Far across the cosmos there existed a lone planet with a shattered Moon. This planet was known as Remnant. On Remnant there existed for great kingdoms they were under the constant threat by the creatures of Grimm. To combat these monsters the kingdoms founded combat schools to train Huntsman,highly elite warriors that protects humanity against these vile creatures. In the Kingdom of Vale, the most prestigious School in all the land was Beacon academy. Beacon stood above the other combat schools because many famous Huntsman were once students at this prestigious School.

Currently it was lunch time at Beacon academy and currently sitting next to each other weather unofficial sister teams, team RWBY and team JNPR. Everyone on that table was either chit-chatting or enjoying their food, well except one person. Currently the leader of team JNPR, Jaune Arc seemed to have a lot on his mind.

"Jaune are you okay?"Asked Ruby Rose, the leader of team RWBY and Jaune's best friend.

"...HUH! oh I'm okay just thinking."said Jaune, hoping not to worry the first friend he ever made when he arrived at Beacon.

"Come on Ruby, leave the dolt alone."said Weiss Schnee, the heiress to the Schnee dust company and fellow member of team RWBY.

"Weiss..."said Ruby, wondering why her teammates personality was...so cold.

"What?"She asked.

"And you wonder why people call you the Ice Queen."said Yang Xiao Long, Ruby's older sister and fellow member of team RWBY.

"Hmph... I just said the truth."said Weiss, before turning away from everyone, pouting as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Hey fearless leader isn't a dolt! And I should know, because he's my fearless leader!"Yelled Nora Valkyrie, the muscle of team JNPR.

"What?"asked Weiss as she could hardly understand nor up because Nora had a lot of pancakes in her mouth.

"Nora, please do not talk with your mouth full."said Lie Ren, Nora's childhood friend and fellow member of team JNPR.

"Sorry Ren."said Nora why she swallowed every pancake in her mouth.

"Yes Nora, while I agree with you 100% please do not talk with your mouth full."said Pyrrah Niko's, a famous champion from Mistral and without a doubt the strongest member of team JNPR.

"Guys... she's not wrong."sadly admitted Jaune as he knew Weiss was technically right.

"Oh come on Jaune, don't listen to Weiss. I mean sure, maybe you're the weakest of the first years but you're also the person who gets the best grades in class."said Ruby, hoping to cheer up her best friend.

"Yeah what my little sis said. You may not be strong but you definitely have potential. I me no one would ever expected that Ruby would have ever gotten in."said Yang as she began tussling Ruby's hair.

"Yang stop! But yeah Jaune,what's your feeling everyone feels at some point I mean I once felt extremely depressed when Dad took away my precious Crescent Rose."said Ruby who finally managed to get away from her sister.

"Dad took away Crescent Rose because you ate an entire jar of cookies even though he told you not to."Yang reminded.

"Hey you two know how much I love cookies! if you didn't want me to eat them then you two shouldn't have left them somewhere I could get them."

"Ruby, they were in a locked cabinet. You literally blew off the hinges just to get to the cookies."said Yang has she tried to wrestle her sister to the ground.

"I said I was sorry give me a break!"Yelled Ruby who tried her best to fight off Yang, but knew it was all in vain.

Jaune meanwhile was actually smiling at their antics as it actually made him feel slightly better.

"Jaune you know if anything is bothering you you can always tell me."said Pyrrah as she placed her hand on Jaune's shoulder.

"Thanks Pyrrah. if you need me guys I'm going to be on the roof, I need to be alone for a while. But don't worry, I'm fine guys really."said Jaune as he got up from the table and walked away.

"I bet he's hiding something right Blake!"Yelled Nora.

"Huh?!"said Blake Belladonna, former member of the White Fang and currently a member of team RWBY.

"I'm sorry what were we talking about."said Blake, who wasn't paying attention that she was reading a book the whole time.


Meanwhile Jaune was sitting alone on the roof thinking over what he had experienced just a few hours earlier in the morning.


The sound of a flushing toilet with heard as Jaune exit in one of those stalls and began to wash his hands at one of the a nearby sinks.As Jaune lathering the soap on his hands I began placing them in the water to be properly washed, he noticed that a certain team entered the bathroom, one he wished he would never come mingle with.

The team in question was team CRDL, known as the bullies of all of Beacon as they've been known to pick on people they perceive as weaker than them. Jaune knew all to well about their antics as he was once one of their victims as well.

Jaune began wondering what they were up to as they surrounded him. Jaune decided not to pay them much mind simply ignore them as he began dry in his hands when one of them spoke.

"Well well well, it looks like this guy's not taking us seriously guys."said Cardin Winchester, the leader of team CRDL and without a doubt the worst person at Beacon, as too many they would call him a complete scumbag.

"What do you want Cardin?!"Asked Jaune as he took a fighting stance that he learn from Pyrrah, fully ready to take on the four bullies despite the disadvantage in numbers.

"Woah woah woah! No need for violence Arc, I'm just here to tell you some big news."said Cardin, as he held up his hands in false surrender.

"Alright, what's so important that you have to surround me in the bathroom just to tell me."said Jaune with clear hostility in his voice as he did not trust Cardin, not one bit.

"Well as we both know or as the five of us know you didn't get into Beacon by any legal means."said Cardin with a sly grin on his face.

"Yeah, what about it. If you think you can blackmail me to being your slave again think again!"said Jaune as he was gritting his teeth.

"Oh no,I don't want you as my slave I'm just here to tell you that since I need a clear conscience I'm planning to tell the whole school your little secret."

WHAT!"screamed Jaune at the top of his lungs.

"Oh you heard me. You see Arc, I don't like you and I thought of someone like you being in the same building as me makes my stomach turn. So after much soul-searching I decided to tell everyone your little secret that way you can be expelled from the school, and who knows you'll probably go to jail for what you did, because most likely using fake transcripts to get into Beacon is very illegal."said Cardin as his team began laughing hysterically.

Jaune couldn't say anything as he knew this was the truth. Jaune went through less than legal means to get the fake transcripts I knew if his secret was revealed to the rest of the world he would most likely go to jail. But that is not what scared him, no what scared him was the thought of his family and friends learning of his dark secret and looking at him with eyes of betrayal knowing that he did something that many would say was irresponsible,reckless, and downright morally wrong.

Jaune bit is tongue that the thought of his friends looking at him with eyes of betrayal for lying to them. While they work super hard to get into Beacon he cheated, and he knew they would most likely never forgive him if they learned the truth.

At that moment Jaune wanted to beg Cardin not to do it but he knew better. Cardin is the kind of person that would make him do something humiliating and then reveal his secret anyway just for kicks.

"What am I going to do?! I haven't even told any of my friends my secret yet. I was planning to tell him when the time was right, but if he tells them they're completely hate my guts because they'll say I lied to them, or that I got in through cheating while they worked hard to get here. Should I beg?"No, knowing him he'll just make me do some horrible things and then tell my secret anyway just because he feels like it.'thought Jaune with anger.

"Do what you want Cardin!"said Jaune with anger as he was trying his best to contain it.

All Jaune wanted to do in that moment was pounced on Cardin and beat him senseless for everything he's ever done to them and everything he's done to his other victims. But Jaune knew he had to hold back because giving into his anger means that Cardin Winchester wins, and that was the last thing he wanted.

"Oh I plan to. I can't wait to see little Ruby Rose look at her best friend with Isaac betrayal when she finds out you've been lying to her. I hope you enjoy your last day here at Beacon Arc, because by tomorrow morning everyone's going to know the truth"said Cardin as he began laughing while walking out of the bathroom with the rest of his team.

Jaune just stood there motionless, knowing that he had no clan or way to get out of this.

[Flashback End]

"What am I going to do?! By tomorrow my friends will learn the truth and hate my guts all because I wanted to attend to school more than anything."Yelled Jaune as he punched the nearby wall in frustration.

"All I ever wanted to be in life was a Huntsman. But NO! It's too dangerous Jaune, there are other career choices Jaune, no means no Jaune! All my life my parents said those exact words whenever I asked them if I could attend combat school. So when I found out that Beacon was allowing applications I took my chance and I managed to get in. But here I am and look at how much it steaks. I'm the weakest in the whole school, my grades are barely keeping me here. And now because of that scumbag everything I work so hard for is going to go down the toilet just like that!"

Jaune began hitting the nearby wall with his palms, until with eventual horse it broke with his overpowered strength thanks to his aura.

"It's not fair! I tried to do everything right! All I ever wanted to do was help people but every time I wanted to achieve my dream someone gets in my way! If I wasn't destined to be a Huntsman and what is my destiny!"Yelled Jaune as he looked on to the sky.

Tears began to form on his face as he collapsed to the floor, at that moment he did not feel pity or sorrow for himself. No what Jaune was crying about was the thought of hurting his friends as tomorrow they would learn the truth and most likely end their friendship with him.

"Is this where my story ends?! Is this really how it ends! Me going to jail and having everyone I know and love hate me!"

Unknown to Jaune, a certain creature was looking at him from a far distance with much curiosity. The creature saw what he was going through and decided to get a better look before he made his final decision.

[Jaune Arc is suffering a great crisis. What well happened to the young Arc? And who is this creature watching him? Only time will tell]

[To be continued]