The star aftermath and the forming of the poppo rangers

"Poppo… *I'm at just over 2100, how about you?*" A mixed poppo states as she tosses a comedicly oversized clipboard onto a pile of stars. Another popoo dressed as a vampire is trying to shove another a similarly large amount of stars into her cage.
"Poppo! *I need a bigger cage! To many stars!*" This poppo states as she looks over her cage. A third poppo dressed in green was looking over a much larger pile of stars.
"Pop po poppo! *I'm happy with this outcome, Star Devour can eat her heart out, we own the stars now." The poppo states as it happily looks over the pile. Around this time Tomomo has entered the room.
"Where have you poppos been! I need you for th…" Tomomo is cut off as the beeping of a dump truck fills the room. The dump trump proceeds to empty a truly massive amount of stars onto the floor. After several seconds of the pile settling a poppo pops out of the pile and smiles.
"POPPO! Po. *9999 stars, hail to the new queen of poppos. Oh, sup boss.*" The poppo exclaims happily. Tomomo silently stares at the dump truck and the poppos before silently backing out of the room and running. Several seconds pass before one of the poppos is warped out of the room to a very scared scream from Tomomo. The poppo comes flying into the room courtesy of being thrown.
"Pop…*We left all the traps laying around.*" The vampire poppo states.
"Puo po! *I got 5k*" The poppo in green exclaims. It was around this point the first poppo to speak bursts out laughing before flopping face down on her pile and rolling in laughter.

Author Corner

Nearly 3 hours well spent of just my friends and myself just running around warping like crazy as Mixed Poppos, eventually glitching the game several times.

We had enough stars that the person that won was stated to come in third.
And yes, the number of stars are correct, we did max it at 9999, stars do not go to five digits.