As Jaune was leaving the Pokemon center to head to Vermillion City to challenge the Vermilion City gym leader Lt. Surge, he couldn't help but Wonder one thing as he was heading down route six.

"I wonder how everyone is doing back home. Oh who am I kidding by now they probably hate my guts after finding out my dirty secret. I just hope that one day they can forgive me for lying to them."said Jaune as he stared into the sky wondering how is friends and family in Remnant we're reacting to his disappearance since he left Remnant to become a Pokemon trainer in the Pokemon world.

[Remnant/Beacon academy]

While Jaune was traveling down route six to get to Vermillion City back in Remnant or more specifically Beacon academy it was currently lunch time as everyone was busy enjoying their meals are trying their best to enjoy their meal.

The news of Jaune Arc's disappearance made national news as Jaune was from a well-known and well-connected family. The Arc family went so much as to put a reward up for anyone who had information that could lead to Jaune's safe return.

Of course with the news of reward there was a huge amount of false leads as many people from different walks of life try to do what they could to claim that reward money. The problem was so bad that both the police force and the private detectives hired by the Arc family were swamped full of false leads.

Anywhere someone needed money or had nothing better to do they spend their free time looking for leads that would lead to Jaune Arc, thereby earning themselves the reward money upon finding him. But of course there was no luck in finding him as no one on Remnant had any idea that Jaune Arc was no longer in any Kingdom, or even on the planet for that matter.

Currently team's RWBY and JNPR we're having a meeting in the cafeteria to discuss the information they managed to gather that would help locate their friend.

"So does anyone have any news to report?"Asked Pyrrah, who has bags under her eyes as she was tired as she spent many sleepless nights looking for information on her friend and secret crush.

"Well uncle Qrow thought he had a lead, but it turned out to be some idiot trunk they had similar hair to Jaune's."said Ruby, who like Pyrrah also had bags under eyes as she spent many sleepless nights trying to find information that will lead to her best friend's safe return.

"...Well I talked to my source on the backside of Vale and he told me some silly story from a stoner about Jaune being taken away by some four legged alien. Hahaha...sorry it was just really funny how I got the information out of him."said Yang as she was honestly agitated as she didn't like her sister being in such a state.

"Maybe Jaune at a deep dark secret he didn't want any of us to know and was about to be figure it out so in the end he decided to run off to another planet and start over."said Nora as she was munching on some pancakes to help ease her sorrows.

"Nora please I doubt that Jaune is currently on another planet."said Ren, as he was wondering where Nora got these ideas from.

"Well according to my sister Winter a special unit of the atlas military has been sent to investigate Jaune's disappearance."said Weiss as she was carefully cutting the meat of her steak with a knife and fork.

"Well that's surprising.

"Honestly it's not, I'm guessing his family has a lot of influence."said Weiss as she began chewing on her food.

"Well Blake you have anything to add."said Yang as she knew that the ice queen was worried although she would never admit it as she was not one who revealed her emotions easily.

"Not really, according to everyone I talk to Jaune just disappeared which I find strange say what you will but Beacon academy has tight security and the fact that he or his kidnappers managed to leave Beacon's grounds without raising an alarm or even getting caught on the security cameras is suspicious in itself."said Blake getting everyone's attention.

"What do you mean?"said Pyrrah.

"Pyrrah don't get me wrong Jaune is a friend but he is not that good especially when it comes to stealth. I highly doubt he left Beacon at all so that means somehow he still hear or someone managed to sneak them out without anyone noticing."explained Blake find her best not to sound offensive.

"Well I'm going back to the roof to find some clues. Care to join me Pyrrah?"Asked Ruby as she honestly needed some fresh air to clear her mind right now.

"I think I will Ruby."said Pyrrah who honestly felt that she needed fresh air as well.

Without saying another word both girls got up from the table and started walking out of the cafeteria to head to the roof. Unknown to them team CRDL was watching them nervously as they knew it was only a matter of time until someone found out that they were one of the last people to see Jaune Arc alive and we're feeling the retribution that they were going to face if they were discovered.

Meanwhile the remaining members of teams RWBY and JNPR just watched on as they wanted to say something but they knew that their friends/sister needed some space as out of all of them, they were the closest people to Jaune.


Meanwhile about five minutes later Ruby and Pyrrha we're on the roof taking a breath of fresh air before looking around for some clues as this roof was the last place Jaune Arc was spotted.

"I should have known something was wrong that day I talked to him. I could tell something was bugging him but I had to respect his privacy."said Ruby who was blaming herself that she felt like she should have forced Jaune to tell her what was the matter with him.

"This isn't your fault Ruby, I as well knew that something was bothering Jaune but I decided to give him some space as whatever was bothering him I could clearly tell he wanted to handle it on his own."said Pyrrah as the two began looking around.

"I... I just miss him so much. He was my first real friend when I came here to Beacon and now he's gone and there's nothing I can do about it. It's just so frustrating when you know you can do so much more but you have no idea how to start."said Ruby who is extremely agitated as she never felt so frustrated in her life.

"I'm sure we'll find Jaune, and even though it's for monetary gain a lot of people are looking for him so I'm sure with time they'll find out what happened to him."said Pyrrah as she was trying to reassure Ruby.

"I I wouldn't be so sure of that."said Arceus as he appeared behind Ruby and Pyrrha.

Before the girls can react they suddenly found themselves inside some kind of bubble mystic energy that surrounded them completely with the mysterious creature in front of them.

"What is going on! Why is that Grimm talking!"Yelled Ruby as she went to pull out crescent rolls only to remember that both of them left their weapons back in their lockers.

Pyrrah honestly wanted to use her semblance but knew that it wouldn't work as there was no metal anywhere around them at that moment that she can use as a makeshift weapon.

"Relax I'm not going to hurt both of you and I'm not a Grimm, I am a proud Pokemon."said Arceus who was slightly offended that Ruby referred to him as a Grimm when he look nothing like a Grimm.

"What is going on and what do you mean they won't find him?! What do you know about Jaune's disappearance!"Yelled Pyrrah, whose instincts were telling her that this creature in front of her knew something about Jaune.

"Well I should know since I know where he is."said Arceus causing both girls to look at him.

"You know where he is!"Yelled Ruby and Pyrrha and they were honestly hoping that aren't gets was telling the truth.

"Yes I do when I suggest you get comfortable because it's a long story."said Arceus as he went on to explain the events that transpired minus the fact that Jaune's transcripts are fake.

[Five minutes later]

"So let me get this straight...Jaune couldn't take it anymore and the accepted your offer to another world to become a... Pokemon trainer you said."said Ruby as she was looking at the Alpha Pokemon with a skeptical look.

"And a Pokemon trainer is someone who trains powerful creatures known as Pokemon for the purpose of battle...That's what Jaune is doing right now?"said Pyrrah as she was having a hard time believing it.

"Yes. As both of you know Jaune was struggling in class and I daresay the pressure was starting to get to him. Now I know both of you are upset right now cuz he didn't tell you but you need to understand he had his pride and he couldn't admit to anyone especially his best friends that he was having thoughts of leaving the school."said Arceus as he was technically telling the truth.

"But why on Remnant would Jaune just leave everything behind!"exclaimed Ruby, who was wondering what Jaune was thinking.

Both girl's would never admit it but they were extremely upset that their friend willingly left them behind to become this Pokemon trainer thing without so much as saying goodbye.

"Now I know both of you are upset but please try to put yourself in his shoes can you imagine all the mountain pressure Anna from both his teachers and peers because let's face it he was not very good in combat. But he is a good strategist which makes him a better Pokemon trainer, and honestly he's better off being a Pokemon trainer than a Huntsman."said Arceus.

"He could have at least said goodbye."said Ruby who was angrily pouting.

"Yeah."said Pyrrha who was pounting in agreement.

"Would you like to talk to him?"asked Arceus.

"YES!"Yelled both Ruby and Pyrrha.

"Well I believe this is what you will need."said Arceus as he made a golden scroll appear out of nowhere.

"With this you can communicate with Jaune, who still has a scroll on him. But before you make any rash calls I must tell you that this scroll only works on a full moon."said Arceus.

"Well that's good there's a full moon tonight so we can call Jaune tonight."said Ruby as she looked at the golden scroll.

"Hopefully Jaune will answer and explain to us why he did what he did."said Pyrrah.

"Oh and another thing don't bother telling the others as the squirrel and will only work with both of you and if you tell anyone about my existence the scroll will magically disappear so you will get your answers."

"Fine."said Ruby and Pyrrha as they left the roof.

'Im reality that scroll can work anywhere at any time but I don't need them knowing that and harassing my Champion 24/7. By now Jaune has made it to Vermillion City to challenge the Vermilion City gym leader. I hope my Champion is ready for an electrifying battle.' thought Arceus I see you made another Golden Portal and disappeared through it.

[With the knowledge that their best friend/crush is all right, Ruby and Pyrrha prepared to confront Jaune through scroll as to why he up and left Beacon to go to the Pokemon world. Will the up-and-coming Pokemon trainer be ready for the most awkward conversation in his life, find out next time as the journey continues]