Chapter 16 - Unfinished business with the Dragon Demon

A cold night hangs over the shared dimensions. It's an otherwise peaceful night. Stars fill the empty sky, not a single cloud dares interfere with the beautiful view. A large pearl of a full moon hovers over the world, like a jewel of the universe. Each dimension is in rest. The Xyz dimension is near finished with reconstruction; the tortured remains of the war is being washed away, and only seen as a painful memory of dark days. The Synchro dimension is again the light show of pretty colours and rich music, but now the tops and the commons can enjoy it alike. The Fusion dimensions strict regiment has been replaced with a more merciful corp to keep everyone safe in an attempt to forget the foundation that it was risen on by the Professor. Finally, Standard remains the circus life it always has been. Untouched by the war, and seen as the vanguard that brought salvation to Heartland, freedom to NEO Domino, and a heart to Academia.

As if to mock the world, a dark cloud rears its toxic aura into the sky. Appearing in fragments in the dimensions, it finally takes a true form in the centre of the night sky; eclipsing the moon itself. Its familiar shape and appearance haunts those that's sight witnesses it. Watching from their office, sitting at their desk, Reiji Akaba remains composed as around him, his office is lit red by the main alarms blaring like sirens on his monitors. "If I'm seeing this, I hope he does too." He says in his mind, removing his glasses as he sits back in his chair. His glasses drop to the floor. "If that monster is back, then I'll need to assemble a team to stand against him. The two of us cannot be alone on this one. Not this time."

The clouds part in front of the moon, before disappearing into nothingness. Wide awake, with a look of sorrow and anger painted on their face, with piercing savage eyes, Zarc witnesses the calling card. "He's alive. Figures." Standing up, still dawning a pitch black cloak to hide himself. From his cloak he pulls out a single card. It's glow radiates with godly energy. "Maybe he misses you?" He says in a sarcastic, mocking tone. "Regardless, this demon needs to be put to rest again, and for good." Raising the card to the sky, Zarc erupts into a pillar of pure, blinding light, before disappearing from the world.

To be continued in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V - Redux 2

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