A/N: It's Thank You Time!!

Lisa - I came on this site like two months ago when I was working, and yours was the first story I started reading. I ended up getting hooked on it, and I thank you for doing that. I had lost my love of reading a good romance at that point, because I couldn't seem to write them, and your story gave me hope. I do think you are a brilliant writer, and I hope to know you and your writing in the years to come. You are a treasure princess! Keep on rocking!

Tink - What can I say here girl? Your RPG kicks my ass all over the place. I just met you like a week ago, because I had enough balls to talk to you, lol, but I do like your writing, and that's what keeps me around. Not to mention our late night chats about our boyfriends and how alike they are! So keep writing and much like I said with Lisa, I hope to know you for a long time to come, or at least know of you so I can say to all my friends when your famous " I knew that girl way back when" because I see a lot of fame in your future, just based on the talent I see now!

Phoenix - I absolutely love that sequel your making right now about Shane and Jeff. Its adorable and I hope you keep with it. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day and your muse, just to keep sending me reviews on my chapters. I will keep writing for people just like you. Keep on doing what you do so well.

Audacious - A Diamond in the rough! Thank you for all the reviews and taking the time to read every single chapter, no matter the length, and for sticking with me. You are a true princess, and I will never leave you hanging, I'm still writing as I speak. Can't wait to read more of what you have.

Jen - We haven't talked all that much, but you did review more then once and for that I am thankful. Like I said with the others, you make me keep wanting to do it, even when it pisses me off. Keep smiling!

Michelle - Another gem of mine that keeps on reading even though I post chapters like 100 times a day! If you read this and review the rest of the story, just know I appreciate everything you said, and for you jumping the gun and telling me to put Summer with Jeff, it is done and I hope it was done well. Talk to you in reviews soon!

Jack and Shawn - These two guys weren't signed when they reviewed so I have to say it was cool hearing they thought it was good. Not to mention that coming from two guys ( who I am sure are hot as hell ;)) It meant a lot, because when girls read your stuff you know its because well hey they love the wrestlers, but hearing two guys liking it, makes me think that the world isn't as bad as I thought and men are pretty cool ;)

MoniKa - Not signed when she did the review, I greatly appreciate you too girl, so thanks for hanging in for me to get to where I am right now. It was a long ride and I loved every minute of it.

A/N: If I left anyone out that reviews after this, you do mean so much to me! Just for taking the time out and reading my demented mind, you should be thanked and payed ;) When I make money I will consider it! Thank you guys for being you!!!