Well Hello! Welcome to my new story...It's a bit of a weird one but hopefully you guys will like it:)


My name is Mikayla Kent and I'm a Kryptonian. When I was 5, I was kidnapped by scientists and experimented on. After 5 years of torture my parents found me and sent me to earth for my own safety. My pod landed in a place called Smallville in Kansas and I was found by Jonathon and Martha Kent. A few years later my brother Kal-el joined us and that's when we discovered that the yellow sun became the source of our powers. Our cousin Kara zor-el followed not long after but was found by the Danvers family. As we grew older, we all decided to us our powers to help people-and later became known as Superman, Phoenix and Supergirl respectively. You know my brother's and my Cousin's stories; well this is mine.

Let me know what you guys think and stay tuned for Chapter 1 coming soon!