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Seto Kaiba shut off his alarm clock and reluctantly got out of bed. He didn't want to, but he had things to do. His head was in sharp pain. It wasn't a headache exactly; the pain was isolated solely in the front of his head and nowhere else. It didn't hurt as much as it was irritating.

He walked into his bathroom and looked into the mirror. He could see the bags under his eyes and the unnatural paleness than his normal skin tone. He really thought he went to sleep early considering when he had been going to sleep. And then the sharp pain hit him hard. So hard that he actually let out a pitiful moan and clutched onto his head.

Then just like that, it was gone. Like it had never been there in the first place. He waited for the pain to return and hit him again. It was probably waiting like a lioness would for its prey. Just laying low in his head and waiting for the chance to strike again.

But the pain did not return. Kaiba straightened up and fixed his hair. He turned to look in the mirror.

" Ah!"

Only to be faced with a spider-web design on its cracked surface. He looked around quickly for the culprit for this, but he found nothing. Not even Mokuba. The kid pulled pranks sure, but he wasn't THAT crazy.

But he didn't understand. The mirror was broken, but no one broke it. There was no article near the sink that could have broken it and there was no one around to break it but him.

" Oh my God…"

Kaiba backed away from the mirror and nearly tripped over a chair near his bedroom desk (Yes, he has one there too). He couldn't believe it. He didn't think it would happen anymore. He thought he had grown out of it. The last time he did something like this was when he was still with that man.

" No. It's not happening again. It's not happening again."


By the time school had started, Kaiba had forgotten all about the incident in his bathroom that morning. He simply had one of the servants take care of it and didn't say a word to Mokuba. What the kid didn't know, he didn't have to explain.

He was now sitting in class and waiting for the bell to ring. The substitute was asleep at the desk. The man looked like he could sleep through an earthquake. Some of the students were taking turns trying to see what it would take to wake the man. So far, spitballs, pencils and clapping were ruled out.

Yugi-tachi were dueling each other. He idly wondered if that was all they ever did. They never seemed to do anything else. He didn't necessarily get tired of the game per see, but there were times when he just didn't feel like bothering with it or just didn't feel like playing. Sure it was fun and he was good at it, but there were other things in the world to do as well.

" Hey Kaiba, how about I teach ya how to lay a trap card right?"

Here we go again, Seto sighed and turned the page of his book trying to ignore Jou. He hated his daily attempt to get him to duel him again. He did accept his challenge at first, but then Anzu's harping about friendship and how much of a jerk he was, and the fact that he always won, he just quit accepting.

He was bored dueling Jou. And Yami for that matter. He didn't have time. There was now the threat of this new company trying to take over KaibaCorp. He needed to devote more time to his business and think of new inventions and come up with alternate plans and work out bugs. There was just too much he had to deal with to be bothered with Duel Monsters.

" Not interested." He turned another page.

" What? Are ya scared?"

" Nothing to do with fear. I do not wish to duel you. I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. I just simply do not wish to duel you."

" Sounds like fear ta me. Ya afraid ya can't beat me Kaiba?"

" If it makes you better Jou, sure."

" Why you cowardly-"

Seto let out a silent sigh and put his finger in between the pages of his book to hold his place. He really didn't want anything to do with them right now. His other free hand massaged his temples. His head was starting to hurt again. And this time it was worse because of Jou's harping.

" If you really don't mind, I'd rather not go through this today Jounouchi. I'm not in the mood to deal with you right now. So please, if it's not too much for your dog brain, leave me alone."

" Dat does it!! I'm sick of ya high and mighty attitude lately. Ya act as if I'm not good enough for ya ta duel against!! What? You still scared of Yami?"

A sharp pain rushed to his head. Seto winced. He cast a look at Yami. The Pharaoh gave him an arrogant grin and waved. But he stopped when he saw the condition he was in. His skin was starting to pale and he was sure that the Pharaoh had seen the wince he made when the pain hit him. Before he could ask him anything, Seto turned his head and said something first.

" I have no desire to duel the Pharaoh."

" 'Cause ya know ya won't win!!" Jou seemed really proud of himself for stating what he thought to be a fact.

Seto's eye twitched as a bigger, sharper pain raced through his skull. " Stop it."

" No way! I'm not stoppin' until ya duel me! And if by some miracle ya happen ta win that doesn't involve cheatin' or Blue Eyes White Dragons, then I'll stop, but until den, I want ya ta duel me!"

More pain was coming. He really wished Jou would stop now. As much he wanted to hurt him, he didn't want to kill the little idiot. Well, not yet. He might want to later on in the life, or today if he kept this up.

" Stop talking to me." This came as a mere whisper. But they all heard it. Jou and Tea took it as Seto's submission and she egged him on while Jou kept on ranting.

But Yami could tell that there was something behind that whisper. Than Seto was not submitting anything. Normally, when he got annoyed with them, he would simply insult them until they left him alone. But he was almost pleading with Jou to stop pestering him. Now what would make him do something like that? Sure he'd seen him get pale-er, paler than he normally was and he could see the signs of not enough rest, and he caught the wince of pain from him. What was going on with the CEO?

" All of a sudden you're not such a big man anymore Kaiba!" Tea prodded," This isn't your business office or a dueling arena! You can't push us around."

" Yeah! This is where you're a normal kid too! And I'm not gonna stop talkin' ta ya until ya decide ta duel me! I can beat ya now! I know I can! Ever since Duelist Kingdom and Pegasus beating ya as well as when Yami almost beat ya, but then ya cheated, I'm sure I can do it too."

Big mistake, Seto knew it when Jou said those things that it was over. He had gone too far with that remark. Everyone knew that he was sensitive about that and about Pegasus. That man was almost as bad as Gozobura. He had always known that Pegasus wanted to leave the same impact on him as Gozobura. He hoped to used that fear to his advantage. But he was a little kid then and didn't know better, he was a teenager now, almost a grown man and he knew what was right and what was wrong. He knew very well how to fight and defend himself and had learned other ways when Gozobura had died. And Jou had just crossed him in the worst way. He awakened those 'other ways'.

" I mean sure, Pegasus had a Millennium Item but then again, I'm sure I know all da cards in your deck by now. And I know you'll try and pull dem dragons out and take me out, but I'll have beaten you black and blue by den!"


" I'll beat you black and blue boy!!"


" NO!!!!"

(Glass break)

All of a sudden all the glass in the classroom just shattered. Shards went everywhere. Girls screamed and some boys did too. The windows broke one after the other. Causing people to duck and cover their heads. The glass tanks in the room that contained the fish burst; dumping water all over the place and leaving fish to flop on the ground. The blackboard cracked right down the middle and nearly fell off its mount on the wall.

Jou was up on the wall. Big glass shards were pinning him there by his clothes. There were two on either side of his head and one right above his head. He could feel the glass on his scalp and tried not to move too much.

" Jounouchi!!"

Yugi-tachi immediately went to try and get him down. Yami started to go over to help, but he noticed Seto was holding his head and moaning. He looked from the windows to him and was about to say something.

" Kaiba-"

But Seto wouldn't let him get the rest out. The CEO gathered his things with something akin to super speed." I have to go. I need to go…somewhere."

He rushed out of the room like hell was on his heels. Yami looked after him with concern. Then he went to help the others to get Jou down from the wall.

" Ow! That's me you idiot!"

" One should be careful of what they say to the person who is getting them down from the wall one has been impaled too."

" Er…I see ya point dere Tristan."


Seto burst into the bathroom and leaned against the slammed shut door. He made sure no one was in there before he slumped against the wall and held his head.

" This isn't happening again. I thought it was gone. It's not supposed to come back. It's not supposed to come back!"

He tried to regain his composure by washing water over his face. He looked in the mirror; blue eyes meeting equally blue eyes.  Those blue eyes twitched as another wave of pain went through his head. The mirror he was in front of cracked.

The stall doors started to swing. A little at first, then they started to swing a lot. Then they started to slam. And the mirrors, they just exploded. One after the other on down the line. The one window up near the ceiling burst into a million pieces. Water in the toilet erupted from the bowls and stained the ceiling with their blue tint. The faucet heads broke off and flew to the floor and clear water shot up to the ceiling like champagne from a bottle.

Seto looked absolutely horrified." No. Stop it! Stop it!! Stop it!!"

The broken shards of the mirror and the window started to swirl around him like a tornado. He didn't dare try to push them away. Seto knew very well that they were sharp and could cut him into pieces. He tried to stop it, but he couldn't seem to control anything anymore. It was coming back with a vengeance.

" Kaiba?"

Seto jumped at the voice that suddenly came from nowhere. It was Yugi. But the glass swirling around him stopped and launched at Yugi.

" Yugi?"

At the last second, the sharp debris veered to the side and impaled themselves through the wall, almost all the way through. Yugi stood there wide-eyed and slightly pale. Yami materialized next to him looking ready to fight. There was no one around but Kaiba and he saw the knives, so Yami jumped to a conclusion.

He went to run at Kaiba, most likely to choke him, but he was suddenly thrown up against the wall and then thrown to the ceiling and held there. Yami struggled, but he couldn't break free for the life of them.

Seto was on his knees in the middle of the room in ankle deep water and almost writhing in agony. He didn't see what had happened or what he had done. His eyes were squeezed shut as one jagged pain after another shot through his skull like a nail.

" Kaiba?" Yugi tried to get his attention. But he either didn't hear him or was too much in pain to do anything.

Yami had had enough. He hated being subdued and he hated it even more that it was Kaiba who was doing it. He never ever liked being pinned; ceiling or otherwise. " KAIBA!!!"

It took the authoritive, regal tone of the Pharaoh to get through to him. Seto opened his eyes and looked up to see who called him. Yami was glaring at him with crimson eyes. Then he was looking down, because as soon as he opened his eyes, Yami had fallen to the floor in the water.  He glared up at Kaiba again.

" You son of a-"

" G-Gomen nasai! I-I have to go!"

Seto was about to make a break for the door when Yami grabbed his arm." Chooto matte Kaiba!"

" Iie! Hanase! Hanase!! Hanase!!!"

But Yami wouldn't let go; he held Kaiba held him down. " You threw knives at my hikari! I will not let go!"

Seto was starting to panic. He thrashed wildly in Yami's grasp. The Pharaoh was a little shocked at this. He figured Kaiba would at least curse or yell at him. But he was fighting him like he was about to die. He didn't seem to care that he was cutting his clothes and his skin on the broken glass.

" HANASE!!!!"

Yami was thrown all the way across the room by some invisible force. He slammed into the wall hard enough to make his head snap back. He looked at Seto in shock.

The blue-eyed dragon tamer didn't even look back; he just scrambled up off the floor and ran out of the room like he was being shot at. He didn't get his things, he didn't call his limo, he just ran like the dickens.

" Kami-sama, please don't let it be happening again…"


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