Chapter One


I water in the air around me started boiling and the heat began to rise. He looked at me in fear and started to back away.


I made the water wrap around his entire body and it started to boil. I watched in glee as his skin started to bubble and turn red. I started chuckling by the time his skin started to melt. I was full on laughing by the time all he could do was lay there and the only sound coming out of him was a muffled gurgle. I stared down at him. He would live. I made sure of that. I turned away from him and saw what made me snap. There on the ground was the body of my mother. Eyes open but unmoving. I knew she was dead when she hit the ground. As I looked at her cold body and the melted blob of barely breathing flesh that was my father, I stared to laugh. I fell to my knees, holding my stomach and didn't stop laughing. I felt a sudden pain in my head and a loud snap was heard. It would later be reported that it was heard all around the city. I stood, still chuckling, and looked in a broken mirror that was hanging on the wall. As I studied my face I noticed that my originally emerald eyed now had cracks. They started at my pupil and spread throughout the green.

As I stared at my eyes, a small chuckle escaped my lips. As I laughed, another crack appeared in my eyes. When it appeared I only laughed more. I didn't stop laughing even as the red and blue lights approached my apartment building. I didn't stop laughing when the cops arrested me and put me in the backseat of their cruiser. I didn't stop laughing when they wheeled out my father on a stretcher and put him in the back of an ambulance. I kept laughing when they wheeled my mother out in a black bag.

They tried to interview me at the hospital but I couldn't stop laughing. They deemed me insane and I was left in a padded room. In was like something out of a movie. I was sitting in a white padded room, wrapped up in a straight jacket, and I was still chuckling.

All of a sudden, I stopped. When the laughing stopped, the crying started. The realization of what had happened hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't know what to do. I slowly stood and looked at the camera.

"I'm ready to talk."

A few minutes later, the metal door to my cell swung open. I turned towards it, keeping my head bowed. They said nothing as two guards grabbed my arms and lead me down the hall. They opened another door and walked me inside. In the room there was a large mirror, a metal table, and two chairs. They sat me down and cuffed me to the table. After I was cuffed they left and stood guard outside, the door closing behind them.

A few moments later, a man in a suit walked in and sat down in the other chair. He put a white folder on the table and opened it. His eyes slowly scanned the documents. I saw a picture of me from when I was first brought in. My auburn hair was a mess, my green eyes were wide open, and my mouth was curled into a menacing smile. The man closed the folder and his cold blue eyes met my cracked green ones.

"Hello Mr. Valentine. My name is Agent Boyett and I have an offer for you."


I studied Agent Boyett. The black suit jacket, white shirt, black slacks, and the shiny black shoes. Did I trust him? No, not at all.

"And why should I believe you?"

He only smiles at me and looks into my eyes. His stare didn't waver and he smirked when I stared back.

"What other choice do you have?"

I looked down at my cuffed hands and ground my teeth. He was right, of course. It was either trust him or stay in my padded room for the rest of my life. I had made my decision.

Leaning back, I cracked a small grin. "You got me there."

He chuckled and brought out a plastic water bottle from his briefcase. I looked at him in confusion and he twisted the cap and pulled it off.

"We are quite similar, Mr. Valentine." He said quietly to me. I looked up and noticed that his eyes were slightly glowing. He placed a hand on the bottle and the water inside started to freeze.

"H-how are you doing that?"

He grinned at me but didn't respond. The air in the room started to grow cold and it continued until I could see my breath and I was shivering. Eventually, it started to creep up the walls and onto the ceiling. He placed a hand on my cuffs and they started to freeze. I gritted my teeth as the metal grew cold and started to burn.


I was growing more irritated by the second at my lack of answers. My eyes started to dimly glow as I felt myself heat up. Agent Boyett only smirked at me and his eyes glowed brighter. I growled and the air around me started to heat back up. As my eyes started glowing brighter I stared at him and smirked when I saw him start to sweat and lose his cocky grin. The ice that was covering the walls slowly melted and turned back into water. I used the water and wrapped it around his wrists and he finally let go of my cuffs.

I stood and ripped my hands away from the table, the frozen cuffs breaking easily. I slowly stood as I brought all the water in the room to me. I glared at Agent Boyett in anger. Instead of a cocky smirk, I only saw awe and a hint of fear.

"You're more powerful than I thought." He whispered. He stood and walked towards me. "Will you join us, Mr. Valentine?"

My anger was quickly replaced with confusion and I let go of my hold on the water. It splashed to the ground and my eyes lost their green glow.

"After the shit you just pulled? Why should I?"

He looked at me apologetically. "I'm afraid you don't have much of a choice." He walked back over to his briefcase and pulled out the same white folder from before. "They are going to kill you, Mr. Valentine."

I stood there, frozen in place. "W-what?"

He grimaced and looked at me with sorrowful eyes. I looked down at my shaking hands. I felt tears well up in my eyes but I forced them not to fall as my frightened expression turned into a snarl. I balled my hands into fists and looked into Agent Boyett's eyes.

"I'll join you." He looked happy with my response and opened his mouth to speak.

"On one condition." He closed his mouth and nodded. "I want to be there for my mother's funeral."

He nodded furiously. "That can be easily arranged."

I nodded satisfied and looked at him with a smile. "Then let's blow this joint."