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Genre: Lead Crow piece

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is not, and never will be, mine.



Eré- Red

Ere - Little

Jupsta - Crow

Ladonon - A phenomenon where chemicals in the atmosphere smash into

each other and explode, causing small bursts of multi-colored light.

Increases and decreases relative to the gravity pull of the near-by

moons. (think mini fireworks)


The empty hall echoed with the footsteps of the soldier as she made

her way to the grand dais and knelt before the steps. "Galaxia, I

apologize for Sailor Iron Mouse, and now Sailor Aluminum Siren's


A dark, well-cultured voice answered from the shadows. "Well done on

these two crystals, though."

The kneeling soldier continued, "I swear by the power you've given the

Sailor Animalmeiz... I shall have the rest soon."

The well-cultured voice laughed. Its owner stepped forward, gold armor

glinting in the unnatural light. "We already know that the Sailor

Animalmeiz are..." She paused for a moment, amused, "No enemy to the

Sailor Starlights, or the Solar Sailor Senshi."

Her minion smiled. "Galaxia, I shall have the rest of the Sailor

Crystals for you before they step onto the true battlefield."

The golden soldier shot her a sharp look. "Fools," She said softly,

"The human Star Seed cannot compare to the Sailor Crystal." A mist

rose about her, comprised of the human Star Seeds of the many billions

she had callously destroyed. She let some run through her fingers.

"Human Star Seeds are completely insignificant."

"Galaxia" A new voice announced as she stepped into the hall, "This

Sailor Lead Crow, the third Sailor Animalmeiz, will drag Sailor Moon

to her tomb."


The crack of a whip rang out as Lead Crow attacked the Shinto Priest.

The crows flocking to the area cried out as he fell to the ground,


Lead Crow pulled her whip straight as she called "I saw your Star

Seeds from miles away. Come on out." She chuckled lightly.

"Phobos! Deimos!" She yelled without warning. A flash of light

answered her call, as Phobos and Deimos appeared in their human forms.

"It's been awhile, Phobos, Deimos!" she acknowledged them with a cold


Sailors Phobos and Deimos eye's widened in recognition. "Red Crow!"

They stated, stunned.

"Phobos, Deimos," Lead Crow ruminated, no longer paying attention to

them, "The lucky twins selected by the princess of the brightest star

in the galaxy. Mars, of the Solar system. We were all in training


The twins simply listened, in shock of what had become of their


Lead Crow's eyes suddenly cleared. "But it's different now! I am

Sailor Lead Crow, a Sailor Scout!"

'A Sailor Scout?!'

Crow smiled again, as if she knew their thoughts. "All of us in this

galaxy carry a Star Seed. Only ones with chosen Star Seeds, the Sailor

Crystals, can call themselves a Sailor Senshi! On star Coronis, I am

the one, the only, Sailor Coronis!"

Phobos and Deimos were horrified. They both briefly recalled what Red

Crow had been once, before she attacked them.

"Galactica Tornado!"

They leapt out of the way in time to avoid being blown to bits.

Hovering in the air, they thought, 'This power?!'

Lead Crow laughed. "That's right! Galaxia has given me the power of

the Sailor Crystal!" She whipped up her bracelets, now glowing with

Galaxia's power. "Galaxia has promised to transform me into a true

Sailor Scout, in exchange for the Sailor Crystals of the Solar Sailor

Senshi. I am now a Sailor Animalmeiz, loyal to the one and only,


One of the twins finally found her voice.

"You've betrayed our mother star, our friends, and our pride, Sailor

Coronis?!" She cried accusingly.

Lead Crow, now completely glowing with Galaxia's power, cried

"Friends, Sailor Coronis, the mother star... Is no more!"

They both recoiled in horror as Lead Crow blasted them into


Lead Crow was collecting their Star seeds as Sailors Mars and Venus

showed up. "Phobos! Deimos!" Mars called, hoping against hope they

were alright. Narrowing her eyes, she let loose a "Flame Sniper!" at

Lead Crow.

Lead Crow simply grinned and deflected her attack with her companion's

Star Seeds. Mars barely had time to register the shock before Lead

Crow grabbed her in a choke hold.

"Mars!!" Venus cried.

"Freeze! You move and you'll be dust, too!" Lead Crow threatened.

Laughing, she sent Phobos and Deimos' Star Seeds to Galaxia.

Still chuckling, she pulled out her whip. "We'll start with the Mars

princess. Or maybe the Venus princess" She said, looking Venus over.

"No!" Another voice called, "We're starting with you!"

Lead Crow whipped around, loosing her grip on Sailor Mars.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!" Sailor Moon hollared, and Sailor

Lead Crow was gone.



The little girl shot straight up in bed, sweating and breathing

heavily. Clutching her blanket, she looked frantically around the

room. A few seconds later her mother came in, hitting the light pad

by the door and flooding the room with artificial light.

"Eré, what's wrong?" She asked as she hugged her daughter.

"I had a terrible dream Mama" Eré murmured from the warmth of her

mother's embrace.

Her mother looked relieved. "It's okay sweetheart. Now try to get

some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day of training."

The little girl looked up. "Yes Mama."

"Besides," Her mother continued, "Aren't you going to watch the

Ladonon with Phobos and Deimos tomorrow? You need your sleep."

"'Kay," She muttered, already falling back asleep. Her mother smiled,

kissed her forehead and tucked her in the blankets, turning out the

light as she left.


The shoes walking down the hallway made a lively click, click, click

as Eré and her mother made their way to the training compound's main

training room. People they passed along the way would often wave or

stop to talk to her mother, the renowned Sailor Coronis.

"'Morning, Sailor Coronis, Eré! How's your training coming?" A voice

called from further up the hall, apparently hurrying to greet them.

Eré smiled politely to the older man and then looked away. She hated

being fussed over by grown-ups. Her mother and the guard kept

chatting, but something more interesting caught her eye. Phobos,

Deimos, and Shadow Raven were running up the hall, skidding to a stop

behind them. Her mother and the guard turned to look at them.

"Hello Sailor Coronis" they chorused. "Can Eré come with us for a trip

to town next week?" Asked Deimos. "Please?" Phobos added. "We'd love

to have her with us" Shadow Raven furthered insistently.

"Well. . ." Sailor Coronis hedged. Seeing this, Phobos, Deimos and

Shadow Raven clasped their hands together, silently pleading with

wide, innocent eyes. Behind her mother, Eré tried not to laugh.

"Are any of your parents going?" Coronis inquired. Shadow Raven

nodded. "Yeah, my dad's taking us." Shadow Raven fell silent as Sailor

Coronis deliberated.

"Can Eré come?" Raven asked again.

"Well, I suppose it's all right-" She was cut off by the girls'

cheers. "As long as-" The girls fell silent, and Sailor Coronis

smiled. "As long as she finishes all her studies before she goes. She

has today's studies to finish before she goes with you to watch the


Eré nodded. "And finished they will be."


"Why are we doing this again?"


"What kind of answer is that?"

"Yes girls, do tell this old lady why you are sneaking around like this."

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" The three girls whirled around, one tripping over

her own feet and falling to the floor.

An old women leaning on a cane stood looking at them with raised

eyebrow. "Aren't you supposed to be on your way to the training

chambers?" The old women inquired.

"Della! Don't do that!" Phobos snapped. Deimos stood up and bopped her

on the head.

"We were going to sneak some snacks for Eré," Shadow Raven explained.

"She's finishing her studies. But we weren't supposed to have any

sweets, so that's where the sneaking part came in."

Della chuckled quietly and shook her head. "You three make sure you

don't get my little Ere Jupsta in trouble. Go along now." Shadow Raven

and Phobos started sneaking off.

"Wait," inquired Deimos. "Aren't you going to tell on us?"

Della laughed outright. "You said the 'snacks' were for little Eré.

*You* are the ones who aren't supposed to eat yet. Go on with your

sneaking." Della turned and hobbled off, leaning on her cane. Deimos,

Phobos and Shadow Raven just stood and stared after her.

Phobos smacked herself on the forehead and the others rolled their



"Eré Jupsta, just what do you think you are doing?" Coronis asked


"Umm . . ." Eré paused halfway out her window. "I finished my studies?

And, I thought I'd go see Phobos and Deimos. Yeah." She nodded.

"Um-hm. You finished your studies?" Eré nodded again. "Phobos and

Deimos are training with Master Corneille right now. Like they do

every day."

Eré looked stricken as her excuse disintegrated. "I forgot that." Her

mother stepped closer and pulled her back inside. "Eré, it's

important that you study and train hard. One day you'll be the only

guardian of Coronis, and you'll be looked to to protect the people."

Eré sighed. "I know. I just . . . wanted to play for a while. Like a

normal kid." Sailor Coronis hugged her daughter. "I know, sweetie.

But realize, you'll be the only protection everyone has. Working

hard and training is to the benefit of everyone." Coronis sat Eré at

arm's length and smiled. "Now *finish* your studies, and then you can

terrorize Master Corneille in practice as the lot of you get tangled

in your whips again."

She started tickling Eré, and mother and daughter laughed together.


Eré, Deimos and Phobos sat at the top of a barren hill, looking out at

the mostly darkened sky and the designs painting themselves across.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Deimos sighed.

Eré nodded. "Yeah."

"It's really too bad Shadow Raven couldn't come." Phobos punched

Deimos in the arm.

"Dummy, you know her parents are rich. In that huge house they live

in, almost all on the surface, from her room, she probably gets a

prime view all the time." Phobos sighed. "While we have to hike for a

prime view."

"It's not so bad," Eré said. "It's nice to spend some time out here on

the surface."

"But it's away from everything" Phobos whined. Deimos rolled her eyes

and bopped her twin.

"Shhh, it's almost completely dark, and I want to watch it while the

watching's good." All three looked up at the small scale explosions in

the atmosphere. They watched in silence for a few minutes.

"You know, it's really worth it," Eré mused. "Being out here on the

surface, hiking and all." Phobos and Deimos smiled. "Yeah" they

chorused. The young girls continued watching the colors mesh and fuse

themselves against the tableau of the night sky, while far above the

best friends the stars twinkled quietly.


Sailor Coronis and Eré were training with pikes when the screaming

reached their ears. Coronis whipped around. "What the-"

The doors to the training facility exploded inward. In strode two

women, one wearing a sparse green top and skirt, the other sporting a

similar top in red and pants to match. Both carried staffs with a

symbol resembling a star as the finishing piece. They observed Eré and

her mother with a cold, calculating look.

"Who are you?" Sailor Coronis demanded.

The one in green smirked. "I don't see what business it is of yours.

It's your daughter that interests us, not you."

Coronis' eyes widened. "What do you want with my daughter?!"

Red smiled, the pure evil there causing Eré to shiver.

"But of course, you don't have much say in the matter." She blasted

Sailor Coronis against the wall with a casual wave of the hand.

Coronis moaned once, and passed out. Eré screamed in fright and tried

to race to her mother's side. The woman in green grabbed her; she

tried to struggle free and failed. The green demon laughed.

"Now now, little girl, we can't have that" She mocked. And the world

faded from Eré's view as they disappeared. Her last sight was of her

mother, slumped against the wall.


Eré came to consciousness to the sound of cold, cruel laughter. She

tried to move, straining against her bonds.

"Ah, so you're awake, little soldier." Eré froze and stared wide-eyed

at the woman in gold armor. The woman laughed.

"You have spunk, little one, and power. You could be of great use" the

woman mused. Eré glared. The woman laughed again.

"Tell me, little one" the gold woman said, cupping Eré's face in her

hands and leaning over so they were eye to eye, "Do you want to stay

and serve as everyone's slave on that meager planet? A destiny forced

upon you? Wouldn't you rather just leave them and do what *you* want

for a change?" The woman gave her a cool gaze. "You don't have to work

all the time and protect lazy, gutless people that never work, you

know. Let them protect themselves."

Eré's eyes widened. "No! I won't do that!"

The gold woman smiled slowly, deliberately. She straightened up, her

hand slipping from Eré's face. "Of course" she murmured, "you won't.

You're going to kill your mother." Eré's heart nearly stopped.

"Certainly, she needs to be gotten rid of" the woman continued.

"She's quite the nuisance, always the protector and not a bit of

vision. Truly-"

Eré spit in her face. The gold woman's eyes widened with outrage, and

she viciously backhanded Eré across the face. She then slowly raised

her hand to her face and licked it while staring Eré down.

"Ere jupsta" she warned, lowering her hand, "you are very close to

making me lose my temper. Wouldn't want to blow you up, now would we?"

Eré, frightened, just froze.

Galaxia just laughed.


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