Kyoya was worried.

Kuri was lying there in her bed, sleeping. She was curled up, soft and peaceful, with a smile on her face and her eyes closed, breathing deep.

Haruhi said her health was perfect. But she wouldn't wake.

When she did wake; it was like she was moving in a dream. She did not acknowledge him or anyone; she just sat in front of the fire meditating.

Haruhi managed to take care of her bodily needs, but still she slept.

One morning, Kyoya found her sitting up in bed, staring. He approached her.

"What is it that has hold of you?" He asked in a trembling voice.

"It's such a beautiful dream." Kuri said. "My husband and daughter. They are in a beautiful place and asking me to join them. I want to go; but something always calls me back, ...Kyoya."

She used the name in hesitation, like she'd almost forgotten his name.

In horror, Kyoya grabbed her shoulders. "Kuri please! I know it is difficult! But your family is gone. I cannot bear to have you go to them now! Please...come back..."

He realized he was crying, but he didn't care.

Kuri jolted as if electrified, and embraced him.

She was back.


It was later, and I was sitting at dinner with Kyoya and the others. I was cleaned up and wearing a hakama and everything.

"It was as if the afterlife was calling to me." I admitted. "I have always had a very strong spiritual sense. But this was different."

"How was it different?" Twins asked.

"Don't leave us, Kuri!" Honey exclaimed.

I shook my head. "Sometimes I can sense when something very bad is going to happen. Other times, the thing is too horrible, too terrifying for me to process."

"Then we should prepare ourselves." Tamaki said.

Kyoya was quiet.

"Kyoya?" I went out to the hearth and sat next to him. "Is something..."

"You were almost gone." Kyoya said seriously. "Worse than dead. You almost lost your soul completely. Whatever you saw must have been..."

I squeezed his hand. "Whatever it is, we face it together."