The Trinket Box:

By KayCee1951

"We all have neglected opportunities to deplore."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes

Chapter Three:

USS Enterprise – 2275

"Docking maneuver complete, Captain. Welcome to Starbase Twelve," the Andorian male voice announced over the comm.

"Well, I guess we'd better get this over with, Mr. Spock," Jim said as he rose from his chair and pulled down on the front of his tunic.

Spock followed his captain into the turbo lift and requested Deck Five when the doors swooshed closed.

"You are going to see her off, aren't you? A parting should be well made."*

Spock stared straight ahead. "I will be at the appointed place, at the appointed time. However...I have something to attend to first."


When the turbo lift reached Deck 5, he turned to his friend and assured him, "Jim, I will be there."

Once inside his cabin, he cancelled the auto-illumination. The subtle backlighting of the IDIC symbol that covered the separating wall between office and bedchamber was sufficient for brooding over what might have been. The others would have said their private farewells by now and he was left with a small window of opportunity to say his.

Behind his desk, he knelt to retrieve the package that had been occupying the space in the recess of the storage compartment for the last six months. The rocking blotters he had purchased for his mother had posted to Amanda immediately.

He had purchased the trinket box for Christine. When tilted in just the right direction, the pearlescent abalone shell reflected the blue of her eyes.

She had said, "It is time for me to leave." Perhaps she was right. His fate was sealed.

In the one week, two days and seven point three two hours that had passed since the transfer request had been approved, McCoy's only personal comment to him had been, "I know you've learned a few things since V'ger. I'm guessing the folly of cutting your nose off to spite your face isn't one of them."

Spock had expected more, deserved more, derision from the good doctor, but it had not come. McCoy had made his case and then had gone silent about it since.

Standing on the threshold of her quarters, he adjusted the package under his arm and, contemplating the excision of his olfactory prominence, understood, for the first time, the concept of being haunted.

A/N: This story, now complete (at least from this author's perspective), was told from Spock's POV. It both precedes and accompanies Double Entendre (Magnificent Obsession Series: 1) which was told from Christine's POV.

*"And whether we shall meet again I know not. Therefore our everlasting farewell take: For ever, and for ever, farewell, [trustees]! If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why then, this parting was well made." William Shakespeare - Julius Caesar