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Chapter 1

I pressed my fingers into my temples as I listened to the new apprentice drone on about her night out. You see my brother Clark and Cousin Kara both decided to become journalists, I on the other hand wanted to take a different career path and became a scientist. As a child I had always had a fascination for how the world worked and the science behind it. When I was 13 my adoptive parents bought me a volcano making kit and I would spend hours building and perfecting the lava flow. Clark thought I was mad, but it always intrigued me. On other occasions I would spend hours writing down my thoughts about how the universe could be bigger than just us and that maybe there we're other worlds out there like ours. I later found this to be true when my cousin travelled to Earth-1 and met the heroes of that earth. Kara told me all about how she worked with Barry Allen who was a CSI by day and a hero called The Flash the rest of the time. I grew envious of her adventures and would sometimes avoid the family meal so that I wouldn't have to listen to them. It wasn't until both Clark and Kara confronted me that I finally voiced why I was missing the meals and parties. I was brought out of my thoughts by a loud smash and looked up to see a beaker in pieces over the tiled floor.

"Amelia how many times have I told you to be careful?" I sighed moving off my stool to retrieve the dustpan and brush to clear the shattered glass.

"I'm so sorry Professor, here let me clean up" Amy took the dustpan and brush off me and began cleaning the glass up. I shook my head and ran a hand through my mousy brown hair. The shrill ring of my phone filled the room and Amelia quickly scurried away to dispose of the broken glass.

"Hello" I answered in a tired voice.

"Someone's in a bad mood today" the bright cheerful voice of my Cousin sounded through the speaker.

"Hey Kara, sorry rough day at work" I chuckled as I walked into my office and collapsed into my desk chair.

"Sounds like it" She laughed "So I actually called because I need your help"

"Do tell" I was intrigued. Being of the super kind, the three of us didn't tend to ask for help unless we were desperate.

"Well I'm on Earth-1 and we need your scientific knowledge, Cisco and Caitlin have tried working this problem out but it's more complicated than they thought" She sighed. Now this was different, I hadn't been to Earth-1 but from what Kara told me it was much different from our own world.

"Slight problem Cous how am I going to get there?" I pulled my glasses off and placed them on my desk. Yes, another trait that we all shared; we all wore glasses as a disguise.

"Check the top draw in your desk, there should be an extrapolator" I frowned and pulled the draw opened to find the circular piece of metal sat atop a stack of paperwork.

"I'll be there soon" I hung up and picked the gadget it up running my thumb over the metal. Kara could be very crafty sometimes. I smiled to myself, then bit my lip debating whether to go as Mikayla Kent or as Phoenix. I knew that the heroes of Earth-1 knew all about Kara, but did they know about me? After about five minutes I decided to go as my alter-ego, quickly checking to see if there was anyone about, I changed into my 'super suit'. Whereas Kara and Clark opted for the blue and red with the 'S' on their chest, I chose something different. With the help of Winn, my suit consisted of an orange top, black leggings, and an orange and black long coat with a phoenix on my chest in place of the 'S'. I wasn't a big fan of the cape; it just wasn't my style. The other difference was my hair colour changed, going from a deep brunette to black with orange dip-dyed ends, and my eyes turned orange, it just added extra to the disguise. After I had changed, I turned to the blank grey wall and pressed the extrapolator. A blue breach opened with crackling blue electricity.

"Well here goes" I muttered to myself as I walked through the breach.

A few seconds I walked through the other side to find myself in a large hanger. I let my eyes adjust quickly scanning my surroundings, checking for any sign of imminent danger.

"Kayla over here" I turned to see Kara waving at me, donned in her Supergirl suit. I also noticed the others that were stood with her, a long black-haired guy, a mousy female next to him, a brooding gentleman in a green suit and Barry clad in his Flash suit. 'He's cute' I thought to myself biting my lip before regaining my composure and heading over to them.

"You Called here I am" I chuckled as she pulled me into a hug.

"I'm glad you could make it" She smiled as she pulled back. "This is Oliver, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin" she pointed to each of them respectively and grinned.

"Nice to meet you" I nodded at each of them.

"Kara's told us a lot about you" Barry smiled and held his hand out.

"I've heard a lot about you as well" I returned his smile and shook his hand.

"Really what things?" He flirted and I couldn't help but chuckle. I could see Kara roll her eyes out the corner of mine followed then by what seemed to be quite a mischievous smile.

"So what's this problem that Kara called about" I quickly changed the subject turning to Cisco and Caitlin. They both raised an eyebrow at me then looked at each other. "Let me guess you don't believe that I can solve this problem for you" I crossed my arms and glanced round all of them, a slight mistrust flavouring the air.

"You haven't really given us any reason to trust you" Oliver grumbled, scanning me from head to toe as if he was trying to figure me out. I felt the prickle of fire start to course through my veins, something that only happened when I got angry or irritated.

"I say we give her a chance" Barry defended me as he scratched the back of his head. My Solaris orange eyes flicked to his, a flash of gratitude in them. He smiled and I couldn't help but return the smile.

"Fine but if she turns out to be a bad guy, I'm blaming you" Cisco huffed at Barry.

"These guys really aren't that trusting, are they?" I whispered to Kara as we headed over to the monitors.

"They were like that with me when we first met, but they warm up to you" she patted my shoulder as if to comfort me. I nodded and turned to the monitors that were flickering with different news stories. I frowned and turned back to the people behind me.

"So, what is this problem?" I wondered raising my eyebrow. They all looked to each other as if to decide who was going to tell me. Kara scratched her eyebrow and rolled her eyes.

"Come on guys, you trust me, right?" They nodded "well you can trust Kayla she's harmless and a damn good person" she spoke proudly, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of warmth from my cousin. Clark, Kara, and I didn't really used to get along and it was only recently that we discovered that we needed each other and started talking again. The more Kara and I saw of each other, the more we found that we had in common, even her adoptive sister Alex warmed up to me eventually. We very rarely saw Clark these days as he spent most of his time with Lois and working at the daily planet in Metropolis. National City was home for me, but on the odd occasion I would head back to Smallville to see the Kent's. It wasn't going to help their view of me, but I shifted back into my human disguise, pulling a pair of glasses from my lab coat pocket, and placing them on my nose so that they framed my muddy brown eyes. I could see the shock cross they're faces as that happened but was surprised to see the wonder on both Caitlin and Barry's faces.

"If it helps this is what I normally look like" I shrugged my shoulders as I placed my hands in my lab coat pockets.

"Wait you're a scientist?" Cisco questioned pointing at the logo on my lab coat.

"Yep National city scientific division of the DEO" I gave a small smile, as I pushed my glasses further up my nose.

"I like her" Cisco laughed as he handed me a tablet, all the data they had already collected flashing across the screen.

"Should've turned up like that cous" Kara chuckled folding her arms. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the screen in front of me. The readings were not human and the DNA they had tested was confusing to say the least.

"Where did you find this?" I frowned looking back up at the team before me.

"It was retrieved from a crater just outside on Central city, what was unusual was it was just a crater nothing else" Barry informed me a flash of worry crossing his face. That was very strange to say the least, things like this didn't happen without some sort of cause. I bit my lip and scrutinised every little detail making sure that I hadn't missed anything. This was unlike anything I had ever seen before and it was baffling the heck out of me. The readings were fluctuating, like they were in a constant state of movement.

"It seems that the molecular structure of whatever it is, is in a constant state of flux" I flipped through the readings again to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

"Could we have that in less scientific terms please" Oliver grumbled crossing his arms across his chest.

"It means that they're constantly moving, not staying in one particular form at a time" Barry clarified as he scanned the tablet over my shoulder. I felt a small yet noticeable tingle from my right arm as he stood near me explaining all the scientific garble to Oliver. Pushing my glasses up my nose again, I looked over at Kara, the mischievous grin from earlier gracing her features once again. She was up to something and I couldn't quite place my finger on it.

"Do you still have the samples these readings came from?" I queried.

"Yeah they're back at star labs" Caitlin shuffled through a few papers before raising her gaze to mine, her eyes flashing between a snowy white and her usual brown. I raised an eyebrow but didn't question it, I had seen my fair share of weird and wonderful things and with the way she reacted it happened quite often.

"Would I be able to take another look?" I bit my lip as I asked, feeling quite nervous. I was on a different planet, with people that I didn't know, helping out with a problem that nobody had a clue about, believe me when I say it's pretty scary stuff.

"Sure, it's always good to have a fresh pair of eyes on these things" She huffed looking at Cisco for confirmation. He nodded and began packing a few things away preparing for the trip back to the lab. I shoved my hands in my pockets and wandered back over to Kara.

"So why did you need my help again?" I wondered trying to dig a bit, seeing if she would let on why I was really here. I could tell by just spending a few minutes in the same room as Cisco and Caitlin, that they could quite easily handle the situation so there had to be some kind of ulterior motive behind all this.

"I missed my cousin" She shrugged an impish glint in her eye. I raised an eyebrow at her and she grinned in return, there was definitely something else going on here.

So yes it is starting off a bit slow but I wanted to introduce Mikayla and see what your guys thoughts on her are :)