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The Unwrapped Consequence

Chapter 1

Wednesday 9 October, 7:30 PM

Penny and Sheldon were riding back to 2311 Los Robles. She had called an Uber, to get her and Sheldon home from The Cheesecake Factory, because she had had, four drinks, and was feeling it enough to realize she shouldn't drive. But, at least she had managed to calm Sheldon down enough to come home. She had gotten him to accept that change was always occurring, and that he would have to learn to cope with the all the changes, the prestige of winning the Nobel Prize would bring. He may not like all of the changes, but he would just have to get used to it, whether he liked it or not.

She knew she would have to go get her car tomorrow, but Penny was in a hurry to get back to 4A. It had been almost two weeks since her and Leonard had had sex, and that, along with the four drinks, had her feeling extremely horny. At the end of last month, Leonard had started throwing up and then started running a fever for a few days. Then, just as he had gotten better, she, had come down with the same symptoms. On top of that, just as Penny started recovering, she started her period.

She had made sure Leonard had been sexually relieved, although she was still uncertain as to why Leonard jokingly called it "pecking for corn". But, she was looking forward to getting some relief of her own tonight. She had been more than ready the previous night, but they had been up so late, for the phone call from Sweden, they had simply fallen asleep shortly after the phone call.

Penny had expected some problems with getting Sheldon to take the elevator, although he had said it had been operating when he moved in. In the end, she managed to get him to take it, by simply pushing him in. What she didn't expect, was the chaos her and Sheldon found when they entered 4A. Leonard and Raj were scrambling around on the floor, trying to pick up what appeared to be marbles. Amy was taking the marbles the guys had collected, and was putting them in a box.

She had no idea what they were doing, but as Penny took off her pink jacket, she just stared at Amy. She didn't have her usual frumpy appearance. She was wearing a dark blue business dress, with a belt, and no leggings. The color matched well with her skin tone, and she had on lipstick, and SHE CUT HER HAIR. While Sheldon had complained to Penny, at The Cheesecake Factory, about the change in Amy's appearance, seeing it was something else. She simply looked amazing, and Penny kept starting at her, wondering if it was due to her four drinks.

She was startled from her staring, by Sheldon saying loudly, "You just had to move it didn't you? Didn't I tell you not to touch it? Now you've touched it and look at the mess you made. How am I ever going to get it back together?"

Penny watched Leonard ignore Sheldon, and continue to put the little balls into the box. It was a few more minutes before they had found all of them and gotten them into the box.

"What happened?" asked Penny.

Amy said, "Leonard tried to move that thing…"

"It is not a thing," said Sheldon, "it's a replica of a DNA molecule from…"

"That thing," said Leonard, pointing at the stand, "and all the little balls fell off…"

"Those are not balls," said Sheldon, "Those are atoms of different elements…"

"We know what the balls and that thing represents, Sheldon," said Amy. Turning back to Penny she said, "So we are picking them up."

"Don't worry Sheldon," said Leonard, "I'll put it back together."

"You don't know how to put it back together," said Sheldon dismissively, "I'll have to put it back together, and you can help me do it…" Sheldon stopped and looked around, "why is it so warm in here?"

"I changed the thermostat," said Leonard.

"But why? You know it has to stay at…"

"Sheldon, this is my home, not yours," said Leonard sternly. "If I want it warmer in here, I'll make it warmer."

"What are you talking about?" asked Sheldon. "The roommate agreement…"

Leonard started to say something, but Amy beat him to it. "Sheldon," said Amy, pushing him through the door, "it's their apartment, so unless you want to allow Penny to set the thermostat in our apartment, we should go."

"Hang on, Amy," said Penny, turning to face her.

"What?" said Amy, as she stopped in the doorway and turned around.

"Really?" said Penny, pointing her arms at Amy and moving them up and down. "You're not going to tell me what happened with your new look?"

"I thought I looked terrible on the news," said Amy. "And…wait, can we go over this tomorrow?"

Penny, remembering why she wanted to get home so fast, nodded and said, "Sure." After watching them leave, Penny turned around, expecting to see Leonard standing by himself, but Raj was standing next to him.

"Raj," said Penny, "get out."

"Whaaaaat?" said Raj. "That's awfully rude."

"Penny," said Leonard, "don't you thin…"

"I don't care," said Penny, "just go."

Raj looked offended, "Fine, I know when I'm not wanted." She watched as Raj grabbed his coat, and left the apartment in a huff. She walked over to to door, set the locks, then turned to look at Leonard.

He looked puzzled and said, "That was pretty rude."

She continued staring at him, as she reached behind herself and lowered the zipper on the back of her dress, then pulled her arms out of it, and stepped out of the dress, as she started walking toward him, in only her bra and panties. Leonard was staring intently at Penny. As she slowly and seductively walked toward him, he licked his lips. When she got to Leonard, she dropped her dress and hooked his belt with her forefinger, staring directly into his eyes, and said, "Leonard, it's been three weeks for me, I'm horny. Do you wanna?"

Leonard felt helpless as she leaned in and kissed him. When their lips touched, they started for the bedroom, and continued kissing, seeking each other's tongues with their own. They only broke the kiss as they took off Leonard's hoodie and shirt. They dropped their shoes, and Penny's bra, before getting Leonard's pants off, just outside of the bedroom. Their clothes scattered in the living room and hallway.

As they entered the bedroom, Penny was moving backward, as they continued kissing. Penny felt the bed on the back of her legs, so she sat on the bed. She grabbed each side of his boxers and pulled them down. This freed Leonard and allowed him to step out of them, as she moved back onto the bed, resting on her left side. Leonard climbed onto the bed next to her, as they embraced, and continued kissing. She laid back on the bed, raised her hips as Leonard pulled her panties off, letting them fall to the floor.

"Now," said Penny, "I'm ready now, fuck me."


"You heard me, now" ordered Penny.

Leonard stopped and grinned at her, "Let me get a condom." He reach over to his nightstand and opened it. He couldn't find any in the top drawer, so he opened the bottom drawer. He searched around in there, but couldn't find any in the bottom drawer, either.

"Penny," said Leonard, "I don't have any condoms."


"I said I don't have any condoms," said Leonard.

"Shit. Let me look," said Penny, reaching over to her nightstand. She opened the top drawer, and couldn't find any either, and it was the same with the bottom draw. Dammit, thought Penny, we always have them in here, what happened?

Leonard said, "You want me to check in the bathroom."

Penny looked at him, "Yeah, dammit, you better, but we never put them in there."

Leonard got up from the bed, moving quickly down the hall. Penny laid on the bed, uttering "Damn it, why now."

After a half a minute, she saw Leonard trotting back and had to smile as she watched that certain part of him bounce up and down.

"There's none in the bathroom," said Leonard. "Should I run across the hall and ask Sheldon or Amy?"

"Are you nuts?" said Penny. "Just get back in bed, I want you now, let's do it."

"But, you don't want to get…"

"Leonard. Now."


"Leonard," said Penny tightly, "I just finished my period, I can't get pregnant now. Just fuck me, now."


"Dammit, Leonard," said Penny, sounding frustrated, "do you wanna, or not?"

Leonard nodded, climbed back into bed, and rolled into Penny, as they began kissing each other, their hands exploring the other.

They had just finished, and both of them were laying in the bed, staring at the ceiling. They were both gasping for breath and their hearts were beating fast. They laid like that for several minutes, while their heartbeat and breath returned to normal. Finally, Penny curled up next to Leonard with her head on his left arm, her left hand, entwined with his left, and his right arm around her waist, holding her close to him. She smiled as she looked over at him, and said, "I love you, Leonard."

Leonard smiled, looked at her, kissed the top of her head, and said, "I love you, too."

They laid that way for fifteen minutes, touching and hugging, until Penny said, "Come on, I've got to go clean up, and so do you."

She rolled off the bed, stood up and looking down at Leonard, said, "After we clean up, you need to order a pizza."

"Me? Why me?" asked Leonard.

"Because," said Penny, "I'm the one that got Raj to leave, I'm hungry, and I won, two to one."

Leonard smiled at her and said, "Oh, you did, did you. Two to one?" Penny grinned and nodded, and Leonard continued, "Ok, then let me clean up first, and you can clean up while I order."

Penny smiled, bowed and extended her arm toward the hallway, as Leonard got out of bed.

Wednesday 9 October, 9:00 PM

Penny and Leonard were sitting in their robes, on the sofa, a half a pizza left on the coffee table, along with an empty salad dish and a glass of wine, each. Between the sex and the food, they were both feeling satisfied.

"Well, that was fun," said Penny.

"Yes, it was," said Leonard, "especially after the last three weeks."

"It hasn't been three weeks for you," said Penny with a sly grin.

"True," said Leonard, "you did take care of me twice, but, it's not like I forced you. If I remember correctly, you started it both times, and seemed to be a very willing participant."

"Leonard," said Penny, "I did it because I wanted to do it. You make such a big deal out of it, but I enjoy it also. And, just now, you seem to enjoy doing me, that way."

"Well, I do," said Leonard with a grin, "it's just that I haven't had many woman enjoy performing that particular act on me."

"Some women don't, and some can take it or leave it," said Penny. "And there are a lot of men who are the same. But, I started in my teens, and I kinda like hearing you, as I do it." She finished her wine and continued, "There have been some guys I didn't enjoy doing it with, simply because they didn't taste the best or bother with warning me. But, in your case, I've found there really isn't a taste. I'm not sure if it matters, but Bernadette doesn't mind Howard's either."

"TMI, TMI," said Leonard, shaking his head and grimacing.

"Oh, come on, Leonard," said Penny with a grin. "I'm just wondering if it has something to do with diet, or if it's because I love you and Bernie loves Howard."

"What about Amy?"

"She hasn't said anything about it," said Penny. "So, I don't know, and really don't care. Just know that if it did bother me, I'd be asking you to warn me, before you finish, although you've always let me know."

Leonard sighed, "OK, I won't make a big deal of it."

"Now," said Penny, "you go ahead and clean up the food, I'm going to get ready for round two."

"Round two?"

"Yes, Leonard," said Penny, "round two. And I'll need my strength, because all you'll have to do is lay there, while I ride you," she looked at him with a smirk, "yeehaw, Leonard, yeehaw."

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