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Rando looked up at the doors in front of him and swallowed. Of course it had to be a replica of the cathedral. It was here that he had broken her heart. It was here that he had abandoned her at the altar. Of course it was here. Where else would it be?

It had been a long time. Too long really. Far too long.

If he had had even the slightest inkling that it would be like this...that immortality would be so lonely, so pointless…

Well if wishes were horses…

He stared at the doors once more and sighed. Toan was in there and so were Toan's allies. They were on a quest to save the world and here he was using them for his own ends. It was shameful.

Toan deserved better. La Saia deserved better. In fact, everyone involved better except for him. But today, he was finally going to step up and be the better person, if only for the last few moments of his life. Swallowing one last time, he opened the doors.