I Don't


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PG-13 for mild cursing

-Part 1/?-


It's the heart afraid of breaking

that never learns to dance.

It's the dream afraid of waking

that never takes the chance.

- 'The Rose' by Amanda McBrooom


Serena stumbled through her bedroom door, whirled around, and kicked

it shut as hard as she could.

Causing a loud screech to be omitted.

"Owww! Dammit!"

She dropped her bags by the foot of the bed, hopping around her room

on one foot. Pulling her broach off her blouse, she threw it against

the wall, then sat down angrily on her bed.

"Hell with this" she grumbled.

She sat, staring out into space, recalling the day's events. It had

started much like every other day. And stayed that way. So why did

this one hurt so much?

"Rei-chan insulted me. Again. Like every day I'm late because of

detention." She nodded her head, 'mmm-hm'ing to herself, not even

realizing she was doing so. "After the meeting, we decided to go to

the Arcade. Like everyday. The creep was there." He had insulted

her once again. Like every day. "Stupid, careless, irresponsible

Meatballhead. Detention again? It must be nice to know you

disappoint your family every day." The first part had hurt. So

much. Was it really so wrong to dream when reality hurt so much

more? And when he had mentioned her family. The look in his eyes,

like there was nothing in the world except pain.

She had hurt then, too.

She shook her head, trying to clear it. No use dwelling on the past,

after all.

~But-~ 'No.' ~Maybe-~ 'Not a chance.'

She took a few deep breaths, staring straight ahead for a moment. It

was time to organize these ridiculous thoughts.

She frowned as something occurred to her.

'Wait a minute. Since when do I care what he feels?'

The frown intensified to a scowl.

'Why does this bother me anyway? I certainly don't care about someone

who calls me stupid, careless, and irresponsible. Grrr!'

The scowl became a frown again as her eyebrows knit together.

Suddenly, she halfheartedly punched the pillow on the bed beside her.

'Why the heck do I think I have feelings toward that jerk?'

Her eyes, roving aimlessly about the room, landed upon the wayward

transformation broach. Sighing, she rose slowly and crossed the room,

each tread seemingly heavier than should be allowed for such a

cheerful girl. She crouched down and cautiously lifted the broach off

the carpet. She held it up to the light for a moment, tilting it, then

lowered it and pinned it back on her blouse. Turning around, she

studied her room afresh.

'So,' she thought, 'as much as I hate to-'

But her mind wouldn't let her leave a certain point.

He shouldn't hurt. She could fix him.

She burst out angrily "I don't care about him!"

Her eyes widened and she clapped her hand over her mouth as she

realized just how loud she'd been. She listened for a second, then

turned and plopped back down on her bed.

'Why? What is with all this?' She asked with frustration.

~Because you've stopped long enough to-~

'No! That isn't it!' She shook her head violently.

~Because you've stopped long enough to realize you do care?~

She sat, frozen in the silence, staring at nothing and no one as the

sun set outside.

'No. No, that's not right. I don't care for him. I can't care for

him, therefore, I don't. How could anyone like someone that mean?'

~Do you really know him?~

'I know enough of him!'

She felt a pang as she realized he didn't seem to have any friends.

He was always alone. And no wonder, with a personality like that.

'I don't like him.'

~Why can't you like him? Because it would hurt?~

'It would.' She somehow knew with a certainty.

~Like this?~

No, not the same; she'd be with him then, and the pain would stop.

But. . .

'I don't like him. I don't care for him.'

'I don't. . .'


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