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" What's a pretty rich boy like you doin' down here Kaiba?"

" ……."

" Hey gorgeous, we're talking to you. Don't you wanna come play with us?"

" …….."

" Silent huh? I bet we could make you scream."

"…I doubt it."

" He speaks! If you can talk, you can give up some money. How about it aino-chan?"

 Seto Kaiba was walking through the worst part of Domino. The place where most people would try to avoid at all costs. He walked carelessly in the alleys until he would get to his destination. He was hassled by some of the gangs nearby; most of them wanting to sleep with him or his money.

Now he had to stop because he was surrounded by some ignorant prepubescents that wanted him. He had been ignoring their flirting, but now he was stuck. He knew he could take all of them, but he didn't really feel like it. He didn't want his powers to act up and have to hurt anybody.

" Get out of my way. I've got some place to be."

Some of them giggled and advanced a little. " Yeah, like in my bed."

" Don't make me hurt you. Just get out of my way."

" C'mon baby, we won't hurt you much. Maybe we'll give you some of your own money back if you do a good job?" More of them snickered at that.

Kaiba was getting irritated. He really didn't want to hurt these people badly. He wanted to hurt them, but not as bad as his powers would hurt them. He needed to get away before his powers assumed he was in danger.

" Look, I'm not giving you any money and I'm not warning you again. Get out of my way…"

The one he assumed to be the leader walked up to him. He was slim and almost a stick, but he had a big pipe with him and red hair that stood straight up. He had one a bright red duster and black pants with a green shirt. It was OBVIOUS he was a fan of GQ…

" You don't have to give us money, aino-chan. We'll take whatever you've got…"

" I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, your outfit is too loud."

The man laughed and slung an arm around Seto's shoulders. The CEO looked down at his arm and then glared back at him.

" You shouldn't glare like that baby, you're going to ruin that gorgeous face of your like that." He held up Seto's chin in his free hand.

" Take your hands off me, baka. Before you get hurt."

" But I'd love you to hurt me baby! Let's unwrap this candy shall we, boys?"

Seto's eyes darted to each of the males surrounding him. He couldn't afford to waste anymore time or deal with these people. He needed to go before they completely closed in on him.

Oh no…

His head was hurting again.

The pain was getting worse…

His vision was getting blurry. His hearing was like he was underwater. He felt numb and he couldn't move his body of his own accord. He couldn't make out the punks in front of him.

No, no, no, NO! Not now…Please…

Seto vaguely felt himself put his hands on either side of his head and fall to his knees. It hurt too bad. It was so painful…

" Taskete…HhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!"

It was like a bomb went off in the small alley. All the gang members went flying in different directions. Some of them went clear on top of another building, some over them, and some of them flew through buildings.

Cars were bent in and windows were broken. Alarms were going off and sirens were heard in the distance. Trashcans and dumpsters were mangled pieces of metal. Animals lay dead in the alley. Most of the buildings around him were torn apart with the bodies of the gang members hanging out in some places.

Seto was in ground zero in a kneeling position with his hands still on his head. The pain had subsided a little; he could stand up and look around. He couldn't stop the cry from his throat at all the damage he'd down. It was like a mini Hiroshima. Seto turned in a circle observing the damage he'd down.

" I…I did all this…" He looked in a piece of reflective metal at his image.

He looked up at the sound of whimpering behind a dumpster. Going over, he saw one of the smaller members of the gang. He was hurt, but he wasn't dead, yet. Seto glared at him through his pain-haze and yanked him up.

" You…I'm only…going to ask you this once…" He panted," I need drugs and I need them now. Where can I get the strongest?"

The kid laughed," The famous Seto Kaiba is a crack addict? How will your adoring fans take the news?"

A blue eye twitched and a blue aura radiated from Seto's body. His eyes flashed over white for a second, then returned to blue. " Listen you little shit, I can't hold this back for much longer. You can save your life now by telling me, or I'll kill you and many others looking for the drugs myself."

He looked genuinely frightened now. " N-Near the docks, warehouse 9. Ask for Torrance." 

With visible effort, Seto made the aura disappear and dropped the kid. He groaned and placed his hands on either side of his head again and stumbled towards the docks.

" A word of…advice…for you kid…"

" H-Hai?"

" Take your friends…take your family…get out of Domino…"


" Just seconds ago this was the quiet, downtown area of Domino. With its old buildings and many alleyways. Now it is ground zero. From the looks of things it seems like a massive bomb went off, demolishing buildings and killing 20 people; most of them gang members. Police are still investigating the explosion, but so far there has been no sign of any explosive or any fires. Just bodies and decimation.  Luckily most of this part of the city is abandon. One survivor says that CEO of KaibaCorp. Seto Kaiba was near by when the explosion went off, but there is no sign of the multi-billionaire now. His body hasn't been found so we assume he is alive. The survivor claims he was just passing through and got caught in the explosion. No word so far, police are still patrolling looking for the source or suspects. Shinomori Mikado, back to you Asana."

Yugi and Yami stared at the news in shock. The others were shocked as well, but not in the way they were. They had an eerie feeling that this had something to do with what happened to Seto a few days ago.

There was no sign of a bomb. Seto Kaiba was near by. There were no signs of explosives and Kaiba was the only one alive besides this man who was obviously covering for him. Yami and Yugi looked at each other, then back at the screen.

/ Yami, you don't think that he…I mean, that's impossible isn't it? He doesn't…he can't…right? /

/ It seems he can…Nothing is ever impossible Yugi…and you saw what he did…Maybe we should talk to him…If we can find him…/

/ What do you mean? /

/ You saw him…He freaked out when he realized what he was doing. I don't think Kaiba has any idea what he's doing…If it is indeed him that's doing this…/

/ So…what should we do? /

/ We give him a little time to pull himself together, then we go and find out exactly what's going on before he hurts himself or someone else. /


" Who's out there?"

" Look, I don't have time for password games or for you to make yourself feel important by taking your job entirely too seriously. Open the door and get your boss or I'll destroy everything within a 5 block radius again!!"

" Uh…Yes sir…"

The large black metal door swung open to grant entrance to Seto Kaiba. He still had a hand to his head, but the pain was getting better. He could stand it now. Placing a hand on the doorframe he walked into the warehouse.

It was completely dark inside. Seto knew what they were doing and he hoped they wouldn't be stupid and try to shoot or attack him. Then they'd all die and he'd have more on his soul; not that he needed anymore to put on it.

The lights flashed on, hardly blinding him for some reason, but he decided not to dwell on it. He was surrounded by yukazas with guns trained on him. He numbly looked down and saw all the red dots centered on his chest and some on his head.

Standing right in front of him was a large man dressed in an expensive suit. He was smiling smugly as he approached him; taking his sweet time getting there while his boys were taunting Kaiba. He didn't even hear them, as he was too busy trying not to panic and set off his powers.

" Well, well boys it seems we've got a celebrity down here. Seto Kaiba, what are you doing down here bishonen? You know this part of town is dangerous. Someone could kidnap you and hold you hostage for a lot of money. Or someone might take advantage of that gorgeous body of yours."

Seto glared at the man as best he could. He really hoped this wasn't going to take too long because he didn't know how long he could keep this up. And the way this man starting to irritate him wasn't helping matters in the least.

" Look, I didn't come here to talk and I didn't come here to play. I came here for drugs and I need them, NOW!!" The ground shook a little when he yelled.

Everyone swayed a little. " Little earthquake. Hmp. So you want drugs, ne? What makes you think you can just waltz into MY town and demand something of me?! You know I could have you killed in a second and you would never see it coming before you were dead 40 times over!!"

" I'm trying to be nice here and save your life, but YOU'RE PUSHIN' IT!!!"

Another earthquake, only this time it was bigger. The shelves and the light swung violently. The leader wasn't amused at all, then he smiled. " Look, you're a big man in this world, ne? You want drugs, and I got them, maybe we can help each other? You give me some of KaibaCorp. And a little shush money to keep this thing quiet and I'll shoot you so full of drugs you're never come down."

Kaiba was growing annoyed. " Time's running out old man. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with you. I will not be blackmailed into getting what I want. I will not be bullied into giving you anything and I will not lower myself to getting that high. You either give me what I want right now or I will-"

" You'll WHAT boy?!"


" There's nothing you can do to me boy! Don't you threaten me! I'm in control here! I can make you and break you! Don't ever assume that you have any power here!!"


" No…No…not again…more pain…No more pain…"

Seto clutched at his head helplessly. More pain. More pain meant that more power was coming and it was coming fast. He wanted to run, he wanted to move or do something, but his body wouldn't comply. It was running on defense mode now and there was nothing he could do.

The yukaza didn't seem to realize the danger they were in at the moment because they were laughing. Their boss was grinning; seeming to think that Seto was begging or graveling. " Yeah, you'll be in pain. Take care of him and dump him in the ocean."

Grins widened and safeties clicked off all around Seto. But he couldn't tell anything anymore. Bullets fired from every angle at him. But a blue aura appeared around him again and his eyes turned white. He stopped shaking and his hands fell to his sides as white eyes glared at the boss.

All the bullets that had been fired were frozen in the air all around him. Everyone was in shock. A mysterious wind started to blow in the warehouse. Electricity began to dance around Seto as inanimate objects began to move dangerously.

" You're all going to die down here…"

He stood straight and glared at all of them. Then white wind blew up around him, shrouding him for a minute, before he was visible again. That's when IT happened.

" Itai yo! HhhhhhhhhaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All the bullets flew back into the yukazas sending all of them off into different parts of the warehouse. The glass burst out everywhere and the light bulbs all blew out so that the only light was Kaiba. Screams were heard and more bullets fired as they fired in panic.

When the screams finally stopped, the clouds outside parted to allow the moonlight to come into the open windows; illuminating the room. It was like the alley all over again, except there was more blood and the warehouse wasn't so damaged.

Seto surveyed the damage with a bored expression until he caught sight of the boss trying to sneak away through a back door that had swung open. He glared and the door slammed shut with the man's hand it in. He shrieked and tried to free his hand. But the more he pulled, the more crushed it became.

He stopped his frantic movements when he felt Seto stand over him. He didn't want to face him, but invisible hands made him turn and look at him. Kaiba tilted his head to the side a little as he stared at him with those unnerving white eyes.

" Koroshite kurerun ja nakatta no? Doushita?"

" L-L-Look kid, you w-w-wanted drugs right? I can get you drugs! I can get you the best! You'll never come down!"

" That's not what I want."

" O-Of course not! You wouldn't want the cheap stuff!"

" No, I don't want to be high. I want to suppress this little problem I have. It just killed your men back there and it's in the process of ripping your hand off your body. If you want to live, I suggest you listen carefully because I hate to repeat myself. Now I want a mind-bending drug. Something that will still allow me to function, but it will keep my powers under control. Wakatta ka?"

" W-W-Wakatta!! I-I-I can get that!! It's in the back room in the desk!!"

Seto smiled and dropped him. He walked over to the office in the side part of the warehouse. There was a desk in there. He looked at it for a minute. Something clicked in his brain because he could see inside it for a second. There was a trap in the desk. If he opened the drawl with his drugs in it, then the desk would explode. But he was in no danger.

He opened the draw with no hesitation and the entire desk blew apart.

The mobster was laughing despite his pain. He figured he finally got that little brat for even trying to muscle in on his territory and order him around. He was about to pull his hand out of the door when he felt it loosen at the explosion, but the door suddenly clenched hard, effectively drawing blood from his hand and almost completely severing it from his body. Not understanding what was going on, he looked over to the office.

Seto was still standing there. His blue aura had protected him so he felt less than the wind of the explosion. He picked up the packet that was on the floor and looked at it.

It was just chalk dust.

So the boss was trying to save his life? Well, that was not the way to do it. Seto shook his head and sighed. Then an idea hit him. Why didn't he think of this before? Oh, right, he was either in excruciating pain or unconscious…He could get some sedatives and find someway to make them affect his brain so that he would be normal again.

He didn't need to come down here today after all.

The blue-eyed CEO walked back out to where the mobster was frozen with fear. He faintly detected him whimpering as he approached. He crouched right in front of him and looked him dead in the eyes.

" You tried to kill me, ne? Very brave. But I just realized that I don't need anything here anymore. You're free to go…"

With that he stood up and walked over towards the door. As he was nearing the entrance he faintly heard the safety of the mobster's gun go off. So now he was going to shoot him?

He didn't even pause as he walked out the door. " Shi wo miru…"

The entire building blew apart in a furious explosion. He faintly remembered crossing some wires and letting gas out from one of the cars in there while he had been talking to the boss in there. Empty eyes surveyed the damage a little with a bored expression.

" …Suru ga gotoshi…"

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Koroshite kurerun ja nakatta no? – I thought you were going to kill me?

Doushita? – What's wrong?

Wakatta? – Understand?

Shi wo miru – Looking at death…

Suru ga gotoshi – Is just like doing it…

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