This is an idea I thought of years ago. It calls Monster Heroes. It started off as a Danny Phantom/Castlevania crossover, where Count Dracula returns long before the Belmonts were ready. Danny gets caught up in Castlevania and is soon team up with a Female Vampire, a Female Witch, and a male Werewolf. All four of them were to team up and take Dracula down without the Vampire Killer.

This idea started to change from a crossover to a single story. Well, Dracula does reappear (And no he's not Vlad!) and calls all the monsters from their hiding areas so he can control the world. The three monsters from before also appear in this story along with two more monsters, a slime, who chooses to be a female(Slime are genderless in this story). And a male Demon. I do have names for them.

The female Vampire is named Vampirella. She is one of the few vampires that can walk out in the sun and not burn into ash. A Daywalker if you will.

The Female Witch is named Witcha. She a Dark Witch but also studies Light Magic.

The Male Werewolf is named Leo. He also very smart and can come up with plans to defeat most monsters.

The (Fe)male Slime is named Simley. (S)he very easy going and loves to give anyone (s)he meets a nice big smiley hug. Expectedly Danny!

The Male Demon is named Damn. He one of the lesser Demons that world for the Devil. He also in charge of catching bad souls who break out of the underworld.

Now those five monsters are teenagers just like Danny and they are huge fans of Danny's ghost form. After hearing how Danny will keep saving people no matter how people treat him. The Five started to follow in his footsteps. Protecting human towns and continue to do so even with all the people being scared and mocking them. So let's being with the Monster Heroes!

Lightning and Thunder was heard over the dark castle as a window open to show a vampire sighing happily at the site.

"Awe! I love the sound of thunder in the morning." She said.

"Morning Dear. What to get a bite?" A male Vampire said.

"No dear. I got one earlier. Have you seen Vampirella?" The Female asked.

"Still in her coffin." The Male Vampire said shrugging.

"She still dreaming about that ghost isn't she?" The Female Vampire asked, shaking her head.

Vampirella was one of the very vampires that could walk in the sun, know as a daywalker. Her coffins open and she steps out. She was had pink hair with trances of black strips in her hair. She yawns and rubs her head. She spends last night watching the Monster News about the number one monster. A ghost name Danny Phantom. The news caught one of his fights with his kind and they caught what they were saying.

"Why are you defending them? You're not one of them anymore!" The Ghost had say.

"It doesn't matter! The town can treat me any way they want, but I'm my own person! I will fight for them even if they don't want it!" Danny Phantom told it.

'I'm my own person. Those are some wise words. I really hope I can meet him someday.' She thought before changing into her clothes.

She wore a black t-shirt with a cape over her shoulders. She also wore a long black skirt and black shoes. Her shirt has some pink hearts on it. Her cape was black with a white bat on it. She walks out of her room and saw her parents.

"Terror morning Mom and Dad." She said.

"You were up all night looking at that boy again." The Male Vampire said.

"His name is Danny Phantom. Come on Dad, He's one of the few monsters out there that humans know about and he goes out of his way to save them." Vampirella said.

"Still crushing on him?" The Female Vampire asked.

"Mom! I'm not crushing on him!" Vampirella yelled.

She has been following Danny Phantom since he first appears. She saw the hero side of him and scoff at the humans treating him like an evil monster. She was a vampire and she knew not all of them were evil. There was a small town close by that she would some times visit. Keeping her vampire heritage a secret, she learns that town was spit about Vampires.

She then heard her cell phone ring and answer it.

"Hello?" She said.

"Vampirella! Please tell me you saw the news last night!"

It was her friend Witcha a witch in training. So also follows Danny Phantom and sees him as a hero. Whenever the news talks about him, Witcha would call her to make sure she knows.

"Yes, Witcha I did. Did you hear the words he said?" Vampirella answers.

"Yeah, I know he's a teen like us, but those were some of the wise words I heard," Witcha said.

"Yeah, well I can't chat for long. I just woke up and I have to get my blood." She said.

"Okay, I talk to you later then, it's almost time for my witch lessons," Witcha said before hanging up.

Vampirella sigh, she always wonders what it was like to save the day. The only reason she hasn't try talking up the hero business because she was afraid of the humans treating her like a monster. But Danny Phantom's words rang through her head. She was her own person, they can say what they what about her but she knows who she really is.

Vampirella walks through the town she has been visiting from time to time. Due to being able to stand Sunlight, because she is one of the few vampires that can, she has been treated as a visitor to the town, not knowing she was a vampire.

"Morning Bella!"

"Good morning," Vampirella said back.

Bella was just a human name she gave herself. She also had to change her clothes to fit in with the people. She now wears a black t-shirt with a pink heart in the middle and now cape. She has blue jeans and her shoes were still black. Vampirella walks and notices a few kids wave at her. She waves back and smiles. She loves this town and she was going to protect it, just like how Danny Phantom protects his town.

"Hey, Bella!"

Vampirella turns and notices her human friend Nicky Huntmens ran up to her. Nicky was the only person that help her during her first visit to the town. Nicky was from a long line of Monster Hunters, but she had no plans of taking up the family line.

"Hello, Nicky. What brought you here today?" Vampirella asked her.

"My family heard about the ghost boy again." She sighs.

"They are going after him aren't they?" She asked.

Vampirella didn't like went people go out to hunt monsters because they were stuck in the past. One of the main reasons Monsters went into hiding, was because humans kept hunting them down even when they left humans alone. She wanted to tell Nicky who she really was, but she was afraid of how she would react.

'No, I can't let this continue! I am my own person. I can tell her.' Vampirella thought.

"Bella? Are you okay?" Nicky asked.

"Yeah listen, Nicky? I have something to tell you." She said.

"What is it?" Nicky asked, confused.

Vampirella opens her mouth to answer, but the sound of screaming was heard. Suprise, the two girls look at each other before heading towards it. When they got there, they were shocked to see a vampire holding one of the town people.

"A vampire?! But I thought they could survive in sunlight?!" Nicky said shock.

'I can't let this happen! Mom and Dad are going to yell at me for this but I need to stop that vampire before anyone dies.' Vampirella thought.

"Nicky, go get help." She said.

"What?" Nicky asked shock.

"That vampire is known as Daywalker! It a rare type of vampire that can walk in sunlight." Vampirella explains.

"A daywalker?" Nicky asked, confuse.

"This is no time for 20 questions! Just go!" Vampirella yelled making the vampire turn to them.

"Well, more fresh meat. Just wait there! I will be over soon!" It said and drop the people it was holding.

'Dang it! Now it coming after us. This is not how I wanted Nicky to know!' Vampirella thought.

The vampire rush at them and Vampirella push Nicky out of the way. The vampire tackles her and the two were sent flying into a nearby building.

"Bella!" Nicky shouted.

Vampirella coughs before looking at the vampire who was surprised to see her still alive. Vampirella wasted no time and kick it off her. She stood up and glare at it.

"What? How did you do that?" It asked.

"Next time, make sure you know the person you are attacking!" Vampirella said before bats surround her.

She was back in her normal Vampire clothes and the Vampire was shocked to see her.

"Another vampire? But this town was never marked as a feeding ground!" It said.

"Oh it marked, but not as a feeding ground. By the power of my family, this town is under my protection!" She said.

"WHAT?! You can't be serious! Why would a vampire protect humans?! They are nothing more than food!" The vampire shouted.

"Sounds like you are stuck in the past. The town is free to think what they want. I am my own person! But I will never drink their blood, not even if they pay me too!" Vampirella told him.

The Vampire growl and charge at her. Vampirella jumps over it and turns around, ready to fight.

'Okay, Vampirella this is it. Time to show this town that not all vampires are bad. If there is one thing I do know about my kind is that we are fast and strong. But I got to be careful, there only a few daywalkers that exist. And I don't even know my full power yet.' She thought.

The vampire charged at her again and this time Vampirella caught him and threw him out of the building. She jumps out after him and the town people were shocked to see two vampires. The vampire stood back up and hiss at her. Vampirella charged at it and threw a punch that knocks it back. The vampire recovers and threw its own punch that Vampirella duck under before she headbutts its chin. The Vampire rubs its chin and tries to swipe Vampirella with its claws. She dodges each swipe as she took steps back looking for an opening. She found it and punch him in the chest, knocking the breath out of him. Vampirella grabs its head and knees it in the face knocking some of its teeth out. She then threw a roundhouse kick that knocks it to the ground.

"As I said, this town is under my protection! If any Vampire thinks they can come and try to harm these people, they'll answer to me!" She said.

Many of the townspeople were surprised to hear a vampire say that they were protecting the town. The Vampire stood up and growl once again. It started to rush at her but was stopped by a smell. Vampirella smells it as well and they both cover their noses and start to take a few steps back.

'Garlic!' Vampirella thought.

She turns and saw Nicky's father step up with some garlic as if to drive them off. She was able to withstand some of it, but the smells always bug her. The other vampire hiss and kept back away.

"Begone you bloodsuckers! This town is in no need of you!" Nicky's father said.

The Vampire hiss again before looking behind him and smirk. Vampirella notices and follows its line of sight. Her eyes widen when she saw it was looking at Nicky! It charges and grabs her by the neck, making everyone back away in shock, even Nicky's father.

"Too bad. She since a pretty girl." It smiles before opening its mouth to show it fangs.

"Nicky!" Her father shouted as the vampire goes to bite her neck.

Nicky closes her eyes, knowing what was about to happen. However, she didn't feel anything. She opens her eyes and was shocked to find herself in the arms of the other vampire. Vampirella had acted quickly and saved her before the bite could happen. She growls at the vampire for almost turning her friend into a vampire. If you are bitten by a vampire, then you become a vampire if your blood is not fully drained.


Nicky looks at Vampirella and notices that she look familiar. Really familiar. Vampirella rushes over to her father and set her down. She back away a bit, due to the garlic, but she nods at Nicky and turns back to the vampire who was rubbing its head. It looks up and saw Vampirella over it and notices the looks she had. A look that it knew very well.

"You attack this town again and I won't be nice. Leave and never return!" She told him.

Vampire gulps and nods. It wastes no time in running from the town, not believe that Vampirella was related to him. Vampirella sighs and turns back to the people who were shocked to see her.

"Everyone, listen, I'm not here to cause you any trouble. I was just as surprised as you all to learn about a vampire in this town. I met what I said. This town is under my protection. I don't have any plans of drinking your blood or treat you all like your some kind of food. I'm not going to leave in the past. I'm my own person." She said.

Nicky's Father, on the other hand, didn't trust her and pull out a wooden stake and started to walk towards her. Vampirella notices him and sighs. Nicky was surprised to see that.

"Dad? What are you doing?" Nicky asked.

"Vampire's are not to be trusted. She must be dealt with." He said.

"Really, after I save your daughter from being bitten? Well everyone is free to believe what they wanted. But I must you, my parents would be happy to hear what you are going to do to me." Vampirella said shaking her head.

"Wait, your parents?" Nicky asked.

"Yes, there are vampires out there that have families. I am born a vampire. I'm also a rare vampire know as a Daywalker. It meets I have no weakness in the sunlight." She said.

"I heard the other vampire was a daywalker as well," Nicky said thinking.

"As I said, Daywalkers are rare and most of them are not friendly," Vampirella said.

"You mean none of them are friendly!" Nicky's Father shouted and rushes at her.

Before he could get close, Vampirella's parents appear in front of him, smoke rising from their bodies. Unlike their daughter, they weren't daywalkers but they weren't going to allow this human to hurt her.

"Mom, Dad," She sighs.

"If you try to harm our daughter again, then we'll show real reason to be afraid of our kind!" Her father told Nicky's Father.

Nicky's father back away. He knew these two were far strong then they look. Vampirella's mother turns to her and started to look her over.

"I'm fine mom. Besides the smell of garlic." She said.

"That explains the smell. You going to need a bath young lady." Her mother said.

"I was planning on that when I got home." She said.

Nicky watches as the group of vampires acts just like the many families she has seen around the town. She walks around her father and towards them.

"Nicky! Get back here!" Her father shouted, but she ignores him.

Vampirella notices her and walks towards her as well. The two girls stood in front of others and just stood there. Finally, Nicky raises her hand.

"Thanks for saving me from becoming a vampire." She said.

Vampirella smiles and shook her hand.

"There's no way I'm letting a human die on my watch." She said.

"I'm Nicky Huntsmen." Nicky introduces herself.

"Vampirella. No last name." Vampirella smiles.

"Vampirella? I heard of that name. It said long ago there was a vampire that protect people from dangerous monsters. She was a very nice vampire and was mark as a traitor to her own kind." Nicky said.

"Nicky I told you vampires can't be trusted!" Her father shouted.

"Is it because of the false stories that you humans made about us? Or the fact that we still follow the dark prince? Not all vampires are like that!" Vampirella rather shouted.

"Mom, Dad, we need to go. If you stay out in the sun too long, then you might be weak enough for Nicky's father to talk you down." Vampirella spoke up.

The two vampires heard her and nodded. They walk near their daughter who was able to use her powers because she wasn't weakened by the sun.

"Oh and Nicky. Call me Bella." Vampirella said before she grabs her parent's hands and turns them into bats that flew off.

'Bella? But is that the name of...' Nicky thought in surprise.

After a quick shower to get the garlic smell off her, Vampirella walks towards her room and looks at the Danny Phantom doll that she once got as a gift. She reaches down and picks it up.

"Well, I did it. I help save the town and got people to see that not all vampires are evil. It might take them some time before they are used to seeing me in my true form." She said to the doll.

Vampirella smiles, she was hoping one day to meet the real Danny Phantom and team up with him. She sighs and lay down in her coffin, not knowing that her wish was coming sooner then she thought.

After many years, I finally got started on my Monster Heroes idea. Now, this is a Danny Phantom story, I just wanted to talk about the other characters in this story first. I cover Vampirella, the female vampire and one of Danny's love interests. Yes, I said one of his love interests. All the female monster of the team all have a crush on him in some form. HOWEVER! This is not and I stress the word not, a harem story! I'm still not used to writing those yet. Next, I'll cover Witcha the Witch.

PS. I'm really started to hate Grammarly. It making my grammar better, but it still doesn't seem to think that words I need are part of the sentences. Like Own and Really. That this sentence for example, "I'm my own person.", makes sense right? But here what Grammarly thinks it should be, "I'm my person.", which sounds better?