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Chapter Ten: In the Attic

"Well, somehow Wyatt is magically sleeping," Piper sighed as she entered the attic.
"Well, not- magically, but- oh you know what I mean." She walked over to where Phoebe was flipping through the Book of Shadows. "Find anything yet?"

"No." Phoebe paused. "I'm not sure what exactly you think we're going to find anyway."

"Oh I don't know, but we can't just sit around defenseless and doing nothing," Piper replied. Phoebe nodded and went back to the book.

It wasn't long before the all-too-familiar blue sparkles signaled the entrance of Leo once again. He appeared at the attic door, Paige behind him, looking unsure but somehow hopeful.

"Leo, where have you been?" Piper demanded gently. "Do the Elders know anything?"

"They didn't even know the Power of Three was broken," he explained. "But they're working on trying to figure out what's going on."

"So in the meantime, basically, we're completely vulnerable to any and all demon attacks," Phoebe concluded.

"It would look that way," conceded Leo. He stood silently after that, waiting for the older Halliwell sisters to make some inevitable acknowledgement of Paige. Paige, in the meantime, stayed in her position slightly behind Leo.

Phoebe continued looking through the Book, and Piper simply shook her head in annoyance with the ever-useless Elders.

"Um, do you guys want any help with anything?" Leo glanced at Paige as she finally spoke, ever-so-quietly, slightly surprised both that she had made the first move towards conversation with the sisters, and that this had been the first thing out of her mouth.

Phoebe didn't even look up. "No."

Paige flinched slightly at her beloved sister's rash dismissal of her offer.

"Wh-" she started.

"I think we're better qualified to handle this on our own," Piper added, choosing to look Paige directly in the eyes, unlike Phoebe. "Why don't you just go…I don't know, just try to stay out of trouble, okay?" Her words were not kind, or well-intentioned. They were exasperated, and cold.

Paige scooted farther back towards the door, almost unconsciously. She didn't know what was going on.

Neither did Leo.

"Girls," he started, addressing Piper and Phoebe. "I think Paige has something to tell you." He shot a comforting look at Paige, urging her to speak. He wasn't sure it was his place to bring this up, but he didn't want to see the sisters acting so cold to her when they clearly didn't know what she had been through. Right?

Phoebe sighed and momentarily looked up from her search. Piper raised her eyebrows impatiently, waiting for Paige to spit out whatever was so important.

Paige cleared her throat, still quiet and nervous. "When I was out last night, at the club," she started, "I met this guy." She faltered, but gathered herself together and went on, her words slow and halted. "We were dancing and I gave him my number. He said he had to tell me something, so we went off to an alley and he-"

"He turned into a demon and raped you," Piper finished impatiently. "We know Paige."

Paige recoiled at her sister's continued harshness. Leo's calm blue eyes filled with evident shock.

"I just don't understand how you could be so careless," Phoebe agreed in a normal tone. "You've put us all in so much danger. You've put the world in so much danger, for that matter."

She hadn't imagined it, any of it. Her sisters hated her. They blamed her for everything. Leo was wrong. Of course he was wrong. How could they not blame her? Look what she had done!

Breathing no longer seemed to be much of an option for Paige as these thoughts ran through her mind. Leo tried to calm her, but he couldn't this time, and it didn't take long before her eyes rolled upwards and her lids fluttered closed, and all he could do was catch her as she fell.

Gently lifting her up and carrying her to the sofa, Leo's ears caught the sound of a sigh of disgust coming from one of the other girls. He laid Paige down and whirled back around.

"What the hell is wrong with the two of you?" he demanded furiously, noticing they had once again gone back to the Book of Shadows. "THIS IS YOUR SISTER. SHE WAS RAPED. WHY does that suddenly mean nothing to you??" He grabbed Piper's arm as he finished, forcing her to look at him.

A flash of sincerity, of sorrow and pain, flittered across her face. Her brow wrinkled and she looked confused. Piper opened her mouth to speak, but just as suddenly as the change had come, it was lost again.

"Let go of me." Piper yanked her arm out of Leo's grasp and turned back to Phoebe, unwilling to explain to her husband what she and her sister had already said a hundred times – Paige was a fuck up, and she'd let them down.

"And stop looking through that damn book!" he yelled. "The problem is here, with Paige. What could you possibly be looking for!"

"We're looking for a spell to bring our sister back," Piper retorted.

"No spell is going to bring Paige back – she needs you, here!" Leo exclaimed.

"Look at her, Leo!" Phoebe gestured to the motionless girl sleeping fitfully nearby. "If we want the Power of Three back, we need Prue. Paige is…Paige is nothing."

Leo stood in shock. Utter, and total shock. None of this made sense, at all.

"I don't know who you are, but you are not Phoebe. And you are NOT Piper," Leo stated, quiet but firm. He walked back to Paige and rested his hand on her shoulder. And just as they had entered, they were gone.

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