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Chapter One: Mental Muck

Tom Clarke, now twenty-two, and quite honestly proud of that fact, had returned home sopping and soaking. Whether it was the near lagoon of mud he'd managed to trip himself into when the small nutters fouled up with the football thinking it a laugh or his own wandering thoughts as his mobile weighed down in his pocket that led to the inevitable conclusion, he wasn't certain. But it was a conclusion nonetheless.

"Thomas," He heard the voice, just barely, and shook himself.

"Yeah Gran," He called. He examined his mess and clicked his thumb and forefinger. The mess vanished as though it hadn't been there at all in a golden light that emitted from his fingers. He was rubbish at most cleaning spells, but due to the many times he and Benny had ended up with muck or smoke on their clothes and selves , this was one he could manage. Better than mucking up cleaning the muck off the floors. His gran couldn't cast like she used to: a fact that only increased as practice became less and less necessary. Without the Nekross threat, and with Tom himself more than aged into the work much earlier than anticipated, having led a wizard war of the worlds, well, she began to pass the knowledge of Crowe on both a necessity and a privilege, one he wasn't quite certain he wanted at times if he let himself weigh it too much. But he loved his gran, and too much had happened to make whinging seem a worthwhile use of his time, so he allowed it.

"A letter came for you Tom." His Gran said as he walked into the living room. Ursula Crowe was still quite something. Wizards had a bit of a longer lease, only just, but the veil hadn't taken her yet. Tom wagered it would have to take something even more extraordinary than aliens or Neverside ilk. But he wouldn't place chips on the table, they'd come quite too close too many times.

Tom was perplexed as he noticed the envelope, thinking back to the matter of his phone ringing just a short hour ago. "Who from?"

"Oh who can say?" Ursula chorused. "I'm off dear."

Tom raised an eyebrow. "Letters usually have a return…" But before he could finish his thought, his Gran had headed in the direction of the loo, and he heard the familiar words.

"Chamber of Crowe open to me. Reveal yourself on the knocker ..oh, oh dear, that's not right is it?"

"Knock of three Gran," Tom called as he picked up the envelope. He blinked choking back... something. It was this that made him realize just what was going on. It was a little less Ursula Crowe's usual chaotic befuddlement, and a little more...loss.

"Chamber of Crowe open to me. Reveal yourself on the knock of three."

Tom allowed himself a moment as he sat down on the couch letting the details come back to him.

"Tom, how've you been mate?"

"Benny," The call hadn't been entirely expected, but it was welcome. "It's good to hear from you."

"You too," A pause. "You sound down, what's…?" Some noise in the background.

"Not important," Tom dismissed it as he heard the noise wincing a bit. "What've you been up to? Still making things explode? Profs must love you."

"Not this time," Benny chuckled. "Tom, it's brilliant! Do you remember those tracker bots…" His voice dropped to more of a whisper. "The Nekross sent after us?"

Tom felt a twinge between his eyes as he gave a slightly nervous chuckle himself. "Don't see what's brilliant about those disasters but go on."

"I took the same principle, reverse engineered a bit and upgraded the network." Tom could hear keyboard clicking in the background. "I emailed you the link. Now, it's like a secret social media network, but only you and I and if your dad wants, will have the administrative log on, and I encrypted it. You can see news blasts of magic and scientific activity in America as well, and if anyone needs help, their location will go directly to the site like a high powered GPS. And when I come back for break next week, we can test that scrying spell Mrs. Crowe taught you."

"That's brilliant Benny, really," Tom smiled, biting back his sigh. It was excellent and it would be helpful, but it all felt rather...a lot.

The rest of the conversation had been an awful lot of dodging. Unfortunately, Benny Sherwood was still clever as ever and had still realized something was wrong. It was lucky Tom had the after school camp and a time difference as an excuse. But how could he tell his best mate that he was having second thoughts? It was like hating a part of him. He'd known, back before they were mates. He'd wanted this even. To learn magic, all that his Gran was holding back, every bit of it. But he was tired. After fighting the Nekross, well it had felt a bit boring for a while, but he'd grown to appreciate it. He'd taken some uni classes, started coaching football for kids after school, and yeah he still practiced, used his spells, visited the chamber, kept in touch with Benny as often as he could, but the normality was, well, nice. Did it make him awful if he was terrified of losing it? If anyone would understand, it would be Benny. But he hadn't wanted to ruin things. After all, it was all of that that had brought them together in the first place. The prospect of wanting something else, of fear, had almost torn them apart before Benny had left for MIT. He couldn't push his luck.

He turned the envelope in his hand and put his finger under the seal. Right then anonymous letter...Please be good news…yeah?

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