My first serious story. Please enjoy, because if you don't, I will find you and I will kill you.

Just kidding…or am I? Please leave your honest thoughts, try to include constructive criticism. Anyways, lets get on with it!

Ahhhhh…Christmas, the time where all gather around with friends and family (Unless you have none, then Christmas is a pretty crappy time of year), children play out in the snow, and band together and beat up the Jewish kid. Adults drink wine or other alcoholic drinks because they hate their lives. The time where people reluctantly give and receive gifts. Children receive toys, games, books, consoles etc., whilst the adults receive socks, underwear, and a jumper from their uncle. Kids are told that some fat old dude from the North Pole breaks into their house, eats some stuff and gives them gifts, he also has an army of slaves elves and 12 magical flying reindeers. They somehow believe that. Christmas celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, the great Israeli rapper and self-proclaimed son of god. Now it celebrates consumerism and getting crappy gifts from your uncle you hardly ever see apart from Christmas. Christmas is the second most celebrated holiday, behind New Year's Eve, and is celebrated by Christians, Jews, and atheists alike. It is also celebrated by a certain Spix's Macaw family:

It is Christmas Eve, the Gunderson family are in Moose Lake Minnesota, and are going to be staying at Linda's childhood home. Blu had convinced Jewel to come to Minnesota for Christmas, and brought along his three children: Carla, Bia, and Tiago. They had arrived at the airport, and were about to be picked up by Linda's mother. Blu and Jewel were in their own cage, and Carla, Bia, and Tiago were in another cage. They had been waiting outside for about 10 minutes.

Linda was growing impatient, as it was quite cold that day, luckily they all (Including the macaws) had the appropriate wear. ''C'mon Mum, hurry up!'' , Linda said in frustration. Blu was fine with the weather, as his 15 years of being here had left him with a tolerance to the cold. Jewel and their kids weren't blessed with this, as they had spent their whole lives in Brazil, a much warmer place than Moose Lake. However they weren't going to wait much longer: as Linda's mother, Elizabeth ''Liz'' Gunderson, had just arrived.

''Sorry I'm late!'', she said apologetically. ''It's alright.'', Linda responded. Elizabeth's gaze turned towards Blu, and was delighted to see his mate and family. ''Looks like you brought the whole family!''. Linda and Tulio grabbed the cages, and got into the car. As much as they didn't like the cold, the birds were delighted to see snow, in Jewel, Carla, Bia, and Tiago's case, it was their first time seeing snow. It took 20 minutes to get to Elizabeth's house, and they all went inside.

The Blu family were happy to be out of the cages, as they could finally stretch their wings. Elizabeth quickly went to her kitchen and boiled the kettle. ''Would you like some tea?', she said to Tulio. ''No thanks, but I would like some hot chocolate.'', he responded. She got to making hot chocolate for Tulio, Linda, Blu, Jewel, and their kids, whilst she made tea for herself. Soon the drinks were ready and they all drank up.

''Man I missed drinking the delicious chocolatey elixir'', Blu said in a joking manner.

Soon the kids became bored, ''Mum, dad? Can we go outside and play in the snow?'', they asked. Their parents allowed them to. After a few hours of socialising and playing, it became dark, they all huddled in the loungeroom and Linda was about to put on a Christmas movie for them to watch. ''What movie are we going to watch?'', Tulio asked Linda. ''The greatest Christmas movie of all time.'', she responded. ''Oh so, like, It's A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Miracle On 34th street, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins, A Christmas Movie?'', Tulio listed. ''No, something better than all of those…Die Hard.'', she replied with a smirk. ''But Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie!''

''You mean to tell me a movie set during Christmas, opening with a Christmas party, with talks of Christmas miracles throughout the movie, as well as references to Jesus, Santa and Christmas songs, isn't a Christmas movie?'', Linda countered. Tulio didn't bother continuing the argument, and decided to watch it. Blu gathered his family and they all sat down to watch it. ''Dad, what are we watching?'', Bia asked, ''Only the greatest Christmas movie. I watched this every Christmas with Linda. It's called 'Die Hard''', Blu answered. ''Ooh, sounds cool!'', Tiago said with excitement. Jewel wasn't sure about them watching it, but Blu reassured her that it is fine for them to watch.

After the movie was done, the kids went off to play with each other. Tiago taking the role of McClane, and Carla and Bia as the terrorists. Blu and Jewel watched them innocently playing until Tiago muttered ''Yippee ki-yay, motherf*cker!'', Jewel wasn't too happy and snapped ''Tiago! Watch your language!'', ''What? What's so bad about saying 'yippee ki-yay, motherf*cker'?'', Tiago asked innocently. ''Because its not appropriate for your age. Only adults like me and your father are allowed to swear'', Jewel replied. ''Why?'', ''Because I said so.''

Jewel shot Blu a somewhat angry glare, to which Blu smiled back nervously. Some more time passed and they all went to bed. Blu and Jewel tucked their kids to bed. Jewel sang them a lullaby and kissed them goodnight. She went over to Blu and they shared a short kiss before they themselves, headed off to bed. ''Goodnight Jewel.'', ''Goodnight Blu'', and they went to sleep. Linda, Elizabeth, and Tulio got back up and placed the presents and left it as though Santa had arrived.

The next morning the children got up early and woke their parents. They made their way downstairs and were delighted at the sight of the presents. Blu woke up Linda and Tulio and they all unwrapped their presents. Tiago had gotten a joke book, and a practical joker's guide.(The equivalent of giving a terrorist a bomb construction manual) Carla had received new earphones, and a book about many musical artists, some of whom Carla listened to. Bia had received a sketchpad, pens and pencils, and an encyclopedia on insects. They were all pleased, Tiago especially, as he would definitely use the jokes on others. They would all go outside and ice-skate on Moose Lake, which they spent a few hours doing so.

The rest of the day was spent socialising and watching movies. Same with Boxing Day, although the birds went back and skated on Moose Lake. The Gundersons left the next day and arrived at Rio. It was a great holiday for the family, and was especially magical because of the snow. This would become a tradition to spend December 24-27 at Moose Lake.

The end.

So how was it? Hopefully decent. This is my first proper story so it isn't going to be amazing. Unless I'm some prodigy, which I doubt. I will make a few more one shots before making my first major story. Until then, goodbye.

Edited on 17/04/2020, added an extra joke, and those horizontal lines.