Authors Note:

Hello Everyone, I would love to introduce you to my first ever story, Phlox. It has taken so many years of debating and mulling over these thoughts of mine. I also have a small bit of fear writing and publishing a story, but after much encouragement from my friends and, most importantly, my fiancé, I have decided to give it a try. This story is a Sam/OC not that I don't love Emily as a character I just feel that Sam deserved way more time in the story and have been wanting to add my spin on things. Warning: seeing as both Sam and Liliana are both adults, this story will have mature themes and ideas of that nature in later chapters. Also, some of the timelines will be changed, not significant changes, but some must be done to allow for Lilliana. This chapter is mainly to establish a back story, so no Sam in this chapter, sadly. Also, I, of course, welcome constructive criticism, but please no flames. I, of course, do not own anything but Liliana. With all that said, let's get on with the show.

Chapter One: Carnations

My views on love have always been skewed, figuring it was a thing that was never permanent, never stable. It wasn't my fault really; it was more so my parents that had tainted my views. I love both my parents, although my dad more so, they both screwed me when it came to love. I was the reason my parents got married when my grandparents found out that Charlie had gotten Renee pregnant. Therefore, a shotgun wedding was in-order. Six months later, in the Spring of 1984, I was born and named Liliana Alexa Swan. From what I remember, my parents were happy those first few years, and then my baby sister came in the fall three years after I was born. Two years after Isabella was born, things in the house became ice-cold, my parents were always fighting, and there was a lot of one-sided yelling. It was mainly Renée doing the screaming, usually over the fact that dad was never home and continuously accusing him of having an affair. Dad just always reminded her he had to work so many shifts for us to live and that she was the only woman he loved. It was after one particularly nasty fight where dad, for the first time, stood up for himself fully that Renée left. She grabbed Isabella and most of her stuff in the middle of the night and just left without saying goodbye or even trying to take me with her as well. I woke up the next morning expecting to see Renée after she had woke me up per usual except that morning, it was my dad waking me up with bloodshot eyes. He calmly explained that Renée had left with Isabella and that they're not coming back. Dad just held me as I screamed and cried, for I don't remember how long. Looking back my dad was firm in that moment even though he was just as upset and wished to scream and cry as well; he knew that I needed a rock someone to be the strong one as I was only a child and now he needed to be both a dad and mom.

It was about seven years later on the day after my twelfth birthday that Renée reached out to dad to arrange a way that she can see me and that dad could see Isabella. So they came up with a plan that they would swap children for about a month in the summer. When dad explained this plan to me, I threw the biggest fit of my life. I didn't want to see someone who abandoned me, and up to that point didn't even try to contact me. But this was something that dad put his foot down on and told me that I had to try. The night after our fight, I came to realize that dad had missed Isabella and mourned their lost relationship. Come morning before dad left for work, and I went to school, and we were sitting together eating at the breakfast table I spoke up

"I'm still not happy. I have to do this, but for you, dad, I will give it a chance."

My dad smiled and said, "Thank you, Lilly Pad, it is a relief to know you'll at least try."

"Don't call me Lilly Pad dad; I'm not five anymore," I replied.

Summer came around quicker than I wanted. As dad and I waited for my plane to be called, he commented on my sullen face

"come on Lilly Pad, it'll be fun" he tried to coax me into believing his lie.

"I know, dad. It's just I don't even know what to say to her, and it's a whole month away from my friends we had plans of spending all the nice days down at La Push." I replied, and I was upset that I couldn't spend the time I had during this summer with the friends I had known my entire life, especially Leah. She and I had been joined at the hip since we were always born, one and the same. She was my sister, no matter if we weren't joined by blood.

"FLIGHT 108 JET BLUE TO PHX NOW BOARDING," the loudspeaker above us announced.

"well, Lilly Pad I'll see you in a month, be good for your mom, don't call her Renée she's your mom so call her mom, and if you ever need me I'm just a phone call away, I love you kid," Dad said in his deep gruff voice as he hugged me closer than ever.

"I love you too, dad, I'll see you in August." I quickly grabbed my suitcase and carry-on and rushed to the gate.

"you're the unattended minor correct?" the gate attendant asked.

"yes ma'am, I am" I instantly replied with a shaky voice, I was beyond nervous this was the first time I had ever been on an airplane and to do it alone had me scared out of my mind.

"Good you're on time, here is your wrist band you must keep this on the entire flight. Now your seat is on the end aisle so that the flight attendants can keep an eye on you, and if you are ever uncomfortable or worried about than anything, you hit the call button, and they will immediately come to check on you." She said this speech as she had probably done multiple times a day, and the fact that the flight attendants keep an eye on me immediately had a calming effect on me.

"Thank you, ma'am," I said without the shake I had before, and the women could immediately see I had calmed down.

After checking my ticket for a second time, she said: "Well, off you go."

I quickly took my seat after asking a man to put my luggage in the overhead bin. I sat down and immediately took out my sketch pad and began to sketch the tarmac and let my mind wander.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, and I just want to welcome you to flight 108 from Seattle, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona. This flight will be approximately two hours and fifty minutes, so we should be arriving at three-fifty central time."

I continued to sketch but pausing to watch and listen to the safety instructions. Suddenly the plane took off getting higher and higher. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as the plane ascended into the air; my hands became jittery. I had to momentarily pause my sketch as not only did my surrounding change but also I was in no shape to sketch. A hand suddenly touched my shoulder and made me look up. An African American male dressed in a flight attendant uniform smiled down at me.

"It'll be just fine; don't worry, just focus on your breathing. We'll be stabilized soon, and it'll be alright." He said in a calm, soothing voice.

"Thank you," I said in a quiet voice.

"You're welcome, and again, if you need anything, feel free to press the button. Someone will come and check on you again in a couple of minutes. We'll also come buy with sodas and peanuts that'll help with the nerves." He squeezed my shoulder and went to the front of the plane to help the other flight attendants.

A took a few calming breathes, and decided the best way to stay calm was to draw. As I looked at the window across the row of seats and couldn't help the heart clench that happened as I realized I was getting further and further away from the safety of my dad, my rock. But then as we got higher and higher I couldn't help but also notice the stunning visual of the sun and clouds even during the sunniest days in Forks, the sun was still never this bright and the clouds never this white. The rest of the flight went smoothly with the flight attendants continually checking on me and me, while I was keeping myself busy by sketching the heavenly sights around me. I was about finished when over the loudspeaker came the pilot's voice.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now starting our descent to Phoenix Sky Harbor. It is currently three-fifty central time. I want to thank you all for choosing JetBlue and I hope you have a great rest of your day."

I took few more deep breaths later, I felt the plane lower and put away my sketch pad. I was pretty happy about the way my sketched had turned out while slightly being disappointed, not being able to finish it. Since I was at the back of the plane, I had to wait for everyone else to disembark. When I was my turn, I once again asked the man who was sitting beside me to get my luggage down. As I headed to the walkway, I turned around and profusely thanked the flight attendants for taking care of me and making my first flying experience bearable. As I walked to the meeting point that my parents had arranged, I felt a knot in my stomach grow and grow. Would she look different? Would she try and playoff what she did? What would I say to her? What would she say back? All these questions spun in my head and trying to figure out the different scenarios that would be possible when suddenly a voice screamed out.


I quickly whipped my head in the direction of the voice, calling my name. She was there looking the same as she had so many years ago. I felt tears welling up my eyes. I forced them back down I didn't want to be crying like I was sad. I thought I had pushed down all the feelings I felt for her.

"Liliana, you're here, oh my beautiful baby," she exclaimed while wrapping me in a tight hug, She even had the same scent. I felt the tears welling up again

Returning her hug, I quickly rush out, "Hi mom, it's good to see you."

"Oh, honey, I'm so glad you're here. We're going to have so much fun together so much fun that I'll doubt you're ever want to leave" Renée started to laugh as she grabbed my luggage "well this way, honey."

"I seriously doubt it," I whispered under my breath, "So did Isabella do alright."

"She goes by Bella now and yes she was a little nervous and so was I but after getting confirmation that she would be looked after by the flight attendants, I felt more sure about the plan. Besides, she'll have your dad." She talked like the world was ending tomorrow, quickly rushing out her words.

"When did she start going by Bella?" I asked wonderingly I mean it made sense most people don't call me Liliana anymore, most people just call me Lilly or in dad's case Lilly Pad even though I find it embarrassing as hell nowadays. The fact that dad hadn't told her that distinction made me smile internally and I wasn't going to tell Renée that she could she hadn't earned that right, I kept reminding myself this as I followed her to the parking garage.

"She decided on her fourth birthday that she wanted to go by Bella."

"Oh, that's great. I'll be sure to remember that" that was if I ever get to see her I wanted to add on, but out of respect, I didn't. "So mom what have you been up to"

She quickly started rambling on about how she's recently gotten really into yoga and that she works in a little shop that sells healing crystals. I kept giving appropriate responses at the correct intervals to feign interest. I stared out the window, looking at the landscape. It was different from what Forks was, but it was no less beautiful. I found myself falling asleep, looking at the desert and cactuses. It was about an hour later that I woke up to the car coming to a stop.

"Well, this is home," my mom announced, opening the car door.

I look out to a modest Spanish style house with soft white stucco and the traditional brick roof with two cactus in front. It was again another thing that was so different from what I was used to in Forks. Everything was so different; it was jarring, and I didn't know if it was ever going to become normal.

"Well, follow me in Lilliana. You'll be staying in Bella's room; it's the only one besides mine," she said as she went to unlock the door, and I followed silently behind with my luggage in tow.

I looked around as I stepped inside the house. It was full of things that were undoubtedly Renée, somewhat clashing, and mostly bright colors. There were also a lot of things that I could only refer to as hippy, which made sense because from what I could remember, she had never quite grew out of the seventies. I continued to follow her down a long hallway, passing both her room as she announced and Bella's bathroom she stated she has her own. She proceeded to ramble on about how each color that she painted had some specific meaning or something of that nature while I just blocked it out and feeling tired and gross from being in the plane.

Suddenly her voice knocked me out of my tired haze, "and this is Bella's room or your room when you're here," she said with a smile.

I replied with a quiet voice, "Thanks, Mom, umm, do you mind if I use your phone to call dad? I just wanted to make sure dad knows that I got here safe."

"Sure, honey, I'm sure that Charlie and Bella are still on the road, or she would have called me by now, but feel free to leave him a message. You are welcome to use the phone to call him whenever you want while you're here, let me show you where it is," she said while walking towards the kitchen. I followed after her. I felt a little like a dog due to the amount of following that I had been doing all day but sighed and remembered it would be more comfortable in the coming days.

"Thanks so much, Mom," I replied with a yawn, "I think I'll have a nap after I'm pretty tired since we had to be in Seattle early, so we had to leave Forks even earlier."

"That's perfectly fine and understandable plus it's still early for dinner I figured we'd eat around seven-thirty. I figured we'd go and eat out there's a great little Mexican restaurant just down the street."

"Sounds good, mom" I watched as she headed back to her room to take a shower before dinner and then watch tv while I took a nap. I reached for the phone punching in the numbers to the house, knowing that I would be leaving a message not talking to my dad even though I would do anything to hear his voice.

"Hey dad, it's Lilly. I just wanted to tell you I made it to mom's house. The flight went okay; nothing weird happened, and all the flight attendants were very nice. I miss you, and I miss home. I'm still unsure about this, but for you, I'd do anything. Anyway, I'll call you later tonight I'm going to take a nap, and later mom is taking me out to dinner. I love you so much, dad. Talk to you later. Bye."

I hung up the phone and headed back down the hallway to Bella's bedroom. I hadn't taken stock of what was in it when we went to drop my stuff off, but now I was taking it all in entirely. There were a ton of books, some in the bookcase which was full and some stacked on the floor; they ranged from children's books to novels. Some of them I immediately recognized as classics and others were not so recognizable. It was an insight into her world that calmed me and made me smile. It would have been easy for us to know each other if we had grown up together, but seeing as we grew up worlds apart, it was nice to know we both shared a love of stories and books. Although while I had a deep love of reading, it was not as deep as Bella's. I took note of the color of the walls that were light green with accents of whites. Her bedding was a darker green that made me feel more at home being surrounded by the green, but knowing it would be another 30 days before I can return to the lush green forests that I love to hike and sketch and play in with my friends.

Suddenly I felt the rush of exhaustion wash over me, and I quickly got in the bed. I felt myself drifting off to sleep the moment I hit the pillows. My dreams during that nap were strange. I dreamt of that I was in a clearing with wildflowers all around. A woman was there with blood-red eyes and fiery red locks when suddenly she was walking towards me. I tried to run, but it was no use; it was as if my feet were glued to the ground. I tried to scream, but again it was useless; my lips were sewn shut. She got closer and closer till she was standing a foot from me. Then out of nowhere, there was a giant black wolf stalking closer to us. It was quick on its feet and oh so quiet. The women then turned are started to run away with lighting speed, and the wolf bolted right after her. I was suddenly pushed out of my dreams but a feeling of being shaken. I screamed at I sat straight up not knowing if it was because I was being touched or the bizarre dream, but I suddenly heard a voice call out.

"It's alright honey it's alright you just had a bad dream." I heard my mother's light, airy voice.

I replied with a voice that was full of sleep. "I'm alright, thank you for waking me."

"It's no problem, plus It's six-thirty. I thought that you would like to shower and change for dinner."

The notion of a shower sounded terrific. "I would love a shower, mom," I said with still the tone of sleep. I slowly got out of the bed while Renée was moving towards the door while stating.

"Feel free to use Bella's bath products as I know you weren't allowed to pack very much when it comes to shower things, and before she left, she said it was alright." Again she with that rushed quality.

"Thanks again, Re – Mom" I quickly realized that I was about to call her Renée, but noticing the slip, I immediately stopped that sentence. She continued towards the door not noticing the slip of tongue.

I unzipped my suitcase and rustled around to find an outfit that I deemed good enough for me to be seen out in. Dad had always joked that I was his little fashionista, which I would just laugh as I said it's easy to be one in this tiny town. After a minute of looking through everything that was specifically bought for this trip as my regular clothes would be too warm for Arizona, I found the perfect outfit. I shuffled towards the shower and noticed it was a bit small. Smaller than the one back home but to be fair that one was made to hold up to multiple people to use. I turned on the shower and undressed as I waited for it to warm up to the burning hot temperature that I preferred. It didn't take long for the shower to warm up, and I stepped in. I felt soothed as the hot water ran over me. I got lost in thought rapidly. Why was Renée being so nice? Did she even feel bad about abandoning me? Would she ever formally apologize? So far she hadn't even mentioned her leaving. I couldn't accept her. I wouldn't accept her. My head told me all these things, but my heart clenched to love her again. It was a battle of wills between the two. The water suddenly turned luke-warm, and I knew I had to finish my shower fast. I picked up the body wash, noticing it was a sweet strawberry, not something I would generally choose. I preferred warm vanilla as I enjoyed the richer scent of things. I turned off the water and stepped out. I slowly got dressed. Walking out fully dressed, I headed down the hallway towards the sounds of a television.

"How was your shower honey," she said as I walked into the living room, she didn't make eye contact me entirely focusing on the show on the television. "It was good Bella likes strawberry scents, huh?" I awkwardly replied as I stood in the living room, not sure where to sit. Do I sit next to her on the couch next to her or the chair? I broke out of my internal dialogue and pushed down my rising anxiety and sat in the chair. Renée replied to my statement on Bella's choice of shower items.

"Oh yes, she's liked them since she was oh about three or so. She'll be unhappy whenever she has to use something else, so I'm not sure how she'll do with your father."

"Yha, I use vanilla, so that should be interesting. Have you heard from Bella yet?

"She called when you were in the shower. We didn't talk long; she was also drained after her flight and just wanted to sleep." My mom smiled fondly when talking about Bella, which angered me. Did she ever talk about me with a content smile? Did she even talk about me at all? I sat there stewing in my anger when she shut off the television and announced that we should start heading toward the restaurants so we can be on time. I then realized that I was starving. So I put on my tennis shoes and followed her out the door.

"The restaurant is just a few minutes down the road in walking distance, so we're going to be walking. Is that alright with you honey" being angry with Renée but not being allowed to let it show I was beginning to be irritated but the constant pet name of honey. Why did she think she had the right to call me anything but my name?

"Sounds great, mom, a little walking sounds fantastic after being cooped up so much," I said with such a forced smile that I felt it was clear it was fake, but to my surprise, she just smiled back.


While we strolled towards the restaurant, Renée rattled on about everything Bella had done. From ballet, which was terrible due to her poor coordination and then little league T-ball, which she was also awful at again due to her poor coordination. I was beginning to realize that Bella, unlike me, had no grace or coordination. Dad had signed me up for everything he could when I was younger, my favorite being track, which I kept up to this day. I was one member of the Forks High track team. Before I knew it, we had arrived at the restaurant. It was a small family-owned place, but from the smells, it was terrific, and my stomach growled at the thought of food. We were escorted to our table, and after placing our drink orders, we sat in slightly awkward silence. When finally, Renée broke the silence.

"Charlie mentioned that you just finished your eighth-grade year. You skipped up a year in school. How did that happen?"

" Well, we found that I learned most things pretty quickly, so I would get bored in class a lot and often finished the work we had to do months ahead. So Dad reached out to the school about me skipping a grade or two when I was ten, and they had me take a placement test. I tested into the ninth grade, but they worried I was going to be picked on due to my young age, so we settled on just one grade for me to move up to."

Renée exclaimed loudly, "That's wonderful honey, I'm so proud. Are you challenged by the work you are given now."

I replied with a blush on my face, "Somewhat but not really. My teachers are often giving me higher-level work for me to do, so I'm working on higher-level algebra or in-depth analysis of classic work such as Shakespeare and Mary Shelly."

"Are you thinking about graduating early, honey. Do you know what you want to do after you're done with school?"

"I want to be a nurse, I want to help people in a way like a dad, but we don't have the money for me to go to medical schools to be a doctor and I don't want to be away from dad and home. So I'm happy to be a nurse anything actually to help others. My favorite books to read for leisure are medical books or books about the advancement of medicine." I found myself getting more comfortable about talking about my plans, "I plan to take some AP classes when I get to tenth grade and hopefully be taking college courses during twelfth grade. So that I can get my state license sooner."

"You're truly a genius, honey, and its honorable that you want to be a nurse, but you don't have to sell short if you want to be a doctor go and be a doctor." My mom said utterly missing the fact that it wasn't me selling my dream short. It was the fact that I didn't want to be away from Forks for so long I felt a calling there for some strange reason.

Our food came right after her comment, so I didn't have a chance to respond to that, but it was okay I knew if I did have the time, whatever came out of my mouth would not be so lovely. The first bite of my order, I couldn't help but groan out it pleasure the food was terrific. I was so hungry that I finished the meal in record time; it also kept me from talking to Renée. Before I knew Renée had paid the check and we were walking back to the house. I was admiring the different houses capturing the images in my mind to sketch them later. As if Renée had been reading my mind, she spoke up.

"I heard you are a fantastic artist, would you like to show me at some point while you're home. I plan on taking us to some of the parks around here so you could sketch. You know I'm also into art, but I never have time to focus on it anymore."

I suddenly realized that the only way she could know that information was if Dad had told her. While I appreciate that Renée had taken the information and planned some activities around it, I also felt betrayed by dad. I quickly got over that feeling and realized he had told her so that I could do things that calmed me and maybe give us something to bond over.

"I don't know. My sketches are kind of private. I don't even like dad to look at them that often. You're into art?" I asked, stuttering out of shock and embarrassment.

"Well that's okay, I'll wait till you're ready. Yes, I used to be very into painting and pottery, but I just don't have time since I'm raising Bella and decided to help her find another hobby."

At the beginning of her sentence, I felt my heartwarming, but by the end, I felt angry. Of course, you're busy raising Bella, but I guess you never wanted to take me in the first place. I felt my face becoming tight. Renée noticed my face and commented on it.

"You okay, honey?"

Lying through my teeth, I said, "Oh, I'm fine, just tired, I guess. I think when we get home, I'm just going to call dad and then go to bed."

She replied with a content smile, "That sounds good, honey I think I'll probably do the same when we get home. It's been such an exciting day having you here and all."

For the rest of the walk, it was quiet, and we were back home, I immediately headed to the phone while Renée headed to her bedroom. I picked up the phone and quickly called the house. After about three rings the phone was picked up. I immediately felt a wave of comfort wash over me by hearing my dad's gruff voice.

"Hello, Swan Residence."

In a small voice with tears welling in my eyes, I respond, "Hi, Dad, it's me, Lilly."

"Oh, Lilly Pad, I'm so glad you called again. I assumed you were going to be so tired you just would have gone to bed."

I smiled at the immature nickname; I never knew I would miss my dad calling me that.

"I took a small nap when I get here. Mom and I just got back from dinner, it was great. Mom said she planned to take me to some of the national parks to do some sketching thanks for mentioning it to her."

When he responded, I could hear a smile in his voice. He was happy that I was giving this an honest shot.

"I thought you would like to have a change of scenery for your sketches. Lord knows you've probably sketched the whole Olympic Peninsula by now."

Faking shock and outrage, "I have not reached my goal of that yet, dad, and you know it."

"Oh, excuse me."

Switching to a new topic and something I was honestly wondering about, "Did Bella get on okay?"

"Yes, she took a nap on the car ride home and was surprised about her having her own room here. She liked the green comforter you picked out."

"It's probably because here her whole room is various shades of green. It's quite soothing to me. It reminds me of home." I say it a quiet voice.

Dad replied in a soothing voice, pushing my worry away, "You'll be home before you know it."

" I'm going to go to bed dad, I'm pretty tired, and mom said we have a busy day tomorrow." I sighed, not wanting to get off the phone with him. It was like being home.

"Okay, Lilly Pad. I love you." He said with a deeper gruffer voice as if he also didn't want me to get off of the phone either.

"Love you too, daddy," I said with a voice that was if I was choked tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. I also surprised myself. I hadn't called him daddy since I was about five, but it felt perfect at that moment. I found myself feeling like I was five again, all alone and scared.

I headed back to Bella's bedroom, calling out to Renée that I was heading to bed. Within a second, after closing the door to the bedroom, I collapsed to the floor, silently crying. I missed home. I missed my dad. I would do anything to be back there, but I know that this must be done for everyone. I began to wonder, did Bella feel the same feelings that I feel right now, or was she responding better? I must have been crying for at least fifteen minutes until I collected myself. I would be firm about this even if I couldn't wholly forgive Renée I'll at least try to be civil with her and try to enjoy what she had planned for us to do. I would do this for Bella. She deserves the chance to get to know dad. I changed into my pajamas and slid into Bella's bed and felt myself drift into a dreamless sleep.

For the rest of the time in Phoenix, I found myself becoming more comfortable with Renée. I don't think I can ever forgive her for the abandonment of me as a child, but I found I could at least get along with her. The entire time that I was there she never even mentioned what she had done. She took me to almost all of the national parks and explored the environment since she never had a chance before due to Bella's coordination issue while I would pick a spot and just sketch. She was a little apprehensive of leaving me alone, but after I explained that dad never let me leave home without pepper spray and that seemed to calm her down. She also took me to different media classes. I found that I enjoyed pottery molding something with my hands felt soothing, and while my first creation was absolute garbage, but it wasn't too bad in the eyes of Renée. I talked to dad every night, and we discussed what we had done for the day, and it kept me from being too homesick. Before I knew it, it was time to go home.

"Do you have everything, honey," Mom asked as we rushed to the airport. Another thing I had learned about Renée is she is almost late to everything.

"Yes, Mom."

Renée smiled "That's good, even if you have forgotten anything, I'll ship it to you."

"Thanks, Mom. I left Bella a stuffed animal from Forks. It's a black wolf I was it in a little shop and thought it was cute and she would appreciate it." I returned her smile.

"That's so thoughtful, honey. I'm sure Bella will love it."

As we arrived at the airport, Renée hugged me and told me she'd see me next summer. I then had to run to my gate, hoping I wouldn't miss the flight. I made it just in time, and the gate attendant gave me the same spiel that I heard the first time, but this time I felt much less nervous and more excited. I would finally be going back to the coastal town I love back to my friends and my family. This time I felt no fear flying the flight seemed to past by in record time. By the time I was allowed to disembark, I felt myself shaking with anticipation as I rushed to the baggage claim. I felt disappointed to not immediately spot my dad in the crowd. When suddenly I see a tall man rushing up to the front of the group and recognize that it was my dad trying to get to the front, and I began to run closing the distance while shouting.


"Lilly Pad!"

We collided in a massive hug. I held on to him as if he would suddenly blow away, and I need to hold him tight. I started to cry as I had a month worth of tears flowing from my eyes.

"Shhh Shhh Lilly Pad, it's okay, it's okay. I'm here, and I'll always be here."

"I missed you so much, daddy." I sobbed out

"I missed you too, Lilly Pad."

After a few minutes, I calmed down and smiled at my dad with one of the brightest smiles. As we walked out of the airport to dad's car, dad spoke up.

"Did you enjoy your time with your mother, Lilly."

"I mean it was alright, I missed you home more," I replied, "Did Bella enjoy Forks."

"I think she did when we went do to La Push a lot to hang out with the Black's."

"Can we go tomorrow after you get off from work? I want to see Leah." I asked looking at him with puppy dog eyes hoping that they would have the desired effect.

"Of course Lilly Pad, Of course."

We mainly listened to the radio the whole way home with me singing along to the songs I recognized. But I would occasionally talk about the things that Renée and I got up to while I was Arizona. The whole three and a half hours seemed to fly by, and soon enough, we were pulling up to the house I have missed so much. As I got out of the car, I couldn't help but say one thing.

"It's good to be home."

Well, there you have it, the first chapter of Phlox. I hope you all enjoyed it. I have a quick question for all of you. Would you prefer I keep this story in the first person and just switch between the point of view or change it up to the third person and get a quicker perspective of others?

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