I'm not sure hoe to begin, but I think I'll state the obvious:

This fic has been abandoned.

I feel terrible doing this. I hate it when authors abandon their storie. I guess I'm a hypocrite...But there wasn't much to the story. If you really want to know what happened, provide and email and I'll send you the storyline explained.

There were a lot of plot holes. Large, glaring plot holes. If you really wanted to see what would happen, watch the movie. The outcome would be nearly the same.

If you're going to flame me, give me a reason as to why you're flaming.

If you're going to IM me, don't ask why I abandoned it.

Maybe I'll work on this sometime later...

As for now, this fic has been officially abandoned.

If anyone would like to adopt and continue it, you have my permission.

This story will most probably be taken down at the end of august.

With lots of love,

Uber Rei Model 03