Friday night came and the first ever LADUWS. Everyone was rooting, DJ Jalen was playing his music and Cristian came up onstage, "Before we could begin" "Let's All Look At Some Footage."

"This is Ginger and Howie D," Ginger announced, "Coming to you from The National Smile malt shop."

"Jessie also with us," Howie D explained, "Because she got into a little fit about superheroes with A. J."

"The National Smile is where they filmed that hit 1980s movie, Create Parade." Ginger explained, "This is a movie about a group of teenagers being involved in low-budget troubles at their performance school. Now they must do the best they can in order to save their education.

During the footage sequence, Ginger and Howie D had a chocolate milkshake with two straws and danced to some 50s music.

"It is in that movie" announced Cristian, "That The Chordettes make a surprise cameo in the end as themselves, being the judges of the first ever Decker Morrison Academy. "Please welcome Millie, Jax, Dorothy and Ginger and their jazz dance styling to The Chordettes' Lollipop.

Onstage, Jax, Millie, Dorothy and Ginger came out in red and white 50s lounge apparel.

Confession Cam


I picked out the dresses, take that Lucille, Madilyn, and Amira!


Yeah! Millie is always bossing me around on what she wants.


I felt the same way about being bossed around. That's why my mom had to send me to England last year.

After The Ice Dancers finished their dance, Cristian came onstage, "Now that we gave the little ladies their lollipops or 'lollies' in the UK" he announced "Let's hear what The Boys have to say, Boys!"

"Seeing Millie getting angry at Ging and Dorth for getting the only two lollipops" Kevin started, "That will be a 4.9"

"Stealing the spotlight and making Jax silly" Kevin continued, "So that's a 3.7"

"Seeing those nylon dresses with the roses on them" A. J continued, "That's a 6.0"

"I couldn't tell the difference between silk and nylon." explained Millie, "So I picked these white dresses for the dance."

"The Let's All Look At Footage video showed a backdrop form Create Parade, which included a cameo from The Chordettes," Nick continued "That's a 5.5"

"Millie" B-Rok finished, "You got to learn not to steal the spotlight, That's a 4.4"

On the final tally, their full score was 63.2

"Now on stage" announced Cristian, "Kamila, Nadine, and Jessie and their Rock and Roll Rockin Robin, based on the stylings of Michael Jackson."

Onstage, Kamila, Nadine, and Jessie came onstage dressed in female greaser apparel.

Confession Cam


Alright, getting some tomboy power over here. Magnifico, Kam!

After they ended with their pose, Cristian came onstage, "You girls really gonna rock tonight" joked Cristian as he got onstage, "Now let's hear what The Boys had to say about you 'Teal Ladies'."

"Kamila" Howie D said, "You, Jess, and Nad pulling of a blue version of the Pink Ladies from grease, that's a '6. 6"

"I have to agree with Howie" admitted A. J, "You three give a total 8. 8.

"You picked the Michael Jackson version of Rockin Robin" Nick said, "Which everyone knows by heart, so 7. 1"

"The three of you doing homages to Grease lightning and bird flaps" B-Rok continued, "That's a 6. 6."

"The three of you greeting each other at the begging in the style of the 1950s and Stockard Channing's character, 5. 8."

The added the score to Kamila's previous one and she got an 81.4

"Now without further adieu" Cristian announced, "Let's get the Shape Of Our Hearts on with Amira and Josue's Cha Cha to Backstreet's Shape Of My Heart, featuring Blakely and Zion."

Onstage, Amira, Josue, Blakely and Zion came out dressed as Kathy, Don, Cosmo, and Lina from Singing In The Rain.

Confession Cam


Josue and I chose a homage to Singing In The Rain, because that was one of the first 50s movies we saw since we came to America.

Towards the end of the performance, they brought Zarina onstage and presented her with some roses, much to her delight. Cristian came up and said, "Let's what the boys say about this passionate performance."

"Look at you three" started Howie D, "Taking a homage to the famous 'Singin In The Rain', that's a 5. 8."

"And the way the four of you brought our executive producer onstage and presented her with roses" Kevin continued, "7. 1"

"Performing with the Shape Of My Heart" asked Nick, "That's a 10."

"I must say" A. J continued, "You four capturing the image of the main four of the film, 6. 7

"You guys reenacting the final scene of the film and Lena's defeat" B-Rok finished, "10."

When they added the current score to the previous one, Amira and Josue got a 81.1, "Let's give a warm welcome to Lucille, Vincenzo, Braxton, Ryker, and Lewis and their jitterbug to Bill Haley and His Comets' Rock Around The Clock".

Onstage, Lucille came out as a beautiful butterfly while Vincenzo, Braxton, Ryker and Lewis came out as fireflies. Lewis was annoyed because he was dressed like a bug.

Confession Cam


I remember catching fireflies in the summertime with my brothers. Which is why I chose this. Lucille let me pick so we can have our fair share.


I chose a butterfly because of their pretty wings and I love catching butterflies.

After they finished the dance with Lucille hugging the four boys, she shouted, "I'm a hug bug!"

Cristian got onstage and said, "Okay Boys, tell us what you think of Lucille's buggy act."

"Lucille" started Howie D, "Coming out as a butterfly, that's a 6. 6."

"I'm with you on the bug costumes" agreed A. J "I go for a 8. 8"

"Ending the dance with a big hug and Lucille calling herself a 'Hug Bug'" continued Kevin, "That's a 10."

"That song you picked, 'Rock Around The Clock" Nick continued, "It does give a good homage to the time bugs come out, I say 8."

"I have to admit it," finished B-Rok, "You really got it together with those little jitterbug feet. That makes it a 9."

After adding the previous score with the current score, Lucille got a 91.4.

After Lucille got offstage, Cristian announced, "Let's take a little break from the dancing and our big surprise and, 'Let's All Look At Some Footage'.

"This is Faith, Ginger, Nadine, Jessie, and Dorothy and The Backstreet Boys coming to you from the Orlando Ice Cream Festival at Clearwater Beach." Faith announced, "Many ice cream shops come all over Orlando to gather and celebrate all things ice cream."

"We'd even get to meet up with boy band sensation, 'Teensicle"" Nadine continued, "They consisted of Mikey, D. J, and O-Dog. Their songs like Fried Garbage and Love Omlette were a bit gross, but that's okay."

"We also get to sample flavors from the local ice cream factory, 'Birds Of Paradise'" finished Dorothy, "Smashing flavors don't you say."

"Now let's put our flaming hands together to E-Wave's Boogie Woogie to Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls Of Fire, featuring Matias and a singing surprise. By a corner, Malachi Fortune comes in and sings, 'Great Balls Of Fire'."

Onstage, E-Wave and Matias came out doing a surfer routine to the song, just like B-Rok suggested.

Confession Cam


No way, Malachi Fortune as the singer for Great Balls Of Fire? And I thought he was the host of Enigma Interior.

After E-Wave and Matias finished their number, Malachi came up to the boys because he's also a guest judge. "Since we're not allowed to let judge or guest musician compete, Malachi will wait till the next number. Now let's hear what The Boys have to say"

"E-Wave" B-Rok started, "I'm proud of you for listening to my suggestion, 10."

"Speaking of E-Wave" Howie D continued, "You appearing with old time 50s surfboards, 6. 7"

"Malachi popping up and sining 'Great Balls Of Fire'" continued E-Wave, "That's a 10."

"As for the costumes" A. J continued, "I say 7. 1 for the blue 50s patterns."

"And seeing the two of you making a homage to early surfing" finished Kevin, "I say 5.8"

Adding the current score to the previous score, E-Wave got a 78.9, "Now that we're all wild up" Cristian announced, "Let's give a soothful and peaceful welcome to Matteo's Chapylso to Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat, featuring Faith."

Onstage, Matteo came out in in green soothful apparel while Faith came out as a hula girl.

Confession Cam


It's not fair, how come the other contestant E-Wave and down get to be judged by Malachi Fortune and the rest of us don't?


Dudes, my cousin, 'Macie' listens to him all the time. She'd even saw him in concert in her hometown of Jacksonville.

Once Matteo and Faith finished the dance, Cristian came up, "Okay, Boys!" he shouted, "Let's here what you have to say."

"Matteo, Faith" Kevin started, "The two of you doing a gentle dance together, that's a 8. 8

"Speaking of Matteo" Howie D continued, "Being yourself through freedom and slow tempo music, 9. 5."

"Seeing you two in tropical styled clothing" A J. continued, "I say, 5. 6"

"Matteo" Nick continued, "You dancing to a slow tempo song by Harry Belafonte, I say 7. 7."

"And combining yoga moves with hula moves" B-Rok finished, "6. 1."

"As for me" Malachi replied, "You being onstage with Hawaiian routines, I give you a 8.8."

After Matteo and Faith left the stage with the score of 87.2, Cristian shouted, "Time for a Forever Freakout. Let's give a Tornado Welcome to Kaia and Kaden's charleston to Bobby Bailey and The Tornadoes' Rock and Roll Forever featuring Nadine and Braxton. Featuring the vocals by Kimberly Kelly."

Kaia and Kaden came out as high school teenagers while Nadine and Braxton came out as 40s children.

Confession Cam


Kaden and I decided to do a homage to negro childhood in the 40s.


We know it was a little hard, but we pulled through.

After they ended the dance with Kaia and Kaden hugging their younger counterparts, Cristian came onstage, "Nicky, your so find" he announced, "Why don't you start blowing our minds."

"Kaia, Kaden" Nick started, "You two remembering your younger selves while listening to a Bobby Bailey and The Tornadoes song, I say a 10."

"I agree" Howie D agreed, "You two bringing back memories of the past is a total 8.8."

"And those frills on those 40s and 50s girls uniforms" continued A. J, "I say 8.4."

"The for of you with your bunny and lindy hops" B-Rok continued, "I give it a 9."

"And your hug in the end" Kevin continued "I'm giving it a 8"

"I got to admit," Malachi continued "Being strong at a certain time is important. So, go for a 10,."

Combining the score, they got a 96.6

Confession Cam


Kaden is so cute in those 50s clothes, I would love to kiss him. I would love to congratulate him if he gets a high score.

Adding the current score to the previous one, Kaia and Kaden got a "For the next number" Cristian announced as he got off the stage, "This one is considered a 'Dark Angel'. Please welcome Elliana and Zion, and their stroll to The Penguins' Earth Angel."

Confession Cam


I can't believe I get to be judged by Malachi Fortune. He's considered one of the best singer for covering 50s songs. That's what Quazmo and Tween Bleep Magazine say. He was also inspired to be a musician thanks to his father's Elvis record collection.

After Elliana ended the dance by lying on the ground, Cristian came onstage, "Okay Boys!" shouted Cristian, "What do you have to say about Elliana and Zion's dance.

"Earth Angel" asked Nick in disgust, "More like 'Dark Angel' 3. 3.

"You kicking Zion out of the way" angrily said B-Rok, "That's a 5.7."

"Elliana" groaned Howie D, "You shouldn't be so rude to Zion. That's now how an angel acts. 6. 6."

"I say 4.0" A. J continued, "Because picking a white robe over a black robe doesn't make you an angel at all."

"Elliana" finished Kevin sadly, "Your not getting along well with Zion, so i'm afraid I'm gonna have to give you a 5.1."

"I remember you from my concert in Atlantic City" Malachi recalled, "Your the same girl who dreadfully sang my smash hit, 'Foolplay Fanatic'. I'm afraid that's a 0."

Adding Elliana's horrible score to her last one, she got a 54.6, much to her dismay, "Now that the 'Dark Angel' is gone to The Bad Place" Cristian laughed nervously, "Let's welcome Paislee, Remington, Ginger and Vincenzo and their contemporary dance to The Platters' Only You."

Paislee, Remington, Ginger, and Vincenzo came out as Marilyn Monroe, Richard Sherman and two movie crewmembers respectively.

Confession Cam


Rem and I chose the Seventh Year Itch homage, cause it was a successful movie in the 50s.

After they ended the dance with the world famous Grate Blow, Cristian came onstage, "Okay now" he announced, "Let's here what the boys have to say about this."

"Paislee," started Nick, "Picking a Platter song gives you and Remington a 6. 7."

"That ending over there where you did that famous Grate Pose" B-Rok continued, "7. 6."

"Pais, Rem" continued Howie D, "You two coming out like at a movie premiere, that's a 7. 4"

"Guys" continued A. J, "You two entering those Hollywood styled clothing, 10"

"The four of you making a homage to old-time movie making" continued Kevin, "That's a 8.1

"Guys," Malachi finished, "You guys reminding us of the 50s in film, are a 9. 7."

Adding the current score to the previous score, Paislee and Remington got a 88.2 "Well" Cristian announced, "We're not the 'Only You' around here. Let's give a Spicy welcome to Gabrielle and Jorge's salsa to Ritchie Valens' La Bamba, featuring Dorothy, Faith, Ryker, and Matias."

Gabrielle came out as Lucy, Jorge came out as Ricky, and Dorothy, Faith, Ryker and Matias came out as a Latin band with pretend instruments.

Confession Cam


I love an old fashion I Love Lucy homage, it shows early interracial love.

After they ended the dance by saying, "You Got Some Explaining To Do." everyone cheered.

Cristian came onstage and said, "Okay now, let's here what the boys have to say about this."

"Gab, Jorge" announced Nick, "You two using that, 'La Bamba' in your shows real Cruising Work. That's a 5. 8"

"Adding those Cuban dance routines" continued, B-Rok, "Not bad for a bunch of cruise performers. So 7."

"Okay" continued Howie D, "You two appear as the leading roles, that's a 10."

"Seeing you guys dressed in polka dots and Latin apparel" continued A. J, "That's a 8.9."

"And you guys dance to that Cuban Salsa" continued Kevin, "That's a 6.7."

"And you guys" said Malachi, "I remember the Lucille Bell memorial special as a child, that's a 7.7

Adding the current score to the previous one, Gabrielle and Jorge got a 83.8, "We got two more dances to go" announced Cristian, "So let's star rattling things up with Madilyn and Emilio's jive to Bill Haley & His Comets' Shake, Rattle and Roll featuring Lewis."

Confession Cam


If you think those biker outfits were bad, you should see what's underneath my jacket.

After they ended the dance by tripping Lewis, Cristian came onstage, "Okay" he said nervously, "Let's hear the boys honest opinion about Madilyn and Emilio's dance."

"Mad, Em" started Nick, "I give you two a 8 because tripping Lewis was really hilarious. Also, that 'Shake, Rattle, and Roll' is the perfect biker song.

Lewis got annoyed by Nick's chuckling. "Madilyn, Emilio" continued B-Rok, "You two coming in as bikers and tossing your shades, that was awesome! I say 7.5."

"Madilyn, continued Howie D, "Tripping Lewis was really disrespectful, I saw 4."

"Those leather jackets" continued A. J, "I would look good in them too, so 10."

"About the two of you with your twirls" Kevin continued, "7.1"

"And for me" Malachi finished, "I was Danny of the T-Birds for Halloween, so 6. 3"

Adding the score to the original, they got an 85.6. As Madilyn, and Emilio were heading off the stage, Lewis stayed on in disgust. "Lewis" asked Cristian, "Before we continue with the final number, can you ask us what shirt are you wearing?"

Lewis felt nervous, but after ten seconds of grief, he removed it, "A Mickey Mouse Club shirt." he groaned.

"Let's get ready for the final dance of the evening" announced Cristian, "Messiah's Tap to the Mickey Mouse Club theme song."

Confession Cam

"LADUWS Backups Roll Call, Count Off Now! shouted Messiah as the others counted off one by one.















Messiah, Cristian and The Backup Dancer were delighted by the adorable number, but Lewis was embarrassed. "Okay now" "Let's hear the I'm No Fool words of The Boys."

"The Mickey Mouse Club?" asked Nick, "I'm remember auditioning for it, so that's a 9."

"You and your tap dancing, marching and jazz hands" continued, B-Rok, "That's a 8.6

"Messiah" continued Howie D, "Popping up as a Roy or Jimmy figure, that's a 7.6"

"Those cute mouse ears and glittery Mickey Mouse club clothes" continued A. J, "That's a 9.5

"Counting off in a roll call to let others know who you are" asked Kevin, "That's a 8.6."

"The fourteen of you working together in a dance routine while in glittery outfits" Malachi finished, "I give you a 7.4."

Combining the score with the other, Messiah got a 92.9

As a final result, Jax and Millie and Elliana had the lowest score. This meant one thing, the two of them are on the urge to be voted out.


Mills was a bit hot-headed. Not as hot-headed as Elliana.


Oh please! Millie isn't that much of a dancer than she is of an ice skater.

"You probably don't know it yet," Cristian reminded. "But the ones with the lowest score gets to be voted by the boys. There are five of them and whoever gets the highest votes gets to take the Long and Winding Road."

The boys locked in their score and revealed who gets to go. Elliana got a 42.9 while Millie and Jax got a 60.4, I'm sorry Jax and Millie" said Cristian, "It's time for you to take The Long and Winding Road."

"It was fun playing with you guys," Jax said.

"See y'all at the finale" Millie said.

"As for Elliana" Cristian said to her, "You get to continue on the show."


Oh' it's on. Those hunk-muffins are such skunk-muffins. Voting me and Jax out. We need money for new ice skating equipment people.


I just want to say, thank you for everything guys. Matteo, your so harmonizing and Lucille, you brought the best in everyone.

To Be Continued.

Note: In the reviews, write down on who do you think should be voted off next.