Epilogue – Nevaeh de Montignac

4 years later…

"Charles Louis Finley!" Nevaeh hissed at the three-and-a-half years old blond boy running around the garden with a blue toy lightsaber after his cousin while carrying her five-month-old daughter in her arms. "Come back here this instant! Or else!"

"But mommy! I'm Luke Thkywalker!" he said, lisping again, which made Nevaeh angrier. He had already been going to speech therapy for a few months, and it was getting better, but not when he was excited. And today of all days! And her heels were sinking into the grass. Ugh! Garden weddings were the worst for shoes.

"Charlie, listen to your mother," Jesse said, grabbing his son by the middle as he ran in front of him. "Willow stopped running around, see?" he said. He put his son down and crouched in front of him to be at eye-level "Now, be a good boy just for a little while. Uncle Nathan is getting married today, and he needs a good Luke and a well-behaved Leia."

Nevaeh looked at three-year-old Princess Willow who was dressed in a white dress, a silver belt, and two hair-buns over each ear. It had been Nathan's and Jen's wish that Willow would be the flower girl dressed as Leia, and Charlie the ring bearer dressed as Luke. Nevaeh thought that was absolutely ridiculous but she took it upon herself to make sure her cousin had the best wedding he could have.

"After the ceremony, you can run around all you want, okay?" Jesse finished, straightening his son's costume. Charlie nodded and flashed his grey-brown eyes at his parents, and yes, okay, it always made Nevaeh's heart melt a little.

"Thank you," she said. "Now please stand still and wait for the lady to tell you when you can go with Willow, okay?"

Charlie nodded again, standing next to his second-cousin: they would walk in together, just before the bride.

Nevaeh stayed with them just a while longer, making sure they were well-behaved when she saw Willow taking Charlie's hand and whispering something to him. Nevaeh smiled and went to her reserved seat, on the front row. She was confident they would make it to the end of the ceremony because they had practiced it at least three times just to make sure. She went to sit next to Jesse, with baby Annabeth in her arms.

"How are they doing?" Jesse asked, leaning towards her.

"Fine. For now." She shot him a wary look. "I just hope they won't mess up the whole thing."

Jesse shrugged. "They're just kids– toddlers, literally." He took Annabeth from her and cradled her in his arms, making baby noises and making her giggle and coo. "Whatever they do, people are going to think it's cute."

"Yeah, you're probably right." She turned on her seat to try to see them, but the doors were still closed, so she focused on the people around her. On the other side of the aisle, Timothy and Anastasia Parker sat with their child, Mikhail, while also babysitting Silas and Ximena's second child, Ezekiel, who was sitting on Tim's lap. Both two-year-old little boys were the cutest thing ever and everyone hoped that they'd be the best of friends growing up.

After a few minutes, the noise and the chatter among the guests died down as the music started, and everyone turned around to watch as Prince Nathan Alexander Schreave walked down the aisle with his mother, the Queen.

Nevaeh frowned. That wasn't the Wedding March… that was… "You've got to be kidding me," she hissed at Jesse. "The Imperial March?"

"The revisited Imperial March, composed by Jen herself," Nathan said as he walked past, winking at her. Thank God the queen had managed to talk him down into wearing a Darth Vader costume; he was wearing a rusty-orange suit with a white undershirt and a beige tie.

The wedding party followed behind in beige suits and orange dresses as follows: the groomsmen and bridesmaids were Silas and Ximena, and Valerian and Essie, and the Best man was Henri, while the Maid of Honor was Abigail – Pallas and Gail's wife were seated among the guests.

After them came the two little toddlers, and the whole congregation aw-ed at the crown Princess throwing orange petals from a small basket next to her cousin Charlie who was grinning from ear to ear, head high, and looking at his mommy, proudly. Nevaeh blew him a kiss and he stood even straighter.

And then finally, the bride entered with her father. She was gorgeous in a Padmé-style sheath dress that had a cape-like piece attached to her shoulders, leaving her arms bare. She was holding a cascading orange rose bouquet with black Cala lilies in it and other orange flowers. She was absolutely radiant and she had locked her eyes with Nathan, who was waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Everything was Star Wars-themed, so Nevaeh shouldn't have been surprised by the music. Hell, even the date was in the theme! May Fourth. May The Fourth Be With You? Yeah. It was that cheesy. Jen's engagement ring was an R2-D2-based white and blue ring, and even the wedding bands had been made specifically to their wishes – Nevaeh had had a glimpse of them since Charlie was the one carrying them: it had Death Stars on it with the iconic Leia-Han Solo quote "I love you; I know" – and the groomsmen were all wearing stormtrooper cufflinks while Nathan had C3-PO socks hidden underneath his pantlegs, given by Silas himself.

Thankfully the ceremony didn't last too long, since they were all under the sun, and by the time Nathan and Jen said I do, Charlie was fidgeting on his seat. "Mommy, I gotta pee," he whispered loudly, which Nathan heard.

The groom burst out laughing. "It's almost done, buddy, I promise," he whispered to Charlie and winked at him. Jenissa also smiled and the officiant took it as his cue to speed things up a big.

"Please hold it in, Charlie," Nevaeh whispered as softly as she could. "I'll give you a caramel candy if you do, okay?" Ugh, she hated to use those tactics with her son, but it was the best she could do under the circumstances. As soon as the ceremony was over, she would run with him inside to the toilet. She sighed. From fancy dresses, events, and friends, she had stooped to diapers, poop, and snot. But she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Ever.


While Nathan and Jenissa were greeting their guests, Nevaeh walked around the orange-decorated stand-up tables, sipping on a lemonade – she couldn't drink alcohol at the moment since she was breast-feeding Annabeth – and joined Pallas and Henri who were already talking with Jesse.

"Pallas!" she said, hugging the young woman. "Wow, I knew you guys were pregnant, but I didn't realize you were this far?"

Pallas and Henri lived on the other side of the Province border, in Sonage, but they didn't see each other often, both being super busy with their prosperous company. Nevaeh had had a phone call with Pallas – her sister-in-law – the moment she and Henri had decided to announce their good news, so she was up-to-date.

Or was she really?

"Actually," Pallas said, looping her arm in her husband's, "we're only 5 months in, but since they're twins, it looks like a seven-month pregnancy."

"Twins? Oh, Pallas! Congratulations!" Nevaeh squeezed her hand.

"Yeah!" Jesse said, shaking Henri's hand. "Congrats, man."

Henri and Pallas shared a smile. "We were so excited when we found out. I didn't tell you on our last phone call, Nev, because the ob-gyn hadn't realized there were two babies! They were perfectly on top of each other."

The four young parents laughed at that.

"So when are they due again?" Jesse asked.

"Well, normally, the due date is November 1st, but they might come sooner since twins sometimes pop out sooner."

"I see."

Just then, Gail arrived with her new wife of a few months, joining the conversation. After her came Morrigan with her husband as well – a New Asian movie director she had met on the show she worked on after the Selection – and even Emelda, also with her new boyfriend. It was Nathan's whole Elite with their own Happily Ever Afters, and Nevaeh was so happy for all of them, asking them what they were up to and wanted all the details.

She knew Jesse was drinking it all, thirsty for any tea he could glean for his next Report where he was going to talk about the last royal wedding.

Nevaeh was listening to the girls' stories when a maid came up to her and whispered something in her ear. "Ma'am, you might want to come… your son has, uhm–"

"What now?" Nevaeh said. She put her baby daughter in her husband's arms. "I'll be right back," she said, following the maid through the crowd, slaloming around guests, until she stopped in front of the fountain. Silas was also there, his arms crossed over his chest, watching as three toddlers – Willow, Charlie, and Mikey – splashed each other, soaked from head to toe, and giggling their heads off.

"How long have they been doing this?" Nevaeh asked.

"Five minutes," Silas said. "These three, I swear." But there was a smile on his face

"What's going on?" Ana said as she arrived with Timothy.

"Oh God–"

"Leave them," Silas said, holding his friend back. "They're having fun, it's hot, and they're making memories."

Nevaeh smiled and looped her arm into the Crown prince's arm. "I forgot you were a chill dad," she said.

"I'm not a chill dad," he scoffed. "But I have way too little memories of fun times from when I was a kid." He paused. "So I want Willow to have as many as she can. Maybe she'll turn out better than me and actually have friends, growing up."

"Daddy, look!" the princess said, putting a flower crown on her head. "I'm a queen!"

The end…

Or is it?

To be continued in Sisters


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