"Your Highness, are you ready?" Asked a butler standing by the entrance to the dining room. His tone betrayed little to the annoyance he must feel of having the prince of Illéa stand outside the dining room door for the past 5 minutes. He must value his job Luke thought, after all, if his sister was here she would've yelled at him about 4 and a half minutes ago.

Prince Lucas bit his lip, ignoring the sharp jab of pain as he weighed his options. He could either enter the dining room and throw all the second born marries royalty junk out the very ornate window, or… he could suddenly develop an absolutely terrible headache and go play some video games.

Nah, he'd played Call to Arms last Wednesday when he had a stomach ache. They'd never believe it barely a week later.

"Uh, yes sorry, I'm ready"," Luke said, straightening his teal tie.

The butler opened the dark wooden door, complete with carvings of flowers and birds as if it wasn't fancy enough as it was.

"Ah, Luke, we were wondering where you were," Lord Bennet said. Unlike the butler, his voice gave away his extreme annoyance towards his son's tardiness.

"Hey Dad" Luke grinned sheepishly.

Though it had been 5 years since Bennet had stepped down from his post as King of Illéa, He still could command a room, his mere presence was enough to make most people stand up taller and walk with purpose. Then again, Luke wasn't most people, so Luke slowly strolled to his designated chair.

"Luke, your late" Lady Allyson, scolded. His mom's pale skin and light blonde skin were reminiscent of the Whites, the extremely cold province she came from. Luke opened his mouth to apologize, but unfortunately Farrah beat him to it.

"Like that's a surprise" His sister snorted.

"Shut up Farrah'' Luke rolled his eyes, inwardly groaning. This was not how it was supposed to go.

"Why excuse me, it's treason to tell the Queen to shut up" Farah threatened.

"Since when?"

"Since tomorrow if keep saying those things to me"

"Whatever, Farrah."

Ever since his sister was crowned 5 years ago, she totally let it go to her head. Not that she wasn't a good queen or a fair ruler, she was just so bossy and self-important that it was irritating to be in a conversation with her for more than 10 minutes. The way she talked about being queen would make you think she had led a revolution to gain the title, not just been born 9 years before him.

"Ok, I wanted to talk to everyone about something really serious." Luke took a deep breath, standing up from his chair and reminding himself that he was Lucas Quinn Elton Schreave, the prince of Illéa, the teen dream, and a world famous media icon, before launching into his well-rehearsed speech. " As I should hope all of you know I turned 18 back in January."

" Yes, we were all there, it's a shame you couldn't make it" Bennet said.

Luke felt his cheeks flushing as he remembered messing up the time of his birthday party and getting back from his annual shopping spree at 8, a full 3 hours late to the party.

"It really was a lovely party" Allyson tapped her fingers against the hardwood table as she spoke. "Max, remember all those balloons."

Maxwell Addams, now Maxwell Schreave nodded his head. His dark skin and brown eyes complemented his navy blue suit. He had won Farrah's selection almost 9 years ago. Being completely honest, Luke didn't know exactly what Farrah saw in him. He was sweet, but so polite that he was stiff . He was fairly handsome, but nowhere near a model. He was smart, but not an Einstein. Luke usually compared him to water, good, steady, reliable, but lacking in pizazz. Farrah always had odd taste though, Max was just another example.

"Anyway, as I was saying I'm 18, Farrah married when she was 19 and I'm ready. I want to hold a selection, I know that I'm ready for the next step in life, and I want to get married"

There was a long pause where no one said anything.

"Absolutely not, you can't change tradition." Bennet said, shaking his head.

"Come on, dad-"

"Your Father's right Luke, that's been around for hundreds of years, you can't change it" Allyson shrugged.

"But why do I have to listen to that stupid tradition?" Luke asked.

" Lukie, you know why, we need alliances with other countries" Bennet said, "Besides, it wouldn't be for a few years, you're just a baby."

"So you're marrying me off for Money?" Luke said, dumbfounded, and completely ignoring the second and probably more logical side to his argument.

"No, Luke, we would never do that. " Bennet reasoned. "But a marriage that will benefit this country is part of your job. If you won't chose, than I will have to"

"Actually, I choose." Farrah said, stabbing a piece of pasta with her fork.

"Yeah, dad. It's up to Farrah." Luke smiled, finally his sister's ego was coming in handy. Farrah, unlike his dad, might actually agree to this.

"I didn't say yes," Farrah reminded him. "There were arrangements being made with that girl from Spain. Amy….or Alice…. or-"

"Audrey," Max said, gently nudging her.

"Yes Princess Audrey, of course she is the spare as well, but you could be an ambassador! Her brother is set to be crowned in a few months, and I thought we could finalize the details then." Farrah paused, obviously thinking about something. "I suppose a selection would be a reasonable excuse for not following through with it."

"Wait, so is it a yes?" Luke held his breath, waiting for the word to come out of his sister's mouth.

"I'll consider it Luke. Speaking of which, I have things to do." And with that Farrah left the room, in what was possibly one of the clearest stops annoying me Luke has ever seen.

"Hey, at least she didn't say no" Max whispered as Luke finally slid into his chair

Luke woke up the next morning to knocking on his door. He groaned, glancing at the clock by his bedside table. It read 5:58. Who was even up this early. When the knocking persisted, Luke finally hoisted himself out of bed. At this hour, someone had better be dying.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Luke opened the door to find one of the palace's maids. The petite girl had dark brown hair and tan skin. Luke had no clue what her name was, but she must be new to be working the early morning shifts.

"Your highness" The girl curtsied "Her majesty asked me to inform you to come to her office at once. She said it was a rather urgent matter" The girl looked flustered at talking to Luke, and he smiled at, well down, at her seeing as she was a good foot shorter than him.

"Can't it wait till the sun is up" Luke asked the maid, watching as she bit her lip, obviously unsure of which royal to obey. In the end she must have chosen the queen, a wise choice since Luke would've needed his sister's approval to fire her, not that he would've.

"No, Her majesty made it very clear that she wanted this dealt with before breakfast." Luke sighed, admitting defeat. He wanted a selection even if that meant listening to Farrah's ridiculous demands for a few days.

"Right, I'll head over." Luke started walking only to pause and look back at the maid "Oh. You're here right?"

"Yes, this is only my third day your highness" The maid smiled, obviously thinking that Luke knew her. He didn't, but no reason to ruin her good day.

Luke would've casually sauntered through the palace on a normal day. He would've paused to examine some paintings and maybe engage a few of the guards in conversation, however, this wasn't most days. He needed his sister to agree with him, and to accomplish that, he needed to resist the urge to annoy her in every way possible.

"Uh, Farrah called for me." Luke told the guard stationed outside the door to Farrah's office.

He nodded, knocking on Farrah's door. "Your majesty, your brot-"

"What's up Farrah, how's your day going" Luke cut off the guard walking into Farrah's office. He sat in one of the 2 large chairs behind Farrah's desk. Farrah was seated behind her desk and despite the early morning hour she looked perfectly put together. Her dark brown hair was meticulously straight, and she wore a pale lavender sweater with a black skirt and white tights. She glared at Luke for his entrance, but annoying her was just so fun.

"Ah, Luke, you're late. Yet, with all that extra time you didn't bother to get dressed?" Farrah's question wasn't really a question and therefore required no answer. She does have a point though, Luke thought begrudgingly as he looked down at his pajama pants and t-shirt. He looked out of place among the ornate furniture and elegant decorations in Farrah's office.

"Sorry Farrah, I thought if it was so urgent you wouldn't care I was wearing pajamas. Hey, Grandma is still alive right?" Luke asked just to make sure, after all, it was barely 6 am.

"What? I think so...Yes! Wait, what does that have to do with anything?" Farrah looked at Luke as if he was glowing green with 2 heads.

"Just asking" Luke shrugged, and distinctly heard his sister mutter weirdo under her breath.

"Anyway, if I could actually finish a sentence without you interrupting, I wanted to tell you, that's fine, you can have a selection." Farrah's face doesn't give away anything of this being a hoax, and Luke's face breaks out in a smile.

"Wait, you're not kidding? Thank you, I promise to-"

"On two conditions" And there it was, Luke knew something like this would come up, even as queen, Farrah never really grew up.

"Yes, yes, anything, whatever you want" Luke says hurriedly. The faster he gets out of his room, the faster he can start daydreaming about the selection that would soon be at the palace.

"First, I want to know the true reason why you wanted to have a selection, not any of the junk that you told Mom and Dad, I want the truth." Farrah's question was a reasonable one, and Luke took a moment to gather his thoughts before speaking.

"I'm not stupid Farrah, I know Dad might've said it would be a few years, but we both know thats not true, I was going to be engaged by May at the lastest. I also know that you weren't going to let me choose. If I refused to marry Audrey, then it would be a girl from New Asia or Saudi Arabia. It never would've been a true choice. If I'm going to be married within the year, then I at least want a choice in the matter. The selection was the only way I could have that." Luke looked at the ground as he spoke, words he never envisioned to say out loud suddenly coming out of his mouth.

Farrah nodded, understanding his words in a way that their Father never would have. Though Farrah was the queen, not so long ago she would've been the one married off to a forgien royal while Luke reigned over the country. She understood why Luke wanted the choice.

"Alright, if this is how you're going to marry someone you love, go ahead." Farrah smiled at him. Victory! Though Luke knew that his family agreeing at dinner was a longshot, he still couldn't believe it was this easy. "And, second, I need you to sign this contract."

Farrah produced a small stack of paper from a folder on her desk. Luke didn't know if she had written it herself or had the palace legal team draw it up, but either way he wasn't reading 20 pages. He grabbed the papers and skimmed the first page (The first party, Lucas Schreave hereby agrees to follow all protocol...blah blah blah…..expenses are not to exceed….boring boring boring…. Dates shall be under the approval of the Queen if they take place out of the palace…) Luke didn't bother reading the rest of the document. He grabbed a pen off Farrah's desk, flipped to the last page, and signed his name.

"You sure you don't want to read that?" Farrah asked as she watched him. Luke shrugged, after all what could be the worst thing in there? Farrah sighed a some-people-never-learn sigh, but took the papers and placed them back in the folder. With that she shooed him out of the room, and Luke left before Farrah could change her mind.

It was Friday, Report day, the day Luke was going to make the biggest announcement of his life. Frankly, he was surprised Farrah was letting him be the one to make the announcement, he was rarely on the report these days. Ever since his Father had stepped down from the throne he had only appeared on Report for special occasions, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays among others. Most of the time it was just Farrah and Max, with Bennet and Allyson appearing once a month.

Today was a different story though. The Report studio had more people than Luke had ever seen. Various advisors ran around, some glaring at Luke for ruining their potential alliances. Practically all of the palace's media team was standing around, and various photographers and journalists were present, representing magazines and newspapers ranging from The Angeles Times and Illéan Economy Review to Vibestarz.

"Lukie, are you excited?" Bennet hugged Luke, after a few seconds Luke squirmed to get out of his grip. Bennet did a once over of Luke's outfit, and must've deemed his gray suit and yellow tie acceptable, at least he didn't comment. Luke's dark blond hair was slightly gelled, and the yellow tie brought out his blue eyes.

"Of course, I can't believe this is actually happening." Luke smiled as he spoke.

"Neither can I," Bennet said more to himself than his son. "Well, It will be a great experience. Now if you'll excuse me I have to talk to your mother about something" Luke watched him go to Allyson who was having her makeup done.

Luke made his way over to one of the couches near the entrance to the studio. The bustle of the crowd was enough to hide him from most people's views and he sat thinking about his impending nuptials. Luke wasn't kidding when he told his father he couldn't believe this was actually happening. He never thought he'd be able to escape the confines of an arranged marriage.

"Your Highness, I hope you know the format for this Report?" Dean Gonzales, the forever cheerful Report host was standing in front of him. Dean was almost as well-known as the royal family, after all, he was the one who spoke to them on live television.

Dean didn't wait for a response " Well, the public has been informed that there will be a special announcement. Her Majesty will give a short overview about the state of the country. 10 minutes. 15 max. Then I will call you up, talk for a minute, mostly how great it is to see you, then I will prompt you for the announcement. You'll be reading off the tele-prompters -please don't go off script, we don't need a repeat of last time- and then I'll wrap it up." Dean said all this very quickly while flipping through his clipboard.

"Right. Country, Introduction, Announcement. That doesn't seem too bad." Luke said, nodding.


"And I promise to only read what's on the tele-prompters without ad-libbing or making jokes." Dean looked satisfied and walked away.

The time seemed to fly by, and before Luke knew it the Report had started and Farrah had returned to her seat.

"Your Highness, Prince Lucas, welcome!" Dean called Luke over.

"Hello Dean, hello Illéa! It's great to see both of you." Luke said smiling his most charming smile.

"It's been a long time, Your Highness. How is everything since the last time you were on the Report?" Dean spoke to Lucas, but faced out towards the cameras. He subtly nodded his head towards the tele-prompter which was currently displaying Luke's answer.

"It has been a long time, the last time I was on the Report must've been January!" Luke forced a laugh before continuing. "Life's been great, who knew being an adult could be such a learning experience? I can actually attend those meetings everyone's been talking about." That was a total lie. Luke has never once attended a meeting nor done anything remotely related to managing the country. Whoever wrote this script really needed to fact check their stuff.

"Yes, I heard that our new adult has an exciting announcement for us!" Well, this must be the prompt Dean was talking about.

"Illéa, as you know I turned 18 two months ago. After some careful deliberation, and a lot of begging, my family and I have decided that I will host a selection. It is open to young women aged 18 to 22. You must not currently be attending high school to enter. As I'm sure you all know, one woman will be selected from each of Illéa's 35 provinces. Please enter at your nearest province service office. They will be accepting forms from tomorrow, February 12th to February 24th and the drawing will take place in 2 weeks." Luke read off the tele-prompter. He decided to add his own ending though "May the odds be ever in your favor." A quote from one of his favorite book series.

Both Dean and Farrah's faces told him he had pushed it, but nevertheless, Dean signed off the Report with his classic "Until next time Illéa, thais has been Dean Gonzales and I hope you have a fabulous week."

"Well, that could've been alot worse!" Luke said brightly, before ducking out of the room to avoid a livid sister and pissed Report host.

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