Later, Jack gets up, goes to the music room and puts on a record with music playing. The song was "We Are Not Alone" by Karla DeVito. Jack starts moving his head up and down with the beat of the song in sync. Eva is leaning against the statue and starts twisting her body around, she then slowly pushes herself off the statue and holds her ear with her shoulder, with her arms held away from her body. She then holds her arms out, spins around while bouncing on her toes. Jack starts flipping records around in the music section, Faith is on the balcony, kicking her feet and twists fast, David is seated on the balcony railing drumming to the beat on his thigh, Trevor is sitting on top of the statue hhead bang in. Jack holds a small grin as he exits the music room, rolling his head to the beat. David is playing air-guitar along with the music. Eva and Trevor are now on the table shuffling their feet left and right, the three boys now are on the same table, marching forward with their fists in the air and then backwards, now the two girls give a shot shuffling their feet left to right and their hands held downward in the air. Trevor is now moving his feet around, shaking his head back and forth like a dog, and finally Eva holds her arms in the air, shaking her whole body until she drops to floor not moving as if she was dead. Finally, when the music stops, they stop. Minutes later, they all sit on the railing. Trevor smokes one last cigarette, sitting next to David. Eva is between David and Faith, Faith who is sitting next to Jack with his hand under his chin and fingers on his mouth, Trevor breaks the silence.

Trevor: So...

David: So, uh...

Eva says nothing.

Faith: Yeah...

Jack is quiet too.

Trevor: (Looking at David) Welp, must be on my way pukees!

Trevor gets off the railing.

Trevor: Back to the supply closet...

Eva: What?

Trevor: Yeah, Pyron locked me in there when the bastard putted me outta here.

Faith: You okay?

Trevor: I'll be fine.

Trevor walks up to the steps but stops for a moment and turns around to see everyone.

Trevor: Well, I guess I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow, or Monday. See yah!

David: Same here.

Faith: Yeah.

Eva nods.

Jack: Sure, thanks Trevor.

Trevor smirks and nods. Then goes up the stairs, climbs up the hole on the ceiling which he fell from and climbs through back the heating duct to go back to the supply closet to get his stuff, leaving the rest of the gang sitting on the railing still and silent until faith speaks.

Faith: Jack?

Jack: Hmm?

Faith: Are you gonna write your paper?

Jack: Yeah, why?

Faith: Well, it's kind of a waste for all of us to write our paper, don't you think?

Jack: Oh, but that's what Pyron wants us to do...

Faith: (To Jack) True, but I think we'd all kinda say the same thing.

David looks at Eva who turns her head to look at him, but David turns away quick. Jack thought about what Faith said and smirked.

Jack: (To Faith) You just don't wanna write your paper, right?

Faith gives a small smile.

Faith: True, but, you're the smartest, right?

Jack: (With pride) Oh, well...

Faith: (To Jack) We trust you...

Jack glances over to David and Eva who nod in approval.

David: Yeah...

Eva nods.

Jack: (To Faith) Alright, I'll do it!

Faith: Great...

It goes silent again. Faith looks at Eva who then looks back at her with wide eyes slightly backing up. Faith smiles.

Faith: (To Eva) Come on...

Eva: Where're we going?

Faith: Come on!

Faith and Eva go to a room.

David and Jack are now the only ones left sitting on the railing.

Jack: (To David) What a day, huh?

David: Yeah. You're real lucky by the way.

Jack: Hmm?

David: (Laughs) Oh, yeah.

Jack: Let's not get ahead of "that" subject. Well, time to write this essay.

Jack gets up and goes to write the paper, leaving Andrew on the railing by himself. Meanwhile, Faith is helping Eva.

Faith: (To Eva) Don't be afraid.

Faith is putting eye-makeup on Eva.

Eva: Don't stick that in my eye!

Faith: I'm not sticking it, just close...just go like that...

Faith closes her eyes and Eva mimics her.

Faith: Good...

Faith puts the make-up on her and Eva squeals..

Faith: You know, you really do look at lot better without all that black shit on your eyes...

Eva: Hey...I like that black shit...

Faith: Look up...

Eva giggles and snorts.

Eva: (To Faith) Please, why're you being so nice to me?

Faith stops but smiles again quickly.

Faith: Because you're letting me.

Jack is sitting, thinking about what he's going to write. After biting his pencil, he now starts writing. David is just sitting on the railing still, thinking deep in thought. Meanwhile, Trevor is back in the supply closet, fixing his shirt, silent. Then, Faith opens the door and enters with Trevor looking at her.

Trevor: (To Faith) You lost?

Faith stares at him. Trevor smiles and so does she.

Jack is still busily preparing the essay. While David is still thinking, he looks up to see a newly made-over Eva wearing the kind of clothes that Faith would wear. Her face clear as vanilla and her hair flat. David stares at her in awe, gets off the railing and slowly starts walking to her. Jack looks up to see Eva who looks at him, he stares at her, she glares at him.

Jack: (Mouthing to Eva) Cool!

Eva: (Mouthing back to Jack smiling) Thank you!

In the closet, Faith kisses Trevor's neck, then breaks it. Trevor looks shocked.

Trevor: Why'd you do that?

Faith: 'Cause I knew you wouldn't.

Trevor: You know how you said before, how your parents used you to get back at each other... Wouldn't I be outstanding in that capacity?

Faith: Were you really disgusted about what I did with my lipstick?

Trevor: Truth?

Faith: Truth...

Trevor: (Nodding) No...

Faith smiles at him and he smiles back. They stare at each other until Faith bites her lip and then goes to kiss Trevor again but this time on the lips, making it deep and passionate with Trevor gently grabbing Faith's jaw.

Back in the library, Jack has finished writing the essay. He kisses it as if he wrote something legendary. David and Eva are talking.

David: (To Eva) What happened to you?

Eva: Why? Faith did it! What's wrong?

David: Nothing's wrong, it's just so different. I can see your face.

Eva: Is that good or bad?

David: (Laughing) It's real good!

Eva stays quiet then speaks one last time.

Eva: David...I don't want to be alone...anymore.

David: You don't have to be.

David smiles and then she smiles. David walks closer to her, gently touches her shoulders and then gently moves his hands to her neck. Jack laughs and gives himself an congratulatory punch to the arm,

Now, the five students are walking through the hallway, Faith next to Trevor, and Eva next to David, Jack next to in front of the other 2 holding hands. They all meet up with Willie again, sweeping up and Jack nods at him.

Willie: See ya Jack...

Jack: You too, Willie.

Trevor: (To Willie) See you next Saturday!

Willie: You bet!

They all now got to the parking lot. Jack's dad shows up, Jack get into the car and his father drives off. David and Eva kiss, Eva then rips a patch off and takes it along with David's hoodie and gets into the car. David's father shows up, looks at him then at Eva. David gets in the car and they drive off. So does Eva and her mother. Faith takes off one of her diamond earrings and gives it to Trevor in his gloved hand and places her fingertips over his hand into a palm. They stare at each other and then kiss again. After they break, Trevor holds his head down on her jacket and she smiles. Faith gets into her father's BMW and leaves. Trevor grins as the car drives off and then places the earring on his ear.

He walks out to the football field with his shades on and hands in his coat pockets. Meanwhile, Pyron goes into the library now empty. He goes over to pick up Jack's essay and reads it.


Jack: (Epilogue) Dear Mr. Pyron, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever is was we did wrong. What we did was wrong, but we think you're crazy making us write an essay telling you who we think we are. Why do you even care? You see us as you wanna see us, in the simplest terms, and the most convenient definitions. We all saw each other how we did at seven o'clock earlier this morning because we were brainwashed...But what we found out, is that each one of us is an Actor ...

David: "And A President..."

Eva: "And A Basket Case..."

Faith: "A Princess..."

Trevor: "And A Criminal..."

Jack: (Finishing epilogue) Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,

The Breakfast Club.

As he's walking on the field, Trevor then after reaching the end of the field pumps his fist in the air in victory.

The End.