A/N: A little Red Notebook Daikari. Shameless fluff and suchlike. ^__^

Hikari's POV.



"Flowers For Hikari"



It's not supposed to work this way.

I'm not supposed to miss you if you go away.

I shouldn't be jealous if you aren't talking to me;

In fact, I should be relieved- happy.

I should be glad you've got other friends now.

After all, I still remember how

You used to cry when you thought no one could tell,

How behind your smile, you were living in Hell.

And though I reached out to you, I never

Expected to be friends forever.

Yet now that's all I want from you.

My goggle boy, dressed in blue,

Who always used to follow my lead:

To protect me whenever I was in need.

Now you're all grown up, coming into your own.

Dynamic and brave and no longer alone.

And honestly, I can't recall

Why I never saw anything in you at all

Before this moment as you stand

Before me, with flowers in your hand.






. : flores para mi amor : .