Note: Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega and was created by Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, and Hirokazu Yasuhara.

Blaze was a very mysterious cat-like creature, that came from a different planet. One day, she landed on the home planet, of Sonic and his friends. Blaze didn't have the best introduction, due to her serious and stoic nature. However, she quickly bonded with Cream, a child rabbit, who accepted Blaze for who she was. Blaze had a hard time tolerating Sonic, at first, due to his brash and immature nature, but she eventually came to realize that he was a caring and devoted friend. Although Blaze became friends with Sonic and Cream, she didn't stay on their planet. Instead, she returned to her own planet.

Blaze was one of the most powerful creatures that Sonic and the gang had ever met. Blaze had fire powers which were dangerous, but really useful. After returning to her home planet, Blaze often visited the mountains where she meditated. She felt that meditating was important, so she could control her emotions and powers.

Blaze meditated, by herself and she rarely talked to anyone, from her home planet. She thought that was fine. She thought she'd be better off, by herself. However, her feelings started to change, as time went on. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she was starting to miss Cream, as well as Sonic. They were the closest things she had, to friends, yet they lived on a separate planet. Blaze wanted to forget about them and move on, but her mind wouldn't let her. She kept having memories, that involved her friends. She wanted to be stoic and not focus on personal emotions.

A month after Blaze returned to her home planet, she started having daydreams, during her mediation. In her daydreams, her friends would appear to her and talk to her. Her mind was so busy, with her concentration and mediation, that she often thought the daydreams were real.

One day, while mediating, Blaze wasn't as focused or as calm, as usual. She had gotten bored, of her repetitive and dreary lifestyle. This led to her falling asleep, during her meditation. While asleep, she started dreaming.

In Blaze's dream, Cream started running around the mountains, while looking chipper and full of life. Blaze felt deeply surprised to see Cream since she lived on a different planet. Blaze stepped closer and continued feeling confused, while saying, "Cream, is that you?"

Cream turned around and faced Blaze, while saying, "Hi, Aunt Blaze. It's good to see you."

Blaze wanted to ask Cream, how she got to her home planet and why she would want to come. However, she was distracted, because of what Cream called her. She felt a little uncomfortable, while saying, "Cream, why did you call me that? I'm not your aunt. We're not even the same species."

Cream said, "I know. My mom, Vanilla, is the most wonderful and devoted mother, that I could ever ask for. However, my dad ran away, when I was a baby and I haven't seen him, in years."

Blaze said, "I thought you were a baby."

Cream defensively replied, "I'm six. I'm practically an adult. Anyways, you're like an aunt, to me. You're kind, loving and loyal. You're a part of the family."

Blaze shyly turned around and felt guilty, while saying, "Don't call me your aunt, Cream. I have no right, to be considered a part of your family. I left you. It's not necessarily the choice I wanted to make, but I had to do it."

Cream walked closer to Blaze, while replying, "Sure, you left, but I came to you, so everything's okay. We can be friends or a family. I'll be a good niece, I swear." Cream jumped into Blaze's arms and asked, "Will you read me a story?"

Blaze said, "I don't have books, nor do I have any of the skills or tools that a guardian would need. You shouldn't be here, Cream. I'm sorry."

Cream replied, "But we came all this way, because we missed you."

Blaze raised an eyebrow and asked, "We?"

Cream smiled, while saying, "I'm not the only one that missed you."

A moment later, Sonic started walking up to Blaze. He put his hands on his hips, while saying, "I'm betting you missed the most charming and fastest hedgehog of all time."

Blaze replied, "Yeah right."

Cream playfully pinched Blaze's cheek and said, "There's no need, to hide your feelings. I know you missed me and Sonic."

Blaze replied, "Maybe I did."

Cream gave Blaze the biggest hug she could, considering how small she was. As embarrassed as she was to admit it, Blaze appreciated Cream's sweetness. A small smile came upon Blaze's face, while saying, "Thank you, Cream."

Cream replied, "You're welcome, Aunt Blaze." Cream carefully stepped down and said, "I'll give you and Uncle Sonic a chance, to catch up."

After Cream stepped out of the scene, Blaze looked at Sonic, while saying, "Uncle Sonic?"

Sonic said, "That's what Cream has been calling me, recently. It's not the most dignified title, but I can't resist the adorableness, of that sweet rabbit."

Blaze said, "Sonic, what are you and Cream doing here? You shouldn't be here?"

Sonic smirked, while jokingly replying, "Wow, you're quite the charming greeter. Believe it or not, Cream and I missed you, even if you are a big grouch."

Blaze folded her arms, while saying, "Well, you shouldn't be here. It's not safe. I live in a dark, mysterious and lonely planet."

Sonic replied, "Then why are you here? This might be your home planet, Blaze, but this isn't where you belong. You belong on my planet with Cream and the others."

Blaze said, "No, I don't have time, for friendships. I have to focus on controlling my powers."

Sonic replied, "I have powers, too and I control them, while having plenty of relaxation time. Maybe you're just lost and confused."

Blaze sternly said, "I know what I'm doing, Sonic. It was good to see Cream, again, but her and you need to go, right now."

Sonic stepped closer to Blaze, while saying, "I'm not going, until you agree to come with me."

Blaze angrily said, "You're as stubborn, as ever. I can't believe I missed you."

Sonic had a smug smile on his face, while saying, "You missed me? I figured that was the case. It's just good to have you admit it."

Blaze growled and replied, "Just go."

Sonic continued stepping closer, while asking, "Is that what you really want? Do you want to be alone?"

Blaze shyly answered, "Not necessarily."

Sonic said, "Then follow me." Sonic stuck out his hand. Blaze looked at Sonic's hand and after some hesitance, she started holding it. Sonic said, "You're making the right choice, Blaze."

Cream walked back to Blaze, while saying, "You'll never have to be lonely or sad, ever again. Sonic's here and so am I. I love you, Aunt Blaze."

Suddenly, Blaze opened her eyes. She took some deep breaths, while trying to process what happened. She quickly realized, that she was dreaming. Cream and Sonic didn't come to her home planet. That was just a dream. She sighed and said, "I can't believe I fell asleep, during my meditation. I know better. I've been mediating and have working on my concentration, for months. I should be getting better, not worse."

Blaze decided it would be for the best, if she took a break from her mediation. She started flying around her home planet. She used to not be able to fly, but she eventually learned how to do, thanks to some self-training she did. Blaze's home planet had received a new device, which had become a popular tourist-attraction. It was a giant monitor, that showed live-footage, of other planets. Blaze had only looked at the monitor, a few times, because she didn't have much interest in it.

However, Blaze decided to look at the monitor, to see what was going on, on the planet that Sonic and Cream lived on. She took a look and saw that some robots, that were designed by Dr. Eggman, were coming towards Sonic and his friends. Blaze said, "I better go help them." She paused and said, "Hold on. This seems like a mundane threat, by Sonic's standards. I'm sure it's nothing, that he and the others can't take care of." She paused, again and said, "You know what? I better lend a helping hand, anyways." Blaze started flying out of her planet and started flying towards Sonic's planet. She tried to convince herself, that she was just going there, to help stop the robots. She said, "It's not like I'm going there, because I miss my friends or anything." As much as she tried to deny it, it was clear that Blaze had been missing Sonic and Cream for a long time. Part of her was excited, to see them.

Meanwhile, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow and Cream were relaxing on the beach. Amy Rose and Cream collected seashells, Knuckles lifted weights, Shadow worked on making a dramatic pose and Sonic was skateboarding.

Knuckles angrily stared at Sonic, while asking, "Why are you skateboarding? Who goes to a beach, to skateboard?"

Sonic said, "I do, because it's cool and I'm cool, in general."

Shadow dramatically stared at Sonic, while replying, "I'm the cool one, you ego-infested bragger."

Amy Rose looked at Cream, while saying, "The guys need to calm down. They'll get stressed-out over anything."

Cream replied, "That's true."

Suddenly, some green robots started flying around the beach. Sonic put down his skateboard and asked, "What's going on?"

One of the robots had a television, that was on his stomach. Dr. Eggman appeared on the television screen, while twirling his mustache. He said, "Greetings, Sonic and friends. I noticed you've been relaxing, lately and frankly, it's boring." He angrily slammed his fist down and said, "You're supposed to be my arch-enemy, Sonic, but recently, my greatest enemy has been boredom. Thankfully, that's about to change, because I've created a robot army, that's going to be quite the challenge, for you and your sidekicks."

Shadow defensively replied, "I'm not one of Sonic's sidekicks. I'm his equal."

Dr. Eggman said, "I don't care, you insecure drama-queen. You're all a bunch of supporting players, in comparison to Sonic. He's my greatest enemy."

Sonic bowed and smugly replied, "I'm flattered. Dr. Eggman may be evil, but he's also a genius, so he knows what he's talking about."

Amy Rose said, "Give me a break, Sonic. Sometimes, it seems like you respect Eggman, more than your own friends."

Dr. Eggman explained, "Even though Sonic and I are arch-rivals, we deeply respect each other."

Sonic replied, "Yeah right, Egghead."

Dr. Eggman angrily responded, "My name is Eggman!" He paused and said, "Well, my real name is actually Robotnik, but that's not enough distractions. Sonic and his sidekicks are about to be defeated." He did an evil laugh.

Knuckles grabbed a couple of weights and tried to throw them at the robots, but his aim was bad, which led to the weights falling on Shadow. Shadow fell to the ground and passed out. Knuckles angrily said, "Shadow, you got in my way."

Sonic replied, "Grow up, you big bully. You accidentally hit Shadow, because you're a clumsy fool."

Knuckles gritted his teeth and responded, "How dare you say that." Knuckles started throwing weights at Sonic, while Sonic defended himself by throwing skateboards at Knuckles.

Amy Rose sighed and said, "Sonic and Knuckles are so busy, with their petty fight, that they aren't attacking the real enemy." Amy grabbed her hammer and started using it to attack the robots.

Dr. Eggman observed Amy and said, "You're not a bad fighter. However, you're not going to win this fight."

Suddenly, one of the robots blasted Amy, who fell to the ground. Cream ran up to her and nervously asked, "Are you okay?"

Amy Rose said, "I'll be fine. I'm going to keep fighting."

Cream sternly replied, "No, you're too hurt." Cream started standing in front of Amy.

Amy Rose looked at her and asked, "What are you doing?"

Cream explained, "The robots might back down, when they see me. After all, I'm a little kid and as nasty as Dr. Eggman is, I'm sure he wouldn't injure a kid."

Dr. Eggman coldly said, "Robots, prove how dangerous I really am, by blasting the little rabbit."

The robots started coming closer to Cream. However, they suddenly got sent on fire. Cream looked up and saw Blaze, who was flying around and using her powers, to fight the robots. The robots tried to fight back, but Blaze burned all of them.

Dr. Eggman nervously said, "No. My beautiful robots are being destroyed, by some cat-like menace. I barely remember her. She's not a main character or anything, is she?" Before Eggman could finish ranting, the television screen blew up, which cut-off the communication he had with the heroes.

Blaze flew down and looked at Cream, while asking, "Are you okay?"

Cream said, "I am, thanks to you."

Blaze said, "Cream, why were you standing near those deadly robots? That's incredibly dangerous, especially for a kid."

Cream replied, "I know, but I was trying to protect Amy. She's my best friend and I won't let anything happen to her."

Blaze responded, "It seems like you're as innocent and sweet, as ever, Cream."

Sonic turned around and seemed surprised, to see Blaze. He ran up to her and said, "Hi, Blaze. What are you doing here?"

Blaze explained, "I saw that Dr. Eggman was sending some robots, to attack you guys. I decided to come here, so I can help you."

Sonic said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but you did a great job. Usually, I'm the one, who does most of the work. This time, you defeated all of the robots. Nicely done."

Blaze replied, "Thank you."

Cream looked excited, while saying, "Did you see Blaze, earlier? She was flying?"

Shadow looked surprised, while asking, "Are you sure? I don't think that's possible."

Sonic replied, "Even though Shadow doesn't usually know what he's talking about, he's right, in this particular situation. There's no way, that a person can fly."

Blaze started flying around, while saying, "I recently gained the ability, to fly around."

Amy Rose said, "That's awesome."

Cream said, "Blaze is like a female Superman."

Sonic replied, "Actually, Supergirl is the female Superman."

Cream responded, "In that case, Blaze is like a cat version of Superman."

Sonic said, "That sounds like Catwoman."

Knuckles angrily replied, "That's not true. Catwoman's not like Superman at all. Sonic's a complete fool."

Sonic and Knuckles started having a passionate argument, about silly fanboy-related topics. They started saying some offensive terms, so Blaze sternly said, "Cut it out, you childish men. Cream is too young, to hear such nasty words."

Cream looked at Blaze, while saying, "Aww, you're always such a caring friend. It's so nice, that you've come back."

Blaze replied, "I hate to ruin the party, but I'm afraid I'm not saying. I just came by, to take care of those robots."

Cream said, "Please stay, Blaze. I've missed you."

Blaze asked, "Really?"

Cream nodded and said, "I sure have. Have you missed me?"

Blaze shyly answered, "A little."

Cream replied, "Aww, then you have to stay."

Blaze said, "I don't think I can, Cream. It's not like this planet has a hotel or anything."

Sonic replied, "We'll find a nice spot, for you. You should at least stay, for a short while."

Blaze sighed and said, "I suppose I can stay, for a short amount of time. That'll give me a chance to make sure that the robots are gone."

Cream ran around, while replying, "That's great." She grabbed Blaze's hand and said, "Help me make a sandcastle."

Blaze responded, "Um, okay."

While speaking in a fussy-sounding voice, Knuckles asked, "Why is Blaze staying here? There's already too many weirdos that I have to spend time with."

Shadow looked at Knuckles, while saying, "I'm not happy about this, either, but we can just ignore her."

Knuckles sighed and replied, "I'm okay."

Sonic looked around and saw Blaze helping Cream, with her sandcastle. Sonic didn't expect Blaze, to ever make a sandcastle, considering how serious she was. Blaze turned around and saw that Sonic was looking at her. Sonic smiled and gave Blaze a thumbs up. Blaze smiled back.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman was sitting his lair. He twirled his mustache, while saying, "That fire-cat proved to be quite useful, to Sonic and his friends. Could this fire-cat be the newest addition to Sonic's team? If so, I'll have to create better robots. Next time, I'm going to defeat Sonic and everyone he cares about." He did an evil laugh.

Sonic looked around and saw Blaze helping Cream with her sandcastle. Sonic didn't expect Blaze, to ever make a sandcastle, considering how serious she was. Blaze turned around and saw that Sonic was looking at her. Sonic smiled and gave Blaze a thumbs up. Blaze smiled back.

Blaze continued helping Cream build her sandcastle. As time went on, the sandcastle became very wide and tall. Blaze looked at Cream, while saying, "I hope the sandcastle looks okay. I'm afraid I don't know much, when it comes to this sort of thing."

Cream replied, "It looks great, Blaze. I really appreciate your help."

Blaze responded, "You're welcome."

Knuckles and Shadow stared at Blaze, in disapproval. Sonic noticed that, so he ran by them, while asking, "What's going on, with you two? You both like grouches."

Knuckles gritted his teeth and said, "I'm upset, that Blaze is going to be staying, for a while."

Sonic asked, "Why does it matter? If anything, it's a good thing."

Knuckles whined, "No it's not. I already get enough annoyance, from you and the others. I don't want to deal with anybody else, ever again."

Shadow said, "I admit I'm not a big fan of Knuckles, because he's a grumpy dork. However, he is making a good point, this time. Blaze is the type of person that we don't want to deal with."

Sonic looked confused, while asking, "Why do you feel that way? What's wrong with her?"

Knuckles said, "She's one of your friends and anybody, who's friends with you, is an untrustworthy problem."

Sonic folded his arms and said, "Oh, really? If I'm such a pain, how come you guys always hang around me?"

Shadow tried to keep his dignity, while nervously replying, "Um, you just happen to go to the areas, that I like going to."

Sonic smirked and responded, "I don't think that's the case. I think you guys are jealous."

Knuckles angrily said, "Jealous? What would we be jealous of?"

Sonic smugly replied, "You're jealous of me." Knuckles and Shadow started looking scared, that their secret had been revealed. Although they were both rivals of Sonic, they liked Sonic and they wanted to be like him. In order to save their dignity, they started running away.

Sonic ran by Amy Rose, who was using her hammer, to smash random rocks. Sonic said, "Hi, Amy. How is Blaze doing, with Cream?"

Amy Rose explained, "They seem to be getting along, quite well. I think Cream has been missing Blaze."

Sonic said, "And Blaze has been missing Cream."

Amy Rose asked, "How long do you think Blaze will stay for, this time?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know. Blaze seemed awfully stubborn, to go back to her home planet. However, I'm hoping she'll stay, for a while."

Amy Rose asked, "But where will she sleep?"

Sonic said, "I'm sure I can help, with finding her a place."

Blaze helped Cream build five more sandcastles. Cream enjoyed playing in the castles and throwing sand around. As much as Blaze didn't want to admit it, she enjoyed it, too. Cream was a very innocent and lighthearted kid.

Sonic ran up to the sandcastles. He observed them, before looking at Cream and saying, "Nice work."

Cream replied, "Thank you. Blaze was a big help, when it came to making the sandcastles."

Sonic looked at Blaze, while asking, "How are you doing?"

Blaze yawned and said, "Making the sandcastles was fun, I suppose. However, I'm feeling a bit tired, from the fight. Maybe it's time, that I go back to my planet."

Cream replied, "Please don't go, Blaze. It's so nice, to have you around. You're such a cool friend."

Blaze said, "I should go back home."

Cream asked, "Do your family and friends miss you?"

Blaze stoically said, "I have no family and friends, on my home planet."

Cream replied, "Then there's no need, to go back to that dreary-sounding place. You should stay here, with me."

Blaze said, "I appreciate your kindness, Cream. However, I have nowhere to stay, on this planet."

Cream smiled, while saying, "You can stay at my house. I live with my mom, Vanilla. I mean, I haven't gotten her permission, but she's really nice and understanding, so I'm sure she'll be cool with it."

Blaze thought it would be for the best, if she rejected Cream's offer. She figured she better only hang around Cream, at certain times. She felt this way, because she was afraid of Cream treating her like an aunt, like in her dream. Part of Blaze would be touched and happy, to be Cream's aunt, but another part of her was against this idea. She didn't want to be the aunt, that lived on another planet. She felt that Cream deserved family members, that she could rely on. She didn't want to be like Cream's dad, who left the family and never came back. Blaze said, "As sweet as your offer is, Cream, I must decline. I'm afraid I lead a dangerous lifestyle, that kids, like yourself, should stay away from."

Cream replied, "Then where will you stay?"

Sonic stepped up and said, "She can stay with me." Everybody looked surprised. Sonic casually said, "I have a room, in my house, that nobody's using. It used to be the room, that Tails lived in, but he's moved away, in order to learn more about technology."

Blaze shyly replied, "I suppose that would be okay."

In an excited-sounding voice Cream jumped up and said, "Yay, Blaze is going to stay."

Blaze put her hands on her hips and tried to look reserved, while saying, "I'll only be staying, for a short time. It's nothing permanent."

Cream replied, "Well, that's better than nothing."

Amy Rose looked at Sonic, while saying, "Can I talk to you, for a moment?"

Sonic said, "I guess."

Sonic and Amy went behind some giant boulders, so that Blaze and Cream couldn't hear them. Amy grabbed her hammer and pointed it at Sonic, while asking, "Are you crazy?"

Sonic nervously smiled and replied, "Considering you're the one, that's threatening someone with a hammer, I think you're the crazy one."

Amy Rose asked, "You asked Blaze, to move into your house?"

Sonic stuck his arms in the air and replied, "Hold on, Amy. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm just letting Blaze stay in my spare room, for a while."

Amy Rose responded, "Don't downplay the situation, Sonic. Asking a girl, to move-in with you, is a major part of a relationship."

Sonic stuck his hand in front of Amy's face, while saying, "Once again, you need to hold on. It's not like Blaze is my girlfriend and I'm trying to have her move into my place, so we can settle down. She just needs a place to stay, because she's from a different planet."

Amy Rose said, "Well, I still think this situation is suspicious."

Sonic replied, "You aren't jealous, are you?"

Amy Rose folded her arms and said, "I'm not a kid, anymore. I realized you didn't like me, in a romantic way, so I moved on. I intend on finding a new soulmate, someday and I wish the same for you."

Sonic replied, "Wow, that's a mature sentiment. I appreciate it."

Amy Rose responded, "However, you better be careful, about how you hangout with."

Sonic replied, "I know what I'm doing."

Sonic ran back to Blaze and asked, "Ready to see your new home?"

Blaze shyly said, "Um, I guess so. However, it's just a temporary home. I might only be there, for one night."

Cream looked sad, while saying, "Only one night?"

Blaze couldn't stand to look at Cream, when she was sad, so she said, "I suppose I can stay, for a few more nights."

Cream smiled and replied, "That's great."

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman was in his lair. He was upset, that Blaze had defeated his last group of robots. He didn't like losing, in general, but he was extra-mad, because he wanted Sonic to fight his robots, rather than her. He angrily paced around his lair, while saying, "I can't believe, that the fire-girl got in Sonic's way. Sonic is my arch-enemy. Although he can be an annoying pest, he's also my greatest challenge. I don't even know the fire-girl. She must be someone, from another planet, that Sonic has connections with."

Dr. Eggman walked into his machine room, where he had a new army of robots. The robots were made of steel and they were pink. Dr. Eggman smiled, while saying, "Pink is such a nice color. I don't get why it's such a sparingly-used color, among mad scientists. It's so pretty and it really polishes the robots' design." Dr. Eggman got out his cellphone and took pictures of his new robots, because they thought they looked really nice.

A few minutes later, Dr. Eggman said, "Anyways, it's getting late, so Sonic's probably left the beach, by now. I'm guessing he's going to go back to his home. Because of that, he won't be with his friends. His friends all live at different homes, so they won't be getting in my way, this time. Tails used to live in Sonic's house, but that boring brat moved away. I'm glad about that. Sonic may think that Tails is his best friend, but deep down, I'm the one, that he's closest to. Sure, we're always fighting, but I'm the one person, that's always in his life. I don't just come out of nowhere and randomly leave, like that fire-girl. I really don't like her. I mean, she's got a nice outfit, especially compared to Sonic, who just wears gloves and shoes. However, she's too serious. I need somebody, that can challenge my wit." He smiled and twirled his mustache, while saying, "I'm a master, when it comes to wit."

Dr. Eggman attached a screen, to one of the robots. He said, "This'll give me a chance, to watch the fight." He looked at the other robots, while saying, "Go to Sonic's house and fight him. He should be alone, so I don't think you'll have to worry, about his bothersome friends. Find Sonic and attack him. Sonic moves fast, but I don't think he has what it takes, to defeat all of you. After you hurt him, bring him to my lair. I'm going to make sure, that he never gets to see his mediocre friends, ever again." The robots started leaving the lair, while Dr. Eggman did an evil laugh.

A short time later, Sonic took Blaze to his house. The house was light brown, on the outside and was blue, on the inside. Sonic and Blaze went into the house. Blaze looked around and saw that it was decorated with racing trophies, pictures of racers, a treadmill, running-related magazines and several paintings of Sonic. Blaze looked at Sonic, while saying, "You sure stay loyal, to your racing theme."

Sonic replied, "You could say that. So, do you have any luggage?"

Blaze said, "No, I didn't even think I was going to be staying here. It's okay, because I don't need any luggage. I just need my body, mind and powers."

Sonic replied, "Sounds like you're a minimalist. That's admirable, but I can't say I relate. I'm a hoarder."

Blaze eyed some stacks of magazines and responded, "That certainly seems to be the case. You've hoarded a lot of stuff, that you don't need."

Sonic defensively replied, "I do collect a lot of stuff, but it's stuff I need."

Blaze asked, "Do you need all these racing magazines?"

Sonic answered, "More or less."

Blaze asked, "How many magazines do you have, in your living room?"

Sonic was really fast, so he quickly ran around the room and counted every magazine, that was in the room. He said, "I have over two-hundred."

Blaze replied, "Sounds like you're a true hoarder."

Sonic smiled and said, "Come on, Blaze. These magazines are important."

Blaze sighed and said, "I apologize, Sonic. I shouldn't be judging you. After all, you're letting me stay at your place."

Sonic replied, "Now that you mention it, I should be charging you." He paused and said, "I'm just joking. You can stay, as long as you want, on the house."

Blaze walked closer to Sonic and hugged him, while saying, "Thank you."

Sonic replied, "Um, you're welcome." He felt surprised, by the hug, but he tried to forget about it, by saying, "So, do you want a private tour?"

Blaze replied, "I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm okay. If you can just show me where I'll be staying, I can get out of your hair and stop judging your collectibles."

Sonic walked Blaze to the room that was next to Sonic's bedroom. Sonic opened the door. Blaze looked at her new room. It was light-blue and was decorated with science stuff, that used to belong to Tails. There was a green bed, that had purple blankets. Sonic said, "So, what do you think? Is the room okay?"

Blaze replied, "It's very nice. I'm really thankful, that you're letting me staying in this room, for a while."

Sonic responded, "You're welcome." He smiled and said, "I'm going to be practicing my running, so if you need me, I'll be on my treadmill. I intend on becoming the fastest creature, that any planet has ever seen."

Blaze replied, "I believe you can accomplish that."

Sonic was used to his friends groaning, when he talked about his boastful goal, so he was surprised, by Blaze's reaction. He asked, "Do you really think I have what it takes, to become the fastest thing, from any planet?"

Blaze said, "Well, I haven't been to every planet, so it's hard to know what other racers there are, but I've seen how fast you can go and I'm very impressed. If you keep being a hard worker, I think you have a good chance at accomplishing your goal."

Sonic gave Blaze a hug and replied, "Thank you." He started running to his treadmill.