My Tent

I see you glaring
Repulsed by my act
The curses you utter
The way you retract

I wish I could say
That I don't give a damn
But you're judging my nature
This way that I am.

I dare you to call me
A mutant or freak
And then mock my response
For how softly I speak.

A word with you please,
While my voice isn't hoarse.
But you turn away quickly
Disgusted of course.

I'm merely a sight labeled
"Attraction 1"
And I mustn't upset you
You're having such fun...

Laughing at us all.
At what makes us unique.

I am nothing to you
But an Elegant Geek.


Happy birthday, girls!
I've made you a cake.
Be kind to me please
If I've made a mistake.

I hope that you know
That i did try my best
And if it tastes funny
Then don't eat the rest.

We must have a good time
Until Sir stumbles through
Happy birthday to you and to you.