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The Librarian's Daughter

I was born to a weak, frail woman, of incredibly small stature; her body was not made to support one of another life. But she did support another life, and she died giving birth to that. Since then, the husband of the woman has treated the baby as if it were a precious piece of glass….believing that a part of the woman lived through their baby. And, lo, when the baby was uncovered, it looked uncannily like its mother. And so, in that way, was I born.

I lived the life of a poor child, wearing the same worn out dress from last year. One day, when I heard some of my friends bragging about their new pool, I asked my father why I couldn't have one. He led me into his warm little corner in the garage ( We were servants of a multi-billion dollar family, but we lived in one of their garages. Mind you, it isn't one of those old shack-like garages, with peeling paint, concrete floors and creaking steps….Ours was one of soft carpets, bookcases upon bookcases, polished steps, and a loft where I slept. My father was often sleeping in a small bed in the corner of his garage, among the many stacks of his books.), and told me all about why we were poor and why we couldn't afford such things like 'TV' and 'pools'. In time, things took a turn for the better, and my father got a raise---which aloud him to buy more books, and I to get such things as shoes, knapsacks, and soft cotton skirts.

At about the age of twelve, I was seriously infatuated with our client's son.  His name was Inuyasha, though the meaning of the name I never understood. I watched him like a hawk; unrelenting, keeping tabs on every woman he danced with….all from one spot. It was a tree with gnarled oak branches that hung lowly over our garage, yet looked out over the whole mansion. From one of the topmost branches, you could clearly see the courtyard. It was from there, I found Inuyasha, and from there I also found my first heartbreak.

One day, when I was about sixteen, I witnessed Inuyasha dancing with another woman. (As usual, I was not invited to this party. Instead, I was forced to watch from a distance, hoping that one day, I'd be the one at the part and in Inuyasha's arms, imaging I was his newest fling.) I admit I was a little jealous, but then I saw the woman's profile. I was so shocked that I almost fell off the tree. She looked just like me, minus the frumpy hair, huge glasses, and the wide, innocent features ( Her features looked narrower, I was sure.). More disheartened than usual, I watched the scene fold out between my eyes.

A single moment…it was all it took to make my heart sink and stop at the same time. Inuyasha---my secret beloved---was standing on one knee, holding a box within his right hand. A chill ran through my spine, and I thought, ' No, no, its not what it looks like.' But alas, it was exactly what it looked like. Still, the tiny sliver of hope I has left shined more brightly when he popped the question. Silently, I mentally willed ' Say no, please say no, please, please, please.'  It would seem as if the gods themselves were against me, for the young woman squealed and jumped up, prancing around the man ( in an abhorring manner, if I may add.) in lopsided circles, screaming " Yes! Yes! Yes~!"

As they both retired together, I found myself climbing down the tree, wondering why. WHY did I have to fall in love with someone destined for another? WHY was I a fool to think that I---- as unattractive as a moose, no more beautiful than a dandelion, shoved, pushed, and ignored by the very man I loved---would be destined not to claim him; but the heartbreak that came from him? I left the tree and also retired home.

My father, nothing my slumping posture, damp cheeks, and bowed head, left me to my dismal thoughts. I had heard it many times before, this " He's not good enough for you.", but now, it seemed he was right. Was I foolish enough to believe that I was good enough for HIM!?  My mind screamed at me, ' I guess you did.'

My anguish was far greater than I ever imagined.


The next day, my father woke me up and told me to get dressed. At breakfast, this morning, my father told me I had to pack my suit cases. At first I thougt he was going to kick me out of the house..As it turned out, we were going to the airport. Father handed me a ticket that he had bought earlier with his only credit card. Just before I was pushed on, I asked him two questions.

"Where was I staying? How did you get the money to buy a plane ticket?"

" You'll be staying at your aunt's apartment." He slipped me a piece of paper. " It isn't too far from the airport. At least, that was what your aunt told me on the phone. And as for where I got the money, your aunt says she'll pay me back—that's all you need to know." The last part was added hurriedly. " Ah, the boarding call. Me and you aunt both agree you need this."

As I was herded onto the plane, I looked back to see my dad mouthing 'Bye!' and 'Love ya!

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