Dear mom and dad,

I love you both, please don't blame yourselves for what is going to happen. It's not your fault. I have been hurting for a while now, and I understand why you sent me to therapy now but it didn't work. I'm stuck here with my thoughts and I can't seem to fix myself. I have to go, I need an escape. I'm leaving you two my hat since I don't need it anymore.

Love your baby boy, Maurice.

Dear Reggie and Lars,

Reg you were always a good friend I'm sorry that we haven't talked much since you started to go out with lars but unbeknownst to me I had feelings for you and I can't believe out of every person who would've asked you out it would be my brother. Lars I don't blame you for anything, you were following your heart. Just do me one thing protect her and cherish her. I know that I have been a pain for a brother to you since we were kids but I do love you. I wish the both of you happy memories.

Love Twist.

Dear Sam 'squid',

Thank you ever so much. For being there for me, for helping me bring up my grades, and for encouraging me to keep up with my band practice. But I'm sorry for leaving like this but I can't escape the feeling that the life in Ocean Shores isn't for me anymore. You're the smartest person I know, and I'm sure you can protect everyone and to make sure that their future is bright. The last time we talked I knew you knew how I felt and how much pain I was in, I'm sorry for keeping it a secret and caused that huge argument between us causing us for splitting the group junior year. I'm sorry that we haven't spoke since then, it was all my fault please forgive me.


Dear Otto,

Dude I'm sorry that I stopped being a part of the street hockey team and caused the team to lose states. I'm sorry that I formed a rift between us and caused you, Reg and Squid to set me aside and leave me. It was all my fault I know that now. Please just do me one solid thing and don't hate yourself. I can't stay here anymore. I'm sorry bro.


Dear Olivila,

Ever since I joined the music club, you were always nice to me and held me when I break down. You're a true friend. I'm sorry for not asking you to dance at prom but I was scared I would screw everything up like usual. Ever since we met I knew that I would fall for you. I'm sorry for how I am telling you this. Just keep being kind to everyone and keep smiling that wonderful smile.

Love M.

Once Twister's parents found his hat and notes. They searched their house and he wasn't there, they rushed out to the rockets house and pounded on the door. They were in tears and were frightened. They heard a voice of a teenage boy who was angry at the pounding on his door. "Who the fuck is pounding on my door at this time of night is going to have a ass whooping like they never had before." the boy shouted before opening the door. "Mr. and Ms. Rodriguez, why are you two here? Did something happen to Lars? He asked and ms. Rodriguez was hysterical as she could barely keep herself together. "It's Maurice,." Otto interrupted Mr. Rodriguez as he was getting annoyed. "Oh him, why come to my house we haven't spoken in years. Heck he even ignores us when we try to speak to him in the hallways at school. Go to someone who cares and leave me alone." Otto said before trying to shut his door before being slapped by Ms. Rodriguez, as her husband grabbed her hand he gave otto the letter Twister left for him. Otto quickly read it before asking, "what is this?". His eyes turned to the eyes of Twister's parents as he saw the fear and worry in their eyes. "Oh no. come in." Otto rushed up to Raymundo's door and yelled for his father. As his father yelled at him, because of the time at night. "Raymundo, It's Twist he may have." before Otto couldn't speak the last words.

Over two hours had gone by as Officer Shirley was notified of what had occured. Everyone who had letters were given them, and tears flew by their eyes. They found Twister's jacket by the cliff, they presumed Twisted had jumped into the cliff to his death. They never found a body. On the day before graduation Twister had an empty coffin Burial with all of his friends there in grief. Over the years Lars and Reggie had a child who was named Alice, Otto continued to skate and surf but he lacked the will to compete in competitions. Olivia just couldn't handle the confessions of twister and she just stayed in a state of depression before finally getting help. Sam went to college where he became a brilliant computer engineer. On the 6th year of Twisters death they all came back to Ocean Shores and went to a nightclub where there was a drifter who started to sing. As he sang only one pair of eyes were on him as he looked in the crowd and saw them. He looked nervous as he kept messing up with the songs he sang. "Hey guys, does he look familiar?" Reggie said as they all turned to the orange hair drifter.