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Ch 7 Intruders

Hadrian followed his kidnappers to a place they call 'the Great Hall' or something like that. Hadrian was glad he still wore his Integrity Knight uniform minus the armor he does not mind. After all, by now Hedwig and his fellow knights will realize he is gone and will be coming for him in a matter of time. "Welcome Harry, to the Great Hall." He looks at the Headmaster as he opens the door to cheering students.

"Why are they cheering?" Hadrian asked.

"It's because you have returned to Hogwarts Hadrian," Sirius said holding onto his shoulder guiding him to the podium.

Many muggle-born caught the uniform and gasps "(An Integrity Knight? Here?)"

"(Impossible! They can't know of the wizarding world)"

"(Is he an Integrity Knight?)"

Hadrian heard them and was glad that some of the students know what an Integrity Knight is.

Remus looks curious at the muggle-born student, where has he heard Integrity Knights before as he look Har-Hadrian wonder how he was raised.

Some ministry workers are there ready to greet the Boy-Who-Lived. Dumbledore took the stand "I would like to welcome Harry Potter back to the Wizarding World. He was wrongfully taken from his home by the Holy Church." Many gasps at this revelation but all of the muggle-born know it's a lie.

Hadrian has eyes widen and was about to say something when Sirius held him back. "Let the Headmaster speak." He said to him as Hadrian grips his hands

"Now he's back home where he belongs." He said, "And tonight we cel-"

Suddenly, an explosion from the roof of the Great Hall went off causing all of them to panic.

Dumbledore looked up to see who cause such damage only to fear what's before him. A light green dragon roaring as it flew down to Hadrian. "Sirius take Harry and run-"

He was then interrupted by four more dragons entering from the whole that was now on the roof. Then more shock came to him, on top of the dragons were knights from that weird place that Harry was.

"Harry we need to-"Sirius was interrupted by the dragon landing in front of him growling. "Stand back Harry. This beast is-"

"Hedwig!" he cried out as he made his way to the dragon.


Hadrian crook his head confuse on what he was saying "What do you mean? I raised Hedwig since she was an egg." He said shocking everyone who heard him.

"DO SOMETHING!" Fudge order the Aurors who were there before a silver blur jumps done from the hovering dragons.

A blonde man in silver armor and blue garments landed in front of them. " ARREST HIM!" Fudge demanded.

The Aurors was ready to cast spells at him when he said "Enhance Armament…" he took his blue sword and lunges it in the ground causing a circle to appear as ice covers them in places.

"WHAT THE HECK!" Umbridge said as the ice nearly froze her.

Then a black figure jumps down to be a woman with tied back grey hair drawing her sword as she rushes slashing each frozen Aurors into tiny pieces. She was about to slash into Dumbledore before a booming voice stops.

"SHEYTA THAT'S ENOUGH!" the dragons descended from the air landing on the frozen floors. A blue-haired man jumps down from the dragon causing the ice to crack on impact. A green-haired boy soon joins him as he walks to the wizards.

Eugeo got up from the ground and place his sword back inside its scabbard. He turns to look for his son only to see some kids frighten of them while the rest was in awe like the bushy-haired girl.

"Dad!" he turns to see Hadrian running up to him as he opens his arms.

"Harry wait!" Sirius cried out failing to grab him.

Remus paused upon hearing what Harry called this strange man in armor. "Dad…"

"Hadrian!" he was soon embraced by his son as he smoothes his hair. "Hadrian! When Commander Bercouli said you were kidnapped your mother and I rush to the church." He said embracing him.

"Where's Mom?" he asked.

"She's back at the Axiom Church with your Uncle." He explains.

Sirius got up and walks up to Eugeo "Who are you?" he asked.

Eugeo places Hadrian back of him from this strand man "I'm Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two. Hadrian's father." He said with a blank stare at the man.

"F-Father! NO! HIS FATHER IS JAMES POTTER! NOT YOU!" he said angrily.

"Indeed, I'm not his blood father but I raised him ever since he came to the Axiom Church. It takes more than blood to be a father." He said closing his eyes making Sirius angrier.

"Dad, how did you know I was here?" Hadrian asked his father.

He looks at the thirty-fourth knight "You can thank Renly here. He saw them kidnapping you while you were having your lunch. Hedwig here followed your bond with her leading us here." He ruffles his hair as he smiles at him.

Bercouli walks to the old man who dares kidnapped his Grandson. He looks at him with his blue eyes then at Sheyta.

Sheyta bows as she moves out of the way letting the commander through.

Fudge walks up to the buff man puffing out chest trying to be intimidating "I am Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge I demand who you are!?" he said.

The Muggle-borns bow at the commander. Bercouli looks at them smiling "I am the Commander of the Integrity Knight Order! Bercouli Synthesis One!"

He turns to the Minister and the adults "Everyone here has committed a crime against the Church. Kidnapping an Integrity Knight and a child from their parents." He said causing fear to the wizards.

"As punishment, every adult will be imprisoned in the dungeon of the church for life." He said as they oppose his order. "Be lucky wizards, if the Pontifex was still here, you'll be executed right here and now."

"You can't be serious! The church does not have any involvement with us!" Umbridge said as Sheyta held her sword near her throat. She stood there in silence as her life is on the line.

"Then tell me, why would you kidnap a member of the Integrity Knights?" the Commander asked.

"Harry Potter is a citizen of the Wizarding World therefore you have to kidnap him from his loving home," Dumbledore said.

"His family was unfit to raised Hadrian Synthesis Thirty-Four, so we took him and executed his family for child abuse," Bercouli said.

Dumbledore doesn't like this at all, his plans for Harry is falling apart as he speaks. He then came up with an idea. " I know we kidnap Ha-Hadrian but we have a reason why." He said.

"Dumbledore! Don't!" Fudge yelled.

"It's fine Cornelius, Commander Bercouli I have a proposition to give you." He said to the knight.

"And what's that?" he asked.

"We let Hadrian attend our school, then during the summer he'll be back in the Church." He offered him. "How's that Commander?"

"Eugeo," Bercouli called the Blue knight as he made his way to the Commander.

"Yes, Commander?" the blond asked.

"Little lady isn't here, you have to decide the best course for Hadrian." He said to him.

Eugeo thought for a while when he felt his son tugging on his arm. "What-"

"(Dad, I feel something here that does not belong,)" he whispers.

"(Are you sure? I trust your instincts but…)" Eugeo stared at his son's emerald eyes.

"(Dad, it's a duty to for the Integrity Knights to deal with anything that harms the human empire and this feeling is a dark one.)" he said with determination in his eyes.

Eugeo sighs (You are aware that your mother will kill me,)" he said to him.

"(Then have her check on me often, I can't just ignore this feeling.)" he said.

"(Fine,)" he whispers. "He'll stay for the year"

"That's great sir-"

"But I want his Aunt to stay with him," Eugeo said causing them to be in shock.

"Uh, Eugeo," Renly said as he comes up to him. "You don't mean Lady Eydis."

He smirks at the green-haired knight as he sighs. "Is that alright with you Commander?"

Bercouli thought for a moment as he looks at his grandson. "Yes, besides, I think Eydis will like this place." He looked at the old man

"Is this fine with you headmaster?" The blue-haired knight asked.

"Y-Yes," Dumbledore said knowing this is the only way to make Harry stay.

Hadrian jumps happily and hugs his father, "Thank you Dad!" he said as he hugged him back.

"Just don't do anything reckless, so your work, and listen to your Aunt," Eugeo said.

Soon the Integrity Knights got on their dragons as Eugeo stayed. Bercouli looked at the blond man. "Eugeo? You're coming?" he asked

He waves at him "I will wait until Eydis arrive before leaving, I want to spend more time with Hadrian." He said as he nodded.

The dragons took off back to the Central Cathedral leaving both Eugeo and Hadrian in Hogwarts. Sirius doesn't like this man taking the role of father for Harry, he had a suspicious feeling about these Integrity Knights and their interest in his Godson. He decides to look into this Eugeo Synthesis Thirty- Two with Remus.

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