Uhh, yeah. So this became a requested thing. Highly requested. So, with the excuse, here's the prologue. Enjoy.

Issei had planned everything. From the moment he arrived to the moment he would awake the next morning. His date with Yuuma was his first ever and he didn't want to disappoint by showing his lack of experience in the area. He looked up several articles on where to take her, consulted the Lover's Manual on what to talk about and flirt, he even took an idea for his outfit from one of those cheesy high school romance movies. He just didn't want to screw it up. Not when this girl had gone out of her way to ask him out.

The brunette wouldn't call himself popular. No, he was far from it. He was as unpopular and disliked as any person could be. And who could blame him. He was a pervert, a big tit loving pervert. Outcast at school with two other perverts to call friends. He was beaten daily by the kendo club for spying on them, avoided like the plague, and criticized in everything he did. Hell, his parents constantly reminded him that they wished for another child.

But now that he had Yuuma, maybe that could change. He could take a chance ogling only at her. She didn't seem to mind by the way she flaunted her assets throughout the date, whether purposeful or not. Hopefully his parents would approve as well. School life would improve since he would no longer peak. And maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be long before he no longer needed porn...

That wasn't important right now.

The date, itself, went off without a single hitch. They did a little window shopping, tried on some clothes, ate at a nice restaurant, typical date stuff. Yuuma laughed at his jokes, smiled, held his hand, and wore the cute bracelet he bought her. All while he was on his best behavior, making sure not to leer too long or too obviously. He would say he did pretty well for his first time.

But all good things do come to an inevitable end. Both seem distraught by the knowledge of the fact. The sun was setting, they were walking back to the residential district, and both were tired from the long, exciting day.

The couple made their way to a fountain through a small park. Yuuma had her arm hooked around one of Issei's, leaning her head against his shoulder as they stepped. Issei felt content having knocked off plenty cliche date moments from his bucket list. This, however, was the best so far. But as they grew closer, his girlfriend relinquished the appendage, much to the boy's dismay, and skipped ahead before spinning on her heel back towards him.

"Issei, I had a great time today," Yuuma said cheerfully. Her smile was bright and her eyes were squinted in glee. "It was so much fun."

Issei smiled back bashful. "Thanks Yuuma, I had a nice time as well..."

Their eyes met and a blush adorned their cheeks. Issei looked at her as a whole. She was stunning with the water spouting behind her and the sunset glistening in the background. Her eyes seemed brighter and her skin glowed with a bright radiance.

"Issei..." Yuuma spoke up, pulling him from his staring. How could he not, she was like an angel. "I want to make this a day we won't forget. Make it a memory we both cherish for the rest of our lives."

Yuuma took a step and Issei audibly gulped.

'Oh no, is this where we...' His mind began to run. 'B-But I didn't bring any condoms. Will I forget how to stroke? Will she use her mouth or...'

Yuuma took another step. This one louder than before. At least to Issei it was.

"Issei, will you do something for me?"

His heart leapt into his throat. It was coming. He needed to answer confidently. He had watched enough porn. He was ready for this.

"Yeah, sure? What is it?" he asked, trying not to sound too eager.

She cast a glance to the side and squirmed a little in place. The brunette found it adorable. But when she looked back, the deep want and desire made her look absolutely sexy. Little did he know what that want was.

"Would you...die for me?"

Issei's brain screeched to a halt, his body not that far behind. The words were slow to register and when they did they were unbelievable. So much so that the poor boy laughed at what he thought was a joke.

"...Haha, that's a good one,Yuuma..." He had to get used to laughing at her jokes. As a good boyfriend should.

"Oh?" she said, tipping her head. "But I wasn't joking…" Issei froze again. His eyes widened as he watched a sinister smile spread across the girl's face. "I'll say it again, in case you didn't get it the first time. Would you please die for me?"

Then, Issei saw something he would never forget. Two black wings erupted from Yuuma's back. They were like a crow's wings, several feathers fluttering against the ground, landing delicately at her feet. And yet, no matter how many fell it didn't look like she truly lost them at all.

Issei's jaw dropped. It moved to try and form words but nothing but air came back. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was right before his very eyes but his brain was having a hard time registering it. The idea that something like this existed. He didn't mean for her to literally be an angel. Especially not a fallen.

"I had a lot of fun these last few days," she said with a giggle. It was mockingly. "You're a real sucker, you know that? You made my job so much easier."

She raised her hand and a flash of light appeared in her palm. It took shape, morphing, thinning, sharpening. It didn't take a genius to realize what the light had been formed into. And it nearly made Issei's heart skip a beat as the tip of a spear was aimed in his direction.

It was a second between her raising the spear and Issei's legs finding a feeling once more. For fear was one of many fuels for the body. And in that moment, it was Issei's drive to turn and run. A mistake he found out too late.

The feeling of a solid object piercing through him was foreign. It went in his back and out his chest with ease. He watched it in slow motion, null to the world around him. The spear was clean of blood, the splash it drew out splattering onto the walkway. It was hard to register that he was looking at his own blood.

Then, pain struck. Never had he known such a level of pain before. Adrenaline had numb the initial contact but now all he could feel was pain. The force had knocked him off balance. He tripped and stumbled trying to keep his feet under him. The pavement came and he twisted himself, falling onto his side hard, skidding across the ground. It hurts but it pales in comparison to the pain still resonating in his chest, spreading throughout his body. He couldn't stop from shaking as every nerve screamed at him in agony. Was this what dying felt like?

The spear faded into particles and blood started to pool from the holes in his chest and back. He never realized just how much blood the human body held. It was so red and thick, and yet he could see his own reflection in it. It was so red, no, crimson. Just like...

"If you want to blame someone for this, blame God. After all, he gave you the Sacred Gear."

Yuuma hovered over him, a toothy sneer splitting her face. She seemed much more mature but he could see the visage of the girl that asked him out. The girl he spent the day with. Now accompanied by this face of sadistic glee. How were they the same person?

"All always remember our date, Issei. I did have a wonderful time fooling you." Yuuma, no, this monster then held up the bracelet he bought her. For a split second, her face morphed back to Yuuma's and she smiled sweetly. "I will cherish this. A souvenir in your memory." Then, the monster was back and she cackled one last time.

With that, the woman spread her wings and took off. Leaving Issei on his own, left to die. Lost, afraid, and hurt. Not just physically but mentally as well. He didn't want to die but found himself unable to fight the cold setting in. He was growing tired and growing weak. The world around him was dimming, black seeping in from all around. The light slowly faded and his breaths began to lessen and lessen. The pain was starting to numb but so was the rest of his body. He couldn't help how heavy his eyes were but chose to keep them open as long as possible. Whether it was hope for a miracle or because he was that stubborn, he didn't know.

Issei reached a hand out but lost the strength soon after. It fell over, and with it a slip fell next to him. He could barely turn his head to see what it was. It was the weird flyer that woman had given him earlier. It had said something about a wish. He didn't care to think about it but, with him dying, he humored the question.

What did he want..?

Red. No, crimson flashed before his eyes.

If only he could see the beautiful sight that was Rias Gremory's boobs. He used what little strength remained to reach for the paper.

Three inches. Two inches. One...




Issei's eyes shot open and he gulped in the biggest breath he ever had. His eyes bounced around but couldn't land on anything in particular. The boy saw nothing around him. He felt nothing, nor could he hear anything. There were no signs of life, or even material for that matter. There was just...nothing surrounding him, let alone anyone. There was only the endless abyss with him just floating around inside of it. An empty void of black mass and he couldn't be sure if it was because there wasn't any light specifically where he was...or if there wasn't any to begin with.

Slowly, it dawned on him. He had died not too long ago. He tried to reach for that piece of paper but was unsure if he had actually reached it or not. But judging by the fact he wasn't anywhere familiar and he couldn't feel anything, the slip was obviously fake and he died or he simply fell short.

The teen looked down to see his clothes mended. He guessed he got to keep his clothes in the afterlife. Good, if he was to go wherever after death was, he'd rather not be forced to wear that white tunic all those paintings depicted of Heaven. Nor would he rather be nude and in chains like similar paintings depicted Hell.

In a moment of curiosity, Issei decided to lift his shirt. His eyes widened at what he saw, making him gulp a dry wad of air. There was a large scar on his chest. It looked like it was mended too but it would never fully heal. Neither would the image he had of Yuuma. Or that monster she seemed to mask underneath. There was a tingling, unpleasant sensation from the scar and he pulled his shirt back down. Out of sight out of mind, right?




So he really was dead... How would people react to his death? Would they truly mourn for him? Or would they cheer that the stain on life actually died? His parents always talked as if they regretted having such a perverted son. Everyone at school essentially avoided him like the plague. Girls knew of him no matter where he went and were disgusted by him. It wouldn't be too far fetched that people would dance on his grave rather than pray. He shouldn't expect flowers either.

It was best he focused on what lied ahead. So he took a shaky breath, unsure if it was nerves or the sadden reality that struck him. But as he exhaled, he once again took in the black around him.

"So this is my afterlife then..." He mumbled to himself.

The brunette reached out, trying to find anything solid but his hands kept grabbing air. He tried to step forward but it felt like there wasn't a floor beneath his feet. They just danced back and forth beneath him. It didn't feel like he was moving forwards or backwards either. Neither did it feel like he was falling or rising. So where exactly was he?

"You are in limbo, my son." A voice spoke up. It was strong and very masculine, booming throughout the void.

"W-What? W-Who are you? Who's there?" Issei asked, caught off guard by the abrupt addition of another.

"Who am I? I've gone by many names over vast lifetimes. I've had many forms and have done many things upon this rock. I have even appeared as male, female, animal, and plant before many of your kind."

Issei's eyes widened and he felt his left hand twitch. He quickly noticed how there was a confliction of anger and fear radiating within him. It was a part of him but at the same time separate. But it knew this new arrival and, somehow, Issei knew too.

"Y-You're...God," he muttered in awe.

In response to his answer, a bright white light filled the void and brightened the area surrounding the teenager. It didn't hurt his eyes despite staring directly at it. There was no "heat" radiating off it, yet it seemed to provide a cloak of warmth and comfort that enraptured the boy.

As the light faded, it revealed a figure. An old man, easily surpassing Issei's age five times over. He was balding at the top, snow white hair on the sides, long snow white beard, a little too muscular for His age, and dressed in an exquisite and expensive-looking white tunic.

"For a child of Japanese descent to know of me. That is very good and makes things much easier."

Issei couldn't help being in awe at the power radiating from the being before him. He still found his mouth functioning and words flowed without much thought. "Yeah, my old friend, Irina, was a strong follower of the Christian religion. She made sure I knew of your work too."

"Ah, yes, Irina Shidou. Very good, very good. I can cut to the chase without explaining who I am. You have died, Issei Hyoudou."

This confused the boy and his eyebrows knitted to reflect that. "But didn't you say that I didn't die?"

God merely stroked His beard, unaffected by the question, or He just didn't show it. "Yes, you would be both right and wrong. You died, but you aren't dead."

Issei blinked twice. "That makes no sense...your Holiness."

"To a mere mortal no. But to us gods, it is a thing we've come to know of and prepare for."

"Wait, gods? As in more than one?"

"Yes, but don't worry about such things. We have much to discuss and little time to discuss them."

Issei shut his mouth. If what God was saying was true, he was somehow still alive. He was dead, but wasn't dead. Didn't that mean he was alive, and not alive? Whatever that meant, it was obvious He wasn't here to idly chat. Especially if the urgency in his tone was anything to go off of.

"Now, to start off, the world you have known, my dear Ise, has ended."

There was a long pause. God was surprisingly patient as he watched the multitude of emotions dance across the boy's face. Confusion, disbelief, anger, sadness, back to confusion, then shock.

"W-What!? Wait a minute! Ended!? What do you mean it ended!?"

God nodded His head, understanding of the child's outburst. "I am afraid your world has, in every sense of the word, ended, my child. Chaos was brought forth, many lives were lost, many beings were awakened and enraged, and it was only a matter of time before the world you knew was simply obliterated from reality. Without you, it was only a matter of time before such rifts of reality were torn open and the world was driven to its demise."

"What!? But how!? What would I have done that kept the world together!?"

"More than you could have ever imagined. All for the people you love, and tits. Lots and lots of tits." God had spoken with an insurmountable amount of pride. For the first sentence. The rest, however...

Issei couldn't believe the words coming from the God's mouth. God, the one and only, well not so much one and only anymore. But still! He was the Almighty. Afterall, he survived the destruction of his world.

"I really saved my world simply for tits?"

"And for the life of your family, friends, and the people you swore to protect. Several times, actually. It was awe inspiring but mentally scarring. Thank me that I'm a god or I'd have been embarrassed for you with all the boob squishing, nipple poking, tit sucking, and gods know what else. But I've seen such things too many times that I've become somewhat...used to it. Still, tits of all things. I gave them to women on a whim and yet it has continuously created very powerful men through many ages, timelines, and universes. So many heroes, so many villains, all for two mounds of flesh. Haah, I don't know whether to pat myself on the back or kick it."

A heavy blush of shame and embarrassment colored his entire face. He actually had God questioning his own decisions way back when he first created man. He wasn't the only one but he was the one God stood to speak out to after so many centuries of silence.

Still, Issei didn't think that his obsession of boobs would actually save the world. Let alone multiple times. Maybe his grandpa was on to something after all. Even more so still, it WAS a pair of boobs that killed him as well. So they could be his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

"Back to the topic at hand," God spoke up. Issei turned his attention back to the old man. "As the world was coming to its end, the system I created, the system that held the very fabrications of the world, the reality you knew, was destroyed in the process. With it, many unspeakable things happened across the world." God looked away. His eyes were clouded with pain and regret. Guilt and sorrow. He was mourning, that which He created was no more. All because what He created destroyed what He created. Due to selfishness, greed, envy, and sadistic satisfaction. It was crazy for Issei to imagine what He went through and still have the strength to carry on. How could anyone cope after having to watch, what was essentially his own children, kill each other.

"Many died, many went insane, many wept, and many felt just angry. All before the world you once knew was completely wiped. And who do you think that was all pointed at, Ise?" The boy didn't answer but the being already knew that he knew. "They didn't blame each other. No, no, they were too smart for their own good. Too righteous to blame one another for going to war with one another. No, they blamed me, Issei. They blamed the god who abandoned them. Who left them to their free will to create and destroy as they wished."


"I didn't give my angels free will. They succumbed to corruption and fell, one by one. My most trusted became the devil and waged war against me because I chose humans over angels. The other Pantheons stayed away, dragons did as they wished and were hunted, my own children, your kind...they fought amongst one another. Devils, angels, fallen, and beasts hunted them and they continue to fight each other as well as the other species too. I created them with free will and it led to them just fighting, no matter who it was. And it led to them being hated and sought after for childish games, unifying the supernatural against them to play childish games. So I created the Sacred Gears, to give humans a chance to live how they wished. To try and hold that freedom I dreamed of. And look how that turned out. My greatest project, my greatest achievement, the very things and people I loved...turned against one another and eventually killed everything I created. Every. Little. Thing."

The teen noticed something appear in the old man's hands. A doll, burned and blackened. He watched the god rub His affectionately over it, as if it was his own daughter that once held the plush toy. And, in one way or another, it was. He was mourning.

He then remembered God's words and how they reminded him of Yuuma and her final words to him. "Wait, Yuuma, my girlfriend-"

"She was no such thing, Issei." The toy disappeared and the being turned back to the boy. His eyes were hard, no longer carrying the sadness from a few moments ago. "She was a fallen angel sent to kill you and another. She tricked you, gained your trust, toyed with you, wrapped you around her finger, and ended you."

Issei swallowed a lump in his throat. The words rang in his head but he pushed them out in favor of a bigger question. "What happened to her?"

God sighed, exhaustion marring His face. "She was stripped of her powers for disobeying direct orders from her leader. Her wings were ripped off, her magic sealed, and she was reduced to a mere human. She was punished by becoming that which she hated, used, and abused. Fitting in my opinion."

Issei felt his blood run ice cold. Had he really been that important? She was essentially stripped of who she was as a person. Yuuma or not, to be stripped of something that defined her. Issei couldn't imagine the thought of losing all of which she had when she was born. Losing her wings, her powers, essentially becoming like him. He hated feeling useless so he couldn't fathom being useful to becoming nothing.

"But as I have stated, we shouldn't worry about that world. Your world is gone, stripped from the face of reality. Many gods have fled, others dead amongst those of that world. It is gone."

"What of the other gods in my world? The ones who ran. Surely even they-"

God raised His hand. "Wherever they have gone, I do not know. There are millions, billions, even trillions of other worlds. The odds of finding them are extremely slim due to the fact the world they once inhabited no longer exists. Now, they hope to find others, to rebuild, to try and find a new life. And we still have much to discuss about the next steps for you, Issei."

"Ah, yes, I'm sorry to ask so many questions." Issei bowed his head and the old man nodded in acceptance.

"Now, the reason you are here is due to the troubles another world faces. Very similar to what yours had gone through, in fact." Issei looked perplexed but God continued to clarify. "You see, this world has been plagued by creatures known as Grimm. The Grimm have hunted and killed humans, not as a need to feed but merely out of instinct and order."

"Order? How is any of that order?"

"Have humans ever seen eye to eye in your world?"

Issei paused and gained a troubled look. It was an easy answer. "No. I wouldn't say so. We still have...we had wars and problems amongst one another despite the want for peace."

"This world shares similar issues. The Grimm were created by one of the gods who ruled it, in an attempt to bring mankind together. It was the common ploy of creating a common enemy to unite the people. It did not and humanity continues to fight amongst itself over the same trivial matters your kind had."

"Wait, this world wasn't created by you?" Issei asked.

"No, it wasn't. There are many primordial gods such as I who have created worlds and have taken their attempts at creating humanity. This one is still relatively new, made by two gods."


"Yes, twin brothers actually," God answered with a head nod. "Similar to me, they spoke and communicated with the humans in the beginning. However, they were much closer and face to face with humanity. They gifted them magic, knowledge, and wisdom when asked. Until an incident drove the two sides apart."

God had a reminiscing look. He remembered something from his past. His lips thinned, the wrinkles on his forehead creased, and his eyebrows furrowed deeply. It was obvious to Issei that it wasn't a pleasant memory.

"Humanity eventually turned on the brothers. The two made mistake after mistake and it led to humanity's distrust in them. And instead of realizing where they went wrong, blamed the human's, killed a majority of them, and left the world in shatters." God stroked His beard and showed a hint of emotion, disdain. "They cowered before their duties and left. Leaving humanity to fend for itself. And every day their chances grow slimmer and slimmer to survive. For they still fight amongst each other and the Grimm continue to hunt and continue to kill."

"Didn't you do such a thing when you caused the worldwide flood? Grimm aside, you took out a majority of life on Earth. And when humans turned on you, and killed your son, you stopped communicating with them directly."

God turned to the brunette. His old, pale blue eyes narrowed in a piercing glare, aimed through the boy. It made Issei want to take back what he said and crawl into a hole to try and hide. But with there being only the black of the abyss, he was left to float under the powerful gaze of a god who could easily kill him. Or leave him dead-dead. However being dead and not dead worked.

Eventually, God relented and sighed. "Yes, that is true. Your knowledge seems quite adverse in my religion."

"My friend made sure of that," Issei stated dryly. He remembered the constant Bible studies Irina put him through. He wished to have some of his childhood back but was also thankful for the information now that it was actually paying dividends. Who knew that he would actually be able to talk to God about His history.

"You'd be correct in your words, Issei. I abandoned my people, killed them countless times, never once intervening to create peace nor find a compromise. I left them to their own devices and it created wars, mass homicides, even genocide in some cases. And, now, complete and utter annihilation. All for what? Power, money, fame, just because they could? This is the biggest mistake I've made so far. With so many leading up to it. I couldn't even create angels without the ability to create and cause war. I inadvertently created devils and vile humans with no shred of humanity within them. I am indeed a failure of a god if what I sought for never even had a chance."

Now Issei felt bad. Had he really just made God depressed? Irina might have killed him for that if he was still alive.

The dark cloud forming over His head was an obvious indication that He was ashamed of His mistakes. After all, he created such a world, created life, created beauty. But He also created that same life that grew corrupted, that grew envious, that grew angry, jealous, disgusted, vile, and evil. It wasn't His fault per say but to watch what He loved destroy each other and wipe all that He created from reality, God wouldn't blame anyone but himself. In His mind, it was His carelessness, lack of effort, and hope that things would work themselves out that caused this.

Issei felt sorry for God. He wondered if it was a sin to take pity on the supreme being. Despite all that was depicted of Him in the Bible, God didn't seem as jealous and unforgiving as depicted. Then again, He lost everything He worked for. So maybe it was the freshness of such a thing that left the old man so distraught. Then again, Issei didn't know exactly how time worked wherever he was.

Still, time was against him, if God's words rang true. "Hey, hey, mistakes happen. I'm to assume this is why you're intervening with the twin gods?"

The cloud disappeared and God seemed to take a calming breath. He straightened back to full height and the fog in his eyes cleared. Issei's attempt to take his mind off of Earth seemed to have worked.

"Yes, yes, you are indeed correct. I wish for these two not to make the same mistakes as I. And for their world to not succumb to the chaos as yours had."

Issei nodded his head. So God really could be sympathetic and forgiving. "I see. But that doesn't explain why you need me."

The old man stepped towards the boy. Issei stiffened but held his ground, keeping his eyes locked on the god's. Not like he could actually move though.

God raised one lone finger and tapped the brunette's left hand.


A shine of green blinded Issei momentarily. His hand grew heavier and the sound of metal clattering drew his attention back to it. When he looked down, his eyes widened at the red gauntlet that covered his arm, reaching up to his elbow. Issei thought it looked of a reptilian style, the metal pieces reminding him of scales, and the tips sharpened like that of claws. Two yellow spikes jutted out at the end and a large emerald jewel sat on the back of his hand, glowing ominously with symbols and shapes of ember dancing within it.

The power it exuded was far beyond anything Issei could fathom.

"W-What is this..?" He asked, still coming to terms that this thing was attached to his arm. He could feel it radiating an ancient power, how he knew he was unsure of. It felt like the same power from earlier when God arrived but it was much more potent now that it was in a physical form.

"That, Issei, is your Sacred Gear. The Boosted Gear to be precise. One of my more powerful and proudest creations. It has the power to double the users strength every ten seconds and it is also said to be so powerful that you could kill a god."

Issei looked back at the Lord. "K-Kill a god!?" He choked out.

God nodded His head. "If you grow to become strong enough, and wish for it, yes. I took every precaution to make sure my children could protect themselves from any threat. Including ones like myself..."

The grim tone the being used made Issei wary. Had such a situation already transpired? Where a human had to kill a god? Issei didn't know if he had it in him to kill anyone, let alone a being as powerful as a god. The sheer thought that he could achieve such a feat, it scared him. But, it also excited him at the sheer thought he had that kind of potential. To become that strong. Strong enough to rival what he considered practically immortal.

Well, used to. Not anymore since God just told him gods could die. And at the hands of a human.

Issei clenched and unclenched his fist. He could become that strong. With such a weapon, his doubt subsided just a fraction. He didn't know he had such a kickass gear at his disposal. He could actually understand a fear of wanting him dead if he could essentially become a god.



His world was gone due to him being weak but God was giving him another chance. Another opportunity to save another world. Could he do it? He didn't know. But he wasn't brought here to doubt and question. God believed in him, so he had to too. For the sake of this new world. He obviously had the capacity to do so or God wouldn't have brought him back-ish.

Heh, it sounded like he was the protagonist of one of those isekai anime. Or even a main character in a video game. He wondered if there was a princess to save. Or a possible harem to form. Maybe they will all have big boobs too. And if he saved one, she would let him squeeze and suck on her milk makers.


A shiver ran down the boy's spine and he went stiff as a board. Images of Raynare clouded his mind and he shook his head at the thought of that malicious grin. The spear in her hands leaving and impaling him once more. The scar began to burn and his hands shook.

No no no, she was dead. Yes, she was dead. He, on the other hand, was somehow still alive and would be going to a new world. One he would save. He couldn't allow his past to haunt him. Not when so many lives would depend on him. Meaning he had to keep a level head.

Issei willed himself to stop shaking and drew his hand into a fist of resolved determination. He looked up at God, meeting those icy blue eyes with renowned vigor. "So what will I do once I bring everyone together?"

God smiled for the first time. It wasn't like His rueful smiles or sadden ones of remorse. This one was true and shined like a thousand suns. It was one of pride, pride in Issei. Pride that he was taking the initiative with a strong foot forward. There was no hesitation, for the moment.

"That, my dear boy, is for you to decide."

This made the Sekiryuutei falter. "E-Eh? Me?"

The Lord nodded His head. "Yes. I have given you the gist of this new world but I do not know of everything myself. And, unfortunately, I won't be able to find out."

"What? You aren't coming?"

"No, my child. I shall be going off to find the brothers."

"But didn't you say it was near impossible to find other gods?"

"If their world is destroyed. If what they created is still intact, I can trace their source of power to wherever it is they have fled to."

"...So I'll be on my own?"

"Not completely," God replied. Issei looked back to see a knowing smirk on the god's face. "Normally I am not allowed to but, due to the absence of the brothers, I have already made contact with someone from this world."

"What? Who?"

"His name is Ozpin. He is the headmaster of the school you'll be attending." There was a groan from the brunette at the thought of still having to go to school. God could only chuckle. "This isn't your normal school, Issei."

"Oh yeah, how's that?" He mumbled out, looking very uninterested.

"This is a school that trains you to become a huntsman. That which travels the world, keeping humanity safe." This made the boy perk up and he watched as a glimmer of curiosity surfaced in his eyes. "As I've stated, this world is plagued by corrupt creatures known as Grimm. The Grimm hunt and kill humanity. So, humanity created its own force to defend against the threat, the huntsman. They are trained fighters, warriors, some even soldiers, all with the skill to take down the Grimm and any other threats against the human race."

The last part caught Issei's attention. The Lord spoke as if there was more to defend against than just the Grimm. Then he remembered His words about the similarities between worlds and realized what He implied.

"So, I would have to fight humans as well?"

God's lips thinned and he nodded. "Unfortunately. And there are other threats that you will find out about soon enough."

Issei closed his eyes and took another breath. He had a lot on his plate it seemed and the more they spoke the more he felt he would become overwhelmed. It was already a lot, and he was still coming to terms that his world had been destroyed.

His parents. His friends. The people he would have saved if he wasn't so weak. It was still a raw mark but it seemed he didn't even have time to properly mourn.

All he could do now was prevent it from happening to this new world. There would be adjusting and a lot of learning. Plus he had to train, heavily, if he was to even have a chance. He had new lives to save, a second chance to become the hero he was destined to be.

Even without God, he would have to grow strong enough to save these people. Somehow.

"Is there anything else I should know?"

"As I've stated, my knowledge of this world is limited. Ozpin will fill you in on everything else that you would need to know and assure your enrollment into the school. There, you'll be trained and prepare for the inevitable. However, I will advise this..."

Issei's eyes narrowed. The seriousness in God's voice had increased. Judging by the tension, Issei could tell this was more of a warning than mere advice.

"Do not trust anyone blindly. Not even Ozpin..."

This caught Issei off guard. "But you-"

"He was merely the easiest to talk to due to some...interesting events I came to discover about him. I don't fully trust him, and neither should you. Find out everything you can about this world and find your own conclusion. Do not let anyone make it for you."

"I- yes, I understand."

"Good. You won't have me at your side, Ise. I'll talk to you when I can but I must put a lot of focus into finding the brothers." God came forward and placed a strong hand on the Sekiryuutei's shoulder. "I believe in you, Issei. You may not have been able to save your world, but you can save this one. I know it."

Issei looked up and met the Lord's gaze. It was firm, reassuring, and confident. To have such a being believe in him so strongly, Issei felt that he could really do it. He had to believe in himself. To make up for his blunder.

This was his redemption. He didn't have the chance to be the hero of his world. But he'd be damned if he didn't save this one. He knew no one, had no family, no friends, but people were counting on him. Even if they didn't know it.

And he wouldn't let them down.

After taking another deep inhale. Issei clenched his armored hand into a fist. The green gem glowed brightly, feeding off his flux of emotions, responding in kind. He never felt more ready, adrenaline fueling through him.

The teen released a sigh. "Okay, I'm ready."

"I know you are, my son. Safe travels and...good luck."


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