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Chapter 2: Rebirth

Being reborn was strange. It took me six months to fully adjust to this new world and life. It was the most excruciating time in my existence to be honest, not even dying could top that.

Anyways, back to my family. I had a loving mother and what appeared to be an absentee father though by far the biggest change was my brother, Izuku Midorya. Oh, I should probably mention my name in this world. I am Madara Midorya and no, that is not a joke and as far as I can remember I don't have any deep seated trauma involving my younger brother and my best friend's younger brother killing each other or a stupidly convoluted plan to bring about world peace. I honestly think that I cried-laugh for an hour after my mother called me by that name.

Still, name aside these past six months have been surprisingly fun. I never had that much of a bond with my parents in my previous life because honestly, they were just ordinary people and perfect parents for an ordinary boy. I was not an ordinary boy, not by a long shot. I could not stand mediocrity, one of the main reasons that I was antisocial in my last life. Then there is this aura around my younger brother. I have always had good intuition when it came to this type of thigs and after spending more time with him, I found out that he was smart, very smart. Not quite my level and he seemed to have this weird obsession with heroes, but he would still rank at the high end of the intelligence scale.

That's another thing about this world that I have yet to mention. There are superpowers here. Honest to god superpowers. It's like a dream come true, 80% of the world has one of these superpowers that they call 'quirks'. Lame name, maybe but who am I to judge. This euphoria lasted only a few minutes as the implications of these powers' existence entered my mind. Back in my original life the amount of power a person could have was determined by the amount of money they had and the political connections they possessed. Here there was the added factor of their quirk with seemed to vary from something as mundane as changing one's hair color at will to being able to punch away entire city blocks. Obviously there had to be a counter for those who abused their powers and so the 'Pro-Heroes' arose to counter the threat of the evil 'villains'.

By the time I turned three I had had more than enough of heroes and villains from my brother's rants. Honestly was there nothing else interesting that that child could focus on? Thank god I got through to my helicopter mom to stay out of kindergarten because I think that I would have gone insane if I had to go through that again. After I proved to my mom that I wouldn't kill myself by staying at home all day and that, no, I really didn't need to interact with my 'peers' in order to ensure my full and complete mental development I was finally able to get some peace. Witch was summarily shattered by this ball of brashness named Katsuki Bakugou barging into my life with my brother on his heels squealing about how cool he was and trailing behind him like some lovesick puppy.

I looked at the two partially in disinterest and partially in exasperation as they barged into my room just as I was in the middle of a study session on the history of the quirked society.

"Who's that Izuku?" I asked looking up from the books I had on the floor

"This is Kachan. He's my friend and he's the coolest of all the kids at the kindergarten" said Izuku with a cheer before turning to his friend who looked embarrassed "Kachan this is my older brother Madara" finished Izuku puffing up his chest as he said that with all the pride his three year old self could muster

I looked at the blond kid "Kachan?" I asked with a mildly surprised expression

He flushed "Name's Katsuki Bakugou" he said, trying to be gruff and failing

I narrowed my eyes at him and glared. Bakugou stepped back a bit but Izuku was unaffected Yeah, I could glare, even if this body made it sort of cute, but I don't have the name of the great badass Madara Uchiha for nothing. A shame that those glares didn't work on that motor mouth brother of mine.

Not taking my eyes of Bakugou I said

"Izuku go get me something to drink from the fridge"

"But Ka-san said…" replied Izuku fidgeting

"Izuku" I said, and he snapped straight

"R-Right away Madara-nii" said Izuku then bolted from the room. At least he listened to me.

I continued my staring contest with Bakugou as I asserted my dominance over him

"Now, Bakugou what did you want to say?" I asked sweetly

"Um, it's nice to meet you…?" he finished lamely

"That's good. You're learning, now be a good boy and take care of my brother, won't you?" I said

Bakugou had broken eye contact and simply nodded his head. He was shaking slightly

"I'm here Madara-nii, I brought you juice just like you asked" said Izuku as he bounced in the room smiling

"Tanks little brother, now go outside with your friend and play until mom comes back, ok?" I said returning the smile

He nodded and dragged Katsuki out of the room. Still I could hear their conversation

"You never told me that your brother was this scary" said Katsuki

"He's not. He just makes some funny faces at people there's nothing scary about that" replied Izuku

Oh you poor child you have no idea what kind of man I am. True I won't go to the villains' side any time soon but let's just say that my morality isn't that witch you would find in a hero.

Even so, I had to find out something that has been bugging me this last year. Ever since my awakening I have felt strange, as if there was something else I my body that I have yet to uncover. I am hoping that whatever it is can be discovered with the meditation techniques I learned in my previous life.

It was thusly that one day I left the house and went to a secluded area in the nearby park and began meditating. I continued this process for three days, each day searching for this elusive feeling. On the fourth day I allowed my mind to wonder to the question I had in my previous life.

Is chakra real?

It was then that something clicked inside of me and I gasped as I felt power unlike any other flow through my veins, no not veins but something else. It took me another hour to get a good grip on this power but once I did, I could clearly feel it and I laughed.

I had unlocked my chakra, without any training or previous knowledge. Even among this quirked society chakra was a most impressive power even if I never get to the level of monsters such as the Kage or my own namesake. After half an hour of playing around with chakra I began to feel tired and went back home with a grin on my face.

I spent the next year studying and training my chakra and growing my reserves. I honestly have no idea where I scale in the amount of chakra but I'm going to wait until I'm at least 4 and a half before doing anything more strenuous than meditation and chakra control exercises.

I was happy. After some time, I was able to walk up walls with my chakra and I showed off to my family. After all I had to do something with this power as I had no intention on hiding it and having a power in this world was viewed as normal. My little family celebrated my quirk and I have to say that it brought me closer to my brother than I had been with anyone in either life. I suppose that it was to be expected, we were twins after all, and we would always be close. However, this happiness would not last long.

I showed off my power a few months before turning four, the age at which most kids get their quirks. When mine and Izuku's fourth birthday came, my brother was still without power. I wasn't worried originally since I knew that my brother was never one to be average. However, as time passed my brother still hadn't gained his quirk and I was getting worried. If statistically speaking the average person got their quirks at four then it was understandable to have around about a 6-month buffer around that age in which most quirks would manifest. There were those that manifested at birth or earlier than the majority, but the more you aged the less likely it would be that you would awaken a quirk.

Our family happiness was finally shattered shortly after our fifth birthday when mom took Izuku to the doctor and came back an several hours later with a catatonic Izuku and the dreaded result.

My little brother was quirkless.

My little brother that had smiles which could light up the room with his contagious happiness was no longer smiling.

Was I wrong? I knew that my little brother wasn't destined to be normal from the moment I first laid eyes on him. Was I wrong about his prospects? Is he destined to be a quirkless looser or is he destined for greatness that even I cannot comprehend?

No, I can't think like that. Izuku needs me to be there and I will do my duty as his brother.

I left my room, where I had retreated after our mom said the devastating news in order to think. I headed for Izuku's room and I stopped at the door as I heard Izuku's question

"Can I be a hero like him too, mom?"

I was ready to console him and say that he could be a hero and not to give up his hope

"I'm sorry, Izuku, I'm so sorry" said my mom as she hugged him all the while crying

It was then that for the first time I felt rage, anger and hatred aimed at the person who brought me to life in this world. How dare she destroy my little brother's hope, how dare she crush his dream so easily with her faithlessness, how dare she…

I felt my vision clear and the hallway that lit up in the dim light of the computer screen suddenly appeared as if the sun itself was shining from that screen. I could see every crevice and nook in the wooden floor, every imperfection on the wall and I just knew that the image I was seeing in the mirror I had been glaring at would remain imprinted perfectly into my memory for eternity.

Tobirama Senju said it first. The Sharingan is an expression of one's very soul and the tragedy and trauma it had within. The greater the darkness and trauma of the soul, the greater the Sharinagn's power would become.

This is what I thought as I stared at my own reflection in the mirror. I had the same build as my brother and usually I had green eyes just a shade darker than his. Now the same eyes were glowing blood red with a single tomoe spinning around my pupil. I cut off the flow of chakra to my eyes and the world fell out of faze, became less sharp and I couldn't help but think about the power that I had brought in this world. I always knew that I was not an ordinary person but the power I had the potential of possessing was bought awe inspiring and terrifying.

I cannot coast through life as I have been doing. I knew in the rational part of my brain that I should probably stop my brother from doing something as foolish as attempting to be a hero, but my heart wouldn't let me do it. This left me just one option.

"Hey, little bro" I called out from the doorway making bought my brother and my mother look at me as I smiled at them "You can be a hero, with or without a quirk and I'll be there to help you, every step of the way"

I would do whatever I can to support my brother and his dream and if that meant I had to turn my eyes of power upon the world to do it then so be it. I will not let our bond break, even if I must go against the whole world to make it so.

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