Omega Riley, District 2, 20

Victor of the 200th Games

Omega didn't like parties, but they were apart of the Victor life. There he was, in the Presidents mansion, in the middle of the Capitol. He had dreamed of coming here as a child, but he never thought he would be getting here through the Games. But here he was, his gorgeous boyfriend on his arm, surrounded by the most influential and powerful members of Panem. As he and his date, Alistair walked through the crowd, he pointed out important people so Alistair would know who they were, because Omega knew they would inevitably want to talk to them. Then suddenly, the music stopped and the voice of the famous Hunger Games announcer, Quill Bajilla, crackled through the speakers
"Welcome welcome all to the annual Presidential Ball, in celebration of our past and present leaders. Now if you would please rise and applaud for our wondrous President, Genevieve Snow-Tarro, and her husband Jax Snow-Tarro".

The president and her husband ascended the grand staircase in the middle of the room, to a rousing round of applause. The president, a regal 32 year old woman, directly descended from the first president of Panem, was the most powerful person in the whole country. On her left arm, her husband Jax Snow-Tarro, a 31 year old prominent lawyer, and politician.
"Omega, who's that, on the other side of the President?" Alistair inquired.

"Oh her? That's the new Head Gamemaker, Alessia Whiterock".

"The new Head Gamemaker? What happened to good ol' Thompson?"

"Missy Thompson? Oh she went crazy from the pressure of making new arenas. They just replaced her with the new girl a few weeks ago, and they haven't announced it to the public yet"

Omega and Alistair made their way through the crowd towards the drink table to refill their drinks. As they walked through the crowds they got some weird looks from the people of the Capitol. Being gay was accepted in the Capitol, and fairly common, however being gay in the Districts is significantly less common, and in many Districts homophobia was widespread. Just as they arrived to the drink table, Omega spotted Alessia, the Head Gamemaker, standing nervously next to the punch.

Alessia Whiterock, 29

Head Gamemaker

Alessia was, to say the least terrified. She hated parties, and she hated socializing. But, she was the newly appointed Head Gamemaker, and the President wanted to show her off. Just from where she was standing, she could see Omega Riley, the famous Victor of the 200th Games. She could also see several politicians, and several other Victors. All of them had been in the arenas of Missy Thompson, the legendary Head Gamemaker. Since she had gone crazy a few months ago, Alessia was appointed to take over for her.

Alessia knew that she couldn't live up to Missy's legacy, but she sure could try. Her and her Gamemaker team, who were also in attendance of the party had been working on one of the biggest and most intricate arenas yet. Alessia had wanted more influence in the 200th Games arena, since it was a big deal, but she had been just a lowly intern at that point. She had risen through the ranks quickly over the past three years, quickly becoming Missy's protege, and now successor. Alessia wanted to go down in history, not being the protege of someone great, but for her own accomplishments.

As she stood there, surveying the party, she noticed a strange looking man gliding through the crowd, holding a bag. He appeared to be dressed as a waiter, so when he slipped into the kitchen, she didn't give it a second thought. Just then, the President appeared next to her to drag her off to show her off.

"Come along Alessia, there are people who want to meet you!" Genivive quipped.

Alessia followed her off to be shown off like some sort of animal in a zoo. She only put up with this sort of thing for Genevive, since they had been freinds for many years. In fact, Genevive was the reason she was a Gamemaker at all, convincing Missy to add her to the Gamemaker team, and paying for her to go to school. She was forever grateful to Genevive.

They came to a stop at a group of assorted politicians, victors, stylists, and other important people of the Capitol. Alessia knew some of the politicians from spending time around the Snow household as a child, and now adult, but many of the Victors were unfamiliar to her, except for her knowing them from their respective games. Just surrounding her, there were several victors, some of whom she even had crushes on as a child. Just as she went to talk to Iman Rivers, Victor of the 201st Games, there was a massive explosion, knocking her off her feet and sending her flying. She crashed into a wall, and drifted into unconsciousness.

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