Link smiled down at Epona and patted her neck, which received a quick affection shake of her mane. Sensing Zelda watchful eyes, Link pulled back and smiled at her.

"Be sur to take the time sooth your mount that's the only way it will know how you truly feel." He said to her, who chuckled to herself, clearly relieved.

"I'm glad you still have that memory. Riding together was one of the ways I got to know you."

"I thought it was my cooking." Link grinned, receiving another snort from the Princess.

"That was later, after we opened up to each other. When I first learned that you were glutton I rolled my eyes and said-"

"Aren't all boys?" Link said quietly to himself before beaming towards her. "I remember that!"

Zelda smiled excitedly at him, clapping slightly with her reigns in hand. Her white stallion shook his mane and Zelda loosened her grip on her reins, allowing the horse to drop its head back down. Link smiled at the memory of him giving her the white stallion at the stables, her gasps at the sight of him causing him to grin back then as well. Apparently, Storm, the name she gave him, was the spinning image of her own a hundred years ago, and when he explained that he could very be a decedent of said horse, she hugged him.

Link sighed and glanced ahead of them. The Gerudo Canyon was dangerous a few months ago but now, with more Hylians joining Zelda's army and with weekly monster hunts, the monsters seem to be finally thinning out. And with no more Blood Moon's with the defeat of Calamity Gannon, they can't be resurrected. Still, Link was on edge, more often now that he was back by Zelda's side as her personal knight.

Zelda was originally unsure about Link returning to his duties as her Knight, with Hyrule in ruins and with the fall of the throne a hundred years ago, Zelda was sure Hyrule would become more of a government of the people, rather than summiting to her rule, even if she was the Princess. It had been a hundred years and people seem to be fine with their current lives. However, just by visiting a few stables after the Final Battle, rumours of her return sparked waves of Hylians to her last known location before they found her in Kakariko Village. Once the rumours were confirmed, Hylians from the far reaches of Hyrule comes rushing to the fields outside of the village, declaring their loyalties to her. Originally, Zelda was shocked, and Link saw for a moment tears in her eyes before she pulled herself together and greeted each of them in turn. Link back then smiled, a few memories resurfacing of her interacting in a similar way back when they were travelling together.

After that Link took a small squad of men to scavenge through the armoury in Hyrule Castle and returned with a small mound of amour and weapons, and Zelda quickly saw the wisdom of having him as her personal Knight, the title would give more than a few arrogant men a second thought before ignoring Link's commands as he trained Hyrule's new army. Those who still doubted were quickly destroyed when they watched a seven-verses-Link spar. Link quickly disarmed five of them with the Master Sword and used the Sheikah Slate to put the sixth in Stasis, a moment Zelda was still gushed over at. The seventh paused a moment too long, allowing Link to blast him to ground with a swing of the Master Sword, the strange energy blast denting the man's armour. Everyone quickly recognized Link as the Hero after proving the sword was the real one and not a replica, and Zelda was soon watching Link drilling the army of Hyrule.

Weeks after the Hylians declared their loyalties, Prince Sidon reached the village with word from his father that the Zora would support Zelda as she rebuilt Hyrule back to its former glory. Zelda quickly accepted the offer with promises of trades and a special unit of soldiers to help the Zora with constant return of lightning wielding Lynels. Sidon, the charmer as he was, managed to persuade Zelda to grace her presence again to his father, who wished to see her again after her brief visit while she inspected the Divine Beast Vah Ruta which stopped working after their fight with the Calamity. Ganon

A few days after Sidon's appearance and the feast the Hylians threw for the Zora, Link charged back into the village with news of the Gerudo army approaching. Zelda for the next little while panicked before Impa managed to calm her down, and Link expressed his knowledge of their current chief, Chief Riju. He knew Hylians and Gerudo had a rough history and went to war multiple times, but he still believed they were on good terms with them, also believing that it wasn't in Chief Riju's nature to attack, only to protect her own people. Gathering his men, Link led them towards the approaching Gerudo army with Zelda and Prince Sidon at his side.

Chief Riju and her General approached Link and Zelda on foot with a small unite of warriors behind them. The young girl smiled up at Zelda, bowing to her respectfully which Zelda returned. She quickly explained that since the defeat of Calamity Gannon the monsters and the YigaClan were acting up at their borders, and knowing that Hyrule was just starting to get onto their feet again with very few fully-trained soldiers, Riju was here to offer them the Gerudo protection as Hyrule rebuilt. Zelda quickly pulled the chief to the side, and with the help of a charming Sidon, managed to build a treaty between the three kingdoms. The General and Link took their soldiers to the fields outside of the village, and Link gratefully accepted her help in training Hyrule's new army and within a week, half of Link's men were sparing Gerudo warriors. Another two weeks later, Link passed the role of training his soldiers to soldier named Hoz, who was quickly rising the ranks of the army and was now betrothed to one of Riju's warriors.

Zelda and Link made a special trip to the Tabantha Fontier and to the Goron City and created a treaty with Rito and the Goron's chiefs. A month later, the Goron's started delivering stone and ore to Hyrule Castle where the Bolson Construction crew start to direct the reconstruction of the castle, though Zelda had a few head butts with Bolson's design of the castle. Zelda was beyond excited as she stared towards Hyrule Castle and the growing camp of Hylians.

Through she was even more excited when Divine Beast Vah Medoh flew over them, and Rito flew off its giant wings and started delivering the needed goods from different towns all over Hyrule. Link grabbed Zelda and pulled her to a clearing where Teba landed before them, nodding solemnly to both Zelda and Link, and explained that he was now the pilot of the Divine Beast. Apparently, it took him a while to connect to the beast but now that it was back in the air, the Rito thought it beast to use its large storing capacity to deliver large amount of much needed food and clothing. Zelda demanded a quick inspection of the Divine Beast, and to the Rito warrior's surprise managed to help him figure out how to control Vah Medoh to a greater extent, which Teba thanked her immensely.

Its been nearly two months since then, and the reconstruction of Hyrule Castle has been going smoothly with the help of the Goron's powerful bodies with the removal of rubble and then Bolson Construction rebuilding it. Bolson was very excited when the Zora sent some of their finest stone artists to help with the finer details and sent them immediately to the throne room to do their 'magic' in rebuilding the room. Zelda was nervous when she stepped back into it and Link, now free to be at her side now that Hoz was appointed General of Hyrule's armies, noticed her tensing when she approached the throne. He knew she was avoiding addressing it, but it was nearing her extraordinary to become Queen. The weight of her father's death was still heavy, and was it was doubled when Bolson called her to a destroyed room, most likely destroyed by a Corrupted Guardian laser blast, where Bolson found the remains of the late king.

Link decided to pull her out of her newly rebuilt chambers and mornings and dragged her to Hateno and pushed her into Purah's hands, where Zelda rekindled her love for research. Link had watched her and Purah rebuild a broken Guardian and smiled as she excitedly controlled it. After a week there and with the help of Zora's king, managed to arrange the refunding of Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. With the new funding, Purah teamed up with Robbie again and hired a dozen Sheikah to study and rebuild the Ancient tech. It was about then Link and Zelda received a letter from Riju addressing a find in the Gerudo Canyon. With the help of the Goron cutting stones out for the rebuilding of Hyrule Castle, they seemed to stumble across another shrine. Zelda was thrilled at the news and Link quickly gathered the needed supplies to cross the country while Purah instructed Zelda to take notes of everything she finds there.

The quick pace that Zelda started on eventually slowed down, and Zelda started to insist on camping earlier on the day instead of pushing ahead to get there. When he brought it up, Zelda smiled sadly, saying how they used to do this sort of thing often a hundred years ago. Link realized then that for the first time for months, since the defeat of Calamity Ganon, they were travelling alone. Link just smiled, nodding and returned to his cooking, which Zelda loved. After that, Link started to point things out and retelling his battles or him finding a little Korok under a stone, which Link noticed seem to relax her even more.

It wasn't until the fourth night by themselves when they were ambushed by a Yiga member. Link was taken by surprised when a woman that was travelling the road disappeared in smoke and charged at Zelda. Link stepped between them and smashed his shield into her, sending the Yiga member flying away. The Yiga member vanished, leaving them with a warning. Zelda was slightly shaken after the fight, though Link could see she wasn't as relaxed as she was. He quickly figured a way to relax her, which was quite helpful to him to recover his lost memories.

"So, my father was knight?" Link asked, and Zelda nodded, recalling whatever information she knew on the subject.

"Yes, though I never got to meet him unfortunately as I never had the chance. All I knew was from you and stuff from my servants. From what I remember he was from a long line of knights and your family was respected in the ranks. Do you not remember anything about him?" She asked sadly, which Link shrugged.

"A bit. It's… mostly a dream. Most of my memories are, through the clearest memories are of us travelling and of the Champions." Zelda laughed slightly, nodding. "Revali was a jerk." Link said which caused Zelda to burst into laughter, which Link smiled at.

"Yes, well, he was something. I guess he had no one to challenge him. A rival that manages to beat you is a humbling experience." Zelda said. "Though its hard to find someone to rival you when you created a technique to create your own updrafts."

"Still a jerk." Link chuckled and then fell silent as the sounds of the horse's hooves echoed through the Gerudo Canyon.

"I do miss them." Zelda said quietly, which Link nodded quietly.

They turned the corner to find the stable ahead, and they quietly stepped off and moved towards it. The stable hand rushes over to grab the horses and Link nodded at the innkeeper, who Link met earlier on one of his travels. Back tracking a bit Link led Zelda to the mining area and was greeted by a dozen Gerudo warriors guarding the place.

"Princess Zelda." One of them said, bowing to her as the others stood to attention. Link eyed a dozen Goron's cutting the rocks out and the rough outline of a shrine carved into the rock. The guards led Zelda and Link towards it, explaining how the Goron's found it. Once it was uncovered the Gerudo originally sent word to Riju, since it was found on Gerudo land, but she quickly wrote to Zelda, knowing she'd be most interested.

"I must say, this is extraordinary. Its unlike any I've ever seen. Link?" She asked turning to Link, her fingers still pressed against the door. Link stared at the door, frowning before nodding.

"It's a similar design of the dungeon I found under the Shrine of Resurrection." He said quietly to her as the Gerudo Guards pulled back. Zelda's eyes widen, excited.

"Yes, the fifth Divine Beast you told me about. Remind me to have you take me to it sometime." She brushed the pedestal clean of dirt and nodded. "It should still work. Link, do you mind?" She stepped back and Link grabbed the Sheikah Slate from his waist and pressed it against it. There was a brief pause before the Slate and pedestal glowed. The thick stone door opened wide, causing Zelda gasp excitedly.

"This is my first time seeing a shrine open like this, oh great Hylia. Extraordinary." She stepped forward, but Link pressed the slate into her, stopping her as his hand reached up to the Master Sword on his back. He stared past the dark entry and down the flight of stairs.

"We should be careful, Princess."

"Well, excuse me… I'm always careful." She teased, causing Link to groan.

"You're never going to drop that are you?"

"Its great. I should totally get you drunk on Noble Pursuit again. Hehe… Excuse me, Princess… I never thought I'd get to see that side of you." She laughed, urging him forward. Link sighed.

"I should've never had agreed to drink with you and Riju." He muttered before stepping into the dark shrine.

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