Two years have passed since the Gods left and Salem died. And a lot changed since then.

First, it was discovered that the Kingdom of Atlas had been destroyed, and that all human presence on the continent of Solitas had been wiped out.

Vacuo had gotten out of their civil war soon after we had left, as Rumpole had declared the Huntsman system to be replaced with the group team RWBY had created.

That group had been made so there was no clear leader, but instead they were a collection of individuals taking on whatever task they wanted.

The only difference with the old Huntsman system was that there was no centralized figure that could assemble them in time of crisis. Yet that was enough for the people of Vacuo.

On the other side of Remnant, Mistral had dissolved into a miriad of small Kingdoms waging war on each other to unify their continent.

And Vale, ironically, was the one place that still stood tall, and mostly, unchanged.

That is not to say everything was the same. After we left the Vault, we soon understood what the Gods had meant when they said everyone shall know what happened.

Every human, every faunus now knew everything that happened between the moment the Brothers landed on Remnant and the moment they left.

Which obviously meant they only had a small part of the information. For example, they thought that everyone that had been close to Ozpin were there to stop Ruby from making the Gods leave.

The global consensus was that Ruby should go to Hell for having thrown away any chance for life after death. It was to the point where she couldn't show her face in public without being attacked or insulted, so she now spent most of her time fighting grimm before they reached any settlements.

She had gifted me, before she left, a new weapon. She had taken my parasol and changed it into a mechashift weapon.

It was now solid enough that I could use it to block, although only when closed would it be worthwhile to do so. It meant I could still block with my parasol open if I wanted to show off though, despite me losing more aura doing so than by taken the hit head on.

The parasol, once closed, now also worked as a rifle, and she even added a sturdy small blade at the end for me to use as a bayonet.

Then, it could retract even further to become a pistol. A rather weird one, but a pistol nonetheless, one that worked just like the one that I had before.

It was a beautiful weapon. I would never let anyone but Ruby touch it.

Weiss chose to take highly rewarding missions, as she had decided to re-colonize Solitas and needed ressources to do so.

Blake was spending half her time in Menagerie and the other half in Vale to advocate for faunus rights and push for increased relations between the two Kingdoms.

Because, now that Vale was pretty much the only functionning Kingdom with Vacuo, they had formally recognized what was called the Kingdom of Kuo Kuana.

Finally, Yang spent her time helping any of her three former teammates, although she tended to spend more time with one in particular.

As for the people that had been down there with us, well team JNNR, who had bonded over losing members of their former teams, had stayed close and often took missions together.

Oscar, on the other hand, had disappeared shortly after, only to sign up to Beacon when he got 17.

Qrow had decided to move in with Tai for an early retirement, and by that, I mean actually teaching full time at Signal.

And Glynda went back to work under the new Headmaster of Beacon. The Huntsman system was very much alive in Vale.

Speaking of the new Headmaster, well Vale's Council decided to force their pick in.

While the majority of the population was now blaming Ruby for everything wrong in their lives, most politicians took the time to properly get all of the story.

As such, they weren't hostile to Ruby, although they had no intention to support her either, unless they wanted to lose most of the votes.

But that meant they weren't completly opposed to her existence. Which was good news.

That's why I wasn't too surprised when Maya, the Councilwoman I had personally helped elect, came to me with a notice.

That didn't mean I appreciated what was written on it though. They were offering me the means to give Ruby a safe haven to rest in, but that would mean I had to be at their beck and call.

And most of all, it meant I would be stuck doing important work. Goodbye my freedom.

I did plan on accepting their offer though. I wanted to give Ruby a place where she could feel safe, and this would be my best shot at it.

Still, it sucked. So when Maya congratulated me for becoming the new Headmistress of Beacon, I made my displeasure known.

I flipped her off.

Dragon Lord Draco : Well, rules of fantasy school fiction states that Headmasters for the main character's school must be OP, wise, excentric, and have a reason why they won't go out and deal with threats themselves. Neo ticks all the boxes, while Glynda fails both the excentric and "stuck in the tower" requirement.

Posting the two endings was the original plan, but I don't think I can do it justice now. It'll have to wait for the rewrite.