All through the night

A/N I discovered this lullaby listening to The Goat Rodeo sessions with Yo-Yo Ma. It's a great song and also I recommend Hard Times Come No More with James Taylor. They're really soothing these days!

Jack cradles the fussy infant in his arms. His knee protests at the step sway that used to soothe Charlie when he was a baby.

The bounce startles the boy and he stops shrieking for a moment. "Hush, Daddy's here." Jack tells him. He winces at the nagging ache in his knee. "We're gonna have to take this to the rocking chair."

Jack settles in the chair and rocks. Jake's fussing quiets down, but he doesn't sleep.

"Oh, you're going make me sing, aren't you?" In the last few weeks despite Jack's dubious singing voice it's one of the few things that soothes the fussy infant. He has sung nursery rhymes, including Row, row, row your boat. Sam loved that one. He could hear her laughing down the hall.

But Jake seems to like the old standards. Going Home, Summertime, and strangely an old Welsh lullaby are his top favorites.

"Okay, here it goes." Jack sighs. "Sleep my love and peace attend thee, all through the night. Guardian angels God will lend thee, all through the night. Soft the drowsy hours are creeping. Hill and dale in slumber sleeping. I my loving vigil keeping, all through the night."

Jake's eyes flutter as jack sings more. The baby sighs and snuggles into his father's arms. "Sleep my love and peace attend thee, all through the night." He finishes.

Jack rocks some more until he's sure the baby is fully asleep. He settles his son into the crib and slowly backs out of the room.

Sam is smirking as he enters their bedroom.

"Not one word, Carter."

"It's sweet," she says.

Jack blushes. "Shove over, Sam." She's a bed hog. It's the one flaw he has discovered. That and she prefers cats to dogs.