new one. Also entirely pleasant, of course," he smirked at the other man. A flash of red hair invaded his space.

"Gaara," Naruto crowed happily, "You made it."

"I texted you," Gaara said, eyes stopping at a button on Naruto's shirt, "You brought Lee?"

"Yeah, he's by the play area with my kids. Want to meet them," Naruto asked hopefully. Gaara looked nervous, "Not sure."

"It'll be alright," Naruto laughed kindly, "They're very polite. They won't try to touch or grab you unless you say it's fine. Okay?"

Gaara shrugged one shoulder. Naruto turned back to the gaggle of people, "Oh, they're coming over now."

Gaara seemed to freeze and move closer to the table behind them, as though using Naruto as a shield. Sasuke took a hard sip from his drink, trying not to think of all the ways he was going to have that re**** killed.

"Daddy, Daddy! We made a fort from cubes! It's taller than Lee-chan-sensei," the little girl screeched. The boy was hiding on the tall man's hip, once again hiding in his clavicle. He was probably too old to be picked up and carried everywhere, but the man was strong enough to seem not to mind.

"You did? Did Lee-chan help you out," Naruto was looking at the tall guy with something Sasuke was absolutely sure he didn't like.

"I did not do much," Lee said, eyes glancing around to the two other men at Naruto's sides, "Very nice to see you again, Gaara-san."

"Drop the honorifics," Gaara grumbled, but his face was starting to match his hair. So the idiot liked the Nanny? Good to know.

"Force of habit," Lee laughed, "And you are?"

"Sasuke Uchiha," he said, debating whether he had the right to sling an arm around Naruto's shoulder. He stood straighter to look more imposing, and noticed a dark hickey in the shadow of where the boy was hiding. Was Naruto fucking his nanny?


"Rock Lee," Naruto introduced, "he's my..."

He looked confused in a pleasant way, but Lee just smiled, and said, "Yours? Very much so."

Naruto blushed from tip to tail and said, "I know we just got here, but I don't think Bolt's doing very good. Wanna come back to mine?"

"I do not mind. Gaara-san, you seem as though you need a break as well," Lee added. Sasuke was watching his prize just get away from him.

"Here, take my keys," Naruto said, "You can go too, if you want Gaara. I'll catch up to you in a bit. I just want to talk to Sasuke-san for a moment."

If Lee was concerned about Naruto and Sasuke's relationship, he didn't show it. Likewise, Naruto didn't seem to mind that he was sending off his kids with the nanny and a mentally challenged adult. He took the keys, stole a long kiss that had even Sasuke reeling, and led the kids away.

"I can tell you're the type not to give a damn whether someone's taken or not, so I'm gonna make this clear, like I made it clear to Neji," Naruto was speaking quickly, not even bothering to look at Sasuke, "I don't care what kinda fantasies you have about me, or what intentions you have. I'm not interested. Not even a little bit.

But let me be clear. That's my family there. Fuck with them, and I'll make sure you regret knockin' on my door. And that's a fucking promise."

Naruto set down his glass, gave Sasuke another polite smile, and walked away. Sasuke snorted to himself, wondering how he always got himself enamored with the rough type.

Well, he did like a chase.

OR: even when everything is over, Sasuke learns nothing.