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"Oh! I didn't expect to see you today, Nidhoggr-san." Said a regally dressed skeleton as I materialize in the guild meaning room, the hall of the round table, within The Great Tomb of Nazarick

"I wouldn't miss this for anything, Momonga." I said in the thick accent I liked to use when online, I'm not really sure what it was, but it sounded cool so I used it, "It is the last day of this world, after all. Quite an important occasion indeed."

"Well, either way, I'm happy your here." Said Momonga as he stood from his chair, "How are you? The last time you logged in was nearly a year ago."

"Well, I have been quite busy IRL. I'd climbed the corporate ladder a few places around the time, and have been drowning in work." I said apologetically, "I sorry that I haven't been here to help you keep the tomb together. Although…" I broke off as I surveyed the room, "you seem to have done a fine job on your own. As much help as Pandora may have been with gold, maintaining a top guild solo is no small feat. You should be proud of yourself Momon."

"I am. This game, this guild, they almost mean more to me than the real world." Said Momonga forlornly as he looked back at the beautifully ornate staff that still floated on its display.

The staff was composed of seven intertwined golden snakes. In the mouth of each serpent was a divine-class gemstone, each possessing their own unique abilities.

Because of this the staff, our guild weapon, the [Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown], was far beyond divine class. It might as well have been a world-class item.

"You should take it," I said, raising a finger to point at the staff.

"What? No. No, I couldn't!"

"This world has less than twenty minutes left," I said amicably, "I would be a shame if the weapon so many of us spent so much time to craft, some of us risking our jobs and families, was never used by the one we made it for."

Momonga hesitated for a few more seconds, before reaching out and grasping the handle of the staff, the physical embodiment of our guild, raising it from its pedestal for the first time since its crafting.

As the staff was raised, three screaming ghostly faces came forth, then disappeared just as quietly. "That effect was done by Ulbert, right? He sure did have a flair for dramatics." Momonga reminiscently as he observed the weapon.

I must admit, I never truly realized how… incomplete he looked without a weapon in hand. No matter how glorious, or regal Momonga designed his gear to be, the [elder lich] never looked quite right. But now, with our guild weapon in hand, his avatar finally looked complete.

"It suits you well, Momon."

"You think so?" He asked curiously.

"I know so." I said, allowing a smile emote to pop into existence above my avatar's head, "Come, let us greet the end as we intended for all those who reached our inner sanctum." I said as the door behind me opened.

"Ya," he said quietly, joining me on the promenade that was the ninth floor of Nazarick.

As we walked through the residential floor, we passed several of the Homunculus Maids, who stopped in there scripted routes and stood at attention to the side. One of them was holding my attention a bit more than the others, though. A cute blond of middling height, with a slightly round face and pleasant green eyes, named Namine.

"You know," I mussed, "it sometimes surprises me how much time and effort we put into designing these cuties."

Momonga surveyed the maids and asked, "The blond was yours, right?"

"Ya. Had to take a break from Nonama to make her," I said with amusement, "because that pervert Peroroncino wouldn't stop bugging me about 'pitching in'."

This elected a chuckle from my skeletal companion as he seemed to recall his best friend's antics.

"Ah! Speak of the devil!" I half-shouted as an NPC rounded the corner. She was almost my own hight, her heart-shaped face framed by long silver hair, her golden eyes glinting in the light as she too stood at attention.

Nonama, unlike the maid's, was more than just a pretty face. She was a Floor Guardian, one of the nine strongest NPC in the Great Tomb. And she was one of the stronger ones. The only one who could probably fight her one-on-one was Shalltear, who was specifically made as a counter to her by that pervert Peroroncino when he found out I was the guy dating his sister.

"It's a shame though," I said solemnly as we continued to the throne room, my voice becoming more venomous with each word, "so much time and effort, wasted by an idiot who doesn't know how business work's!"

After that, we continued to the tenth floor in silence.

"It was fun. In fact, it was a blast!"

"Ya, it really was." I said looking at the [elder lich] mournfully, even if my avatar's expression didn't change, "The best days of my life have been the ones I've spent here, with you," I said, closing my eyes as the clock approached zero, awaiting the loss of yet another home, "thank you."






Nonama. (no-na-ma)

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