One Part Failure, Three Parts Pain


Random Short, Part the Final!


-Part 5/5-

(Sailor Moon not mine, duh.)


I cannot take this anymore

Saying everything I said before

All these words they make no sense

I found bliss in ignorance

- 'One Step Closer', Linkin Park


Part the First: Oh ****


Time slows.

A scream rends the air. A young girl collapses, long golden hair

coiling about her as she falls. She sits in a white puddle on the


Time speeds up again.


"No! No!"


"He's gone! We have to leave!"

"NO! We can't-"

"Someone's going to call-"

"We can't-"

A roundhouse to the face knocks out the emotionally fragile girl, and

Jupiter calmly steps closer and tosses the Princess over her shoulder.

The soldiers leave.


Part the Second: Why me, again?


Sitting in her room, staring at the window. One, two, three, one, two,

three, one, two, three, one-

Someone knocked on the door.

"Serena? Honey? It's your mother. Please talk to me, tell what's


The day is nice out. Somehow that fits. She feels she ought to think

it should be stormy, miserable and grey, but it shouldn't. People

don't know when they do their work right; why should they have to deal

with it when the soldiers get their work wrong?

Hey, there's a rustle. Where? Oh right, the door.

"Sweetheart-" Her mother sighs. "I'm here if you want to talk, okay?"

Silence for several minutes. Is she gone know? Yes, I think so.


The birds again? The ones I imagine? Alright.

One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two . . .

Damn. Lost count. Of what? What was I thinking?

Don't remember. Oh well. Look outside.

Really, it's a beautiful day.

Do they make the sky that color? What was the sky colored on the Moon?

I can't remember. It was home, you'd think I'd remember. But no. I

only remember what's important.

What really hurts.


Moving on.

I failed them, you know. I was supposed to lead and keep these things

from happening, but I didn't. I failed them. I failed them. And why

would I succeed? I was never trained for this. They just came into

their powers . . .

But still. I was meant to lead. Be the Princess. I was meant to lead.

But why me? Why me, of all people?

Why me, again?


Part the Third: Pain


There she is again. That girl. The one I am meant to hunt. The one I


She tries to hide the pain, but it's still there, under the surface.

Seeable to anyone who takes a look.

But that's a problem in this city. No one really looks. If they did,

they would have seen her as she is, seen her as one of the soldiers

long since. Seen her as the Princess that protects them all.

Would have seen who her protector was, that Tuxedo Mask, whoever he


But they don't. They don't see. I could come up to her and take her

back with me and they would never notice. They would never notice a


The fools. Humans.

I don't see how she can stand them. To be reborn as one of them, to

live among, the Princess she is, among such filth.

They last a short while and break so easily. They are pathetic. I hate

them, hate them for their weakness.

Why she loves them I don't know. Why she protects them I understand

even less.

Affection for her I can understand. All that is pure and above.

Protecting her from my Queen I can not.

But I suppose her soldiers take care of that. Though they will fail,

in the end.

Here she comes. I will speak with her, as I always do, and I will

escort her to the arcade. She does not trust me, and she can not stay

away. I do not understand her, because I don not understand them, and

she is becoming like one of them. Should she rise above them, her

power is such that my Queen would welcome her by her side.

I would welcome seeing such true presence as well. But she will not

come. She seems to see us as pain, though I understand why, I do not.


"Actually, they have two chances. Slim, and none." - Pu'ar, Dragon Ball

"Options? We have two. Screwed, and more screwed." - Paige, Charmed


Whahahahahahaha! It is done! DONE!

See what purging finals stress does? If channeled properly, it equals

productivity. Muahaha. Congrats go to me, I graduate after next

quarter. Woot woot! Senior Seminar is done!

7:28 pm, March 16, 2004

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Oh and hey - can anybody recommend a good program for making AMVs

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song at the beginning - that's partly why I chose it. Please, someone,

know something and say so.