Bishies without shirts, or the day Inuyasha & Sesshomaru lost theirs!

By Kira & Nanda

Chapter one: Down the Well

Sesshomaru slowly opened his eyes and found himself face to face with his brother's wench. The fact that he was lying on top of her didn't register in his brain until she muttered a "Mind if you get off me now?" He continued to look at her like he had no clue what she was talking about because as far as he was concerned they were standing around talking about herbal remedies from her village. "That's right…" his fuzzy brain told him, "Rin-chan is ill."

"Didn't you hear me Sesshomaru?! I said get off me NOW!!!!" She shouted in his ear and he winced which made him wince again at the raging headache he had.

"Hunh?!" He looked at her and gave her a look that could have been at home on Inuyasha's face. "Why are you shouting at me? And watch what you're doing before we fall down that blasted well."

"You're a bit late for that one, Mister!" By now Kagome had managed to get her hands under him and she shoved with all her might. Since Sesshomaru was in fact attempting to get off her it turned out easier than she thought.

"What are you talking about wench?" Sesshomaru had closed his eyes as he rolled off her and he left them that way. In fact he loved the way it calmed the spinning in his head. "Don't tell me we fell in…. then where's that stupid brother of mine? Shouldn't he be here by now to ….protect you?" He tried to laugh but it sounded more like a cough, and besides he wasn't one for laughing.

"I think we're not in Kansas anymore." She quoted from a movie she watched with her mom last time she was home. "Let's get out of here. Come!" she held out her hand and waited for him to take it. "Come on you can't lie here forever! Let's go!" Kagome reached down and took his hand. It took her a few minutes before she managed to get him to focus enough for him to help. Then she shoved him at the ladder that her Grandfather had built for her to climb back up with. Ten minutes later along with much pushing and shoving of his butt, as she was afraid at times that he'd sit back down on her head, they were out.

"Just where the hell are we wench?"

"My house, if you must know."

"You live in the well?" This time he was able to force a laugh out. "No wonder my stupid brother likes you… you're as dumb as he is! Lives in a well…" He laughed some more until the bright summer sunshine made him get sick all over himself.

"Great! This is like soooo grooooosssss!!! I'm gonna kill Inuyasha for this!" she thought. "Come on Sesshomaru you need to get cleaned up." She half walked; half dragged him over to her house. Thankfully no one was there except her mom. She shuddered at the thought of explaining what she was doing there with Sesshomaru instead of Inuyasha, especially to her brother. "Who knows what Inuyasha's told him about Sesshomaru?" she thought. Soon they were inside and greeted by her mom, who was surprised to see her.

"Kagome dear, what's wrong with your friend?"

"Ummm… he got hurt and ummm…icky?" she groaned as her mother waited patiently for her to fully explain. Taking a deep breath as they both dragged Sesshomaru into the living room, she explained.

"Well… he can't stay like this. Come help me get him out of…his …well clothes?" Higarashi-san said. The two of them giggled as they struggled to remove Sesshomaru's icked out clothes. Then Higarashi-san went and washed them as best she could before hanging them out to dry. She returned with a bowl of water and a cloth. Sitting down next to him, she washed his face and then rinsing it out she laid the wet cloth on his head.

"Poor thing is handicapped… I wonder how he lost an arm… You know Kagome; I wish you would be careful back there." She turned and said the last part out loud to her daughter. Kagome sighed and assured her mom, everything was fine as long as Inuyasha was around. "Besides he was the one who cut off Sesshomaru's arm in the first place….so you don't have to worry! That doesn't sound like it does it?"

"No it doesn't… Dear why would two brothers fight like that anyway?" So Kagome told her.

Meanwhile back in the Feudal Era, Inuyasha was standing around puzzled as to where Kagome and his brother went. It happened so quickly and he was so sure Sesshomaru was out to harm her in order to get him to give up the Tetsusaiga that at first he didn't realize they fell down the well. Looking in he was shocked not to find them both there. "Maybe he went back to Kagome's time? Oh hell!!!! If he did there's no telling what crap he'd pull over there!" Inuyasha thought as he jumped in after them. "I mean I was all set to save her and all and the stupid wench had to go off with my even stupider brother!"

Reaching Kagome's time he caught both their scents and followed them to the house. He was positive she was injured and judging by the mess he narrowly escaped stepping in, he was sure she was injured badly! "I'm coming Kagome! Hold on I'll save you!" Tetsusaiga in hand he burst in the house and ran to the living room.

"Oh hello Inuyasha! It's so nice to see you again. How come you never told us you have a brother?"

"Hunh?" He couldn't believe what he saw; for instead of a scene of death and destruction, he was greeted by the sight of Higarashi-san fussing over his sleeping brother.

"Why don't you be a good boy and go see what's keeping Kagome in the kitchen. Tell I said to hurry up with that cold water. Thank you! Now run along" She motioned with her hand as if to push him along. Inuyasha shrugged and went in search of Kagome. That was how he too found himself shirtless. For as he went into the kitchen, Kagome was on her way out; they collided with most of the cold water falling on him as they hit the floor. Growling at her something about being a "stupid wench" and she growling back "sit boy!" they glared at each other before getting up. Well Kagome was up first and she went and refilled the bowl before leaving. Pausing just long enough to tell him to get out of his wet things before he caught a cold, she went back to her mother. Grumbling to himself, Inuyasha removed his wet shirt and went back to the living room.

"Oh my! We can't have you wandering around like that; can we?" Higarashi-san teased as she exchanged looks with her daughter. "Kagome do you think you two can behave and look out for What's his name? Sessho-kun for me while I go shopping and get them something to wear as I'm expecting some of my friends to stop by for a girls' night out. I'm serving dinner here and then we're going out to the movies. I'll be back in an hour. Ok? Bye!"

"Bye Mama!" Kagome said as she followed her mother out. "Try to get back soon, please!"

"I'll try my best Dear. Now go back inside." With that Higarashi-san left and Kagome walked back in. She shook her head at the sight of the two shirtless brothers and thought about what her friends would say if they knew. "I can just hear Eri now, asking me if I'm now dating the two of them and Ayumi wondering if I'm breaking up with Hojo in favor of the two of them, or Yuka going maybe I'd like to date the three of them… at the same time!" She sighed and smiled at Inuyasha as he looked at her.