Okay, I'm half testing, and half trying to get this story on the web. I've read all these Dumbledore loves McGonagall stories that are all so ridiculous, that I'm working on one of my own that will make sense, not that I think they'll ever get together. You know. Okay, so lets start.

Dumbledore was staring out at all the students. He was so happy.

Than, the sky fell. Everyone started screaming and running around the whole school had lost it's order. Dumbledore apparated all the kids outside (obviously he didn't read Hogwarts, a History) and grabbed Minerva.

"I love you," he told her. Than he kissed her, while they flew away on a magic carpet into the distance and were never seen from again.

Okay, so it didn't end out like I planned. Who cares!!! Besides, everyone knows Dumbledore is too old for Minerva, and that Minerva and Lupin are the perfect couple.(well, she's too old for him too) I'm nuts, huh? Review, and try to make me laugh.