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Summary: Caroline was building a life for herself, her plans were set and continually derailed by the supernatural world. The next thing to take her off course is the discovery that she is married, to Klaus Mikaelson and a vampire/witch hybrid. With her memories of their life back, she finds herself in New Orleans, ruling beside the big bad himself. Sequel to Sun and Moon, An Immortal Dance.

Chapter Eighteen

Silently, Caroline walked arm in arm with Klaus his right, while Hayley and Elijah on his left. Her mind was spinning with concern, worry over what Klaus and Elijah wanted to tell her, but she couldn't bring herself to ask right now. For the time being she needed to be patient, a choice she was beginning to regret as they walked down the street. Granted she had a feeling whatever Klaus had to tell them likely wouldn't have left them in a mood to be here either, so maybe it was a small mercy. She felt Klaus squeeze her arm tighter, causing her to look up at him with the same worry filled gaze.

"Talk to me," Caroline whispered to him. "You promised me you wouldn't shut me out."

He snapped his gaze to her, "I'm not shutting you out. But what I need to say, I can't do it here."

Caroline knew he had a point there, their were plenty of supernatural ears listening and it would do no good for them to talk about certain things in the open. However, it was lucky that she could almost speak to him with a thought. Though she was worried to try it again since had shut her out, blocked her. Before her thoughts could go further down that way, he lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a long kiss there, his eyes closed.

She didn't need to nudge his mind to know he was in pain and that he was sorry about something. There were so many things that he had done that she knew he regretted and some things that he didn't. What he had to be sorry for now, she couldn't begin to think of it.

When he lowered her hand, he opened his mouth to say more they were interrupted by Hayley's harsh coughing. Their gazes snapped towards her and Elijah who was speaking to her softly, her hand covering her mouth as she coughed. The vampires smelled the blood before they saw it on her hand as she pulled it away, horrified by the sight.

"We need to move," Caroline said sharply, "The compound is right over here."

They don't question her, Klaus and Caroline make a path through the other people while Elijah half carries Hayley over. Soon as they made it inside, Klaus and Caroline cleared the nearest table while Elijah lifted her into his arms and gently placed her on the now clear table, worry rushing through every part of him. While he struggled to describe the feelings he certainly had for Hayley, he knew that he cared for her as much as he cared for any other member of his family. He loved her. He wouldn't lose her.

She let out a cough as he set her down and then seemed to become limp on the table, blood in her mouth making his should be still heart race like no tomorrow. A moment later, Genevieve rushed inside. At the sight of her, three pairs of vampire eyes turned bloody. Though it was Elijah who snarled.

He stood in front of Hayley. "Get out of here."

"I can help," Genevieve replied, her expression genuine.

There was brief pause, a stand off almost that passed among them.

"She was a nurse," Caroline said softly. "We need medical help."

Reluctant, Elijah stood to the side, but not before he said, "Try anything funny and I will not hesitate to rip your heart out."

Genevieve doesn't comment on that. "Give me your jacket and Klaus, get some chamomile from the pantry. Caroline, you and I are going to perform a spell."

Genevieve moved to stand on Hayley's right while Caroline went to the left. Soon as Klaus returned, Genevieve took the chamomile and put it on Hayley's forehead. Once she was satisfied with it, she looked Caroline.

"Repeat after me," she instructed, her palms up. "Coeur blessé, battre avec mwen. Coeur blessé, battre avec mwen."

Caroline inhaled before repeating. "Coeur blessé, battre avec mwen. Coeur blessé, battre avec mwen."

Together they said the words repeatedly, but there was no change in Hayley. Her heartbeat was slowing, causing the others heart rates to spike further. Caroline poured as much strength as she could, she felt something odd in there, something that was placed in or around Hayley.

She went for it, she grabbed at it and her breath caught. A heartbeat later, it was gone, but still she followed it. Her voice beginning to drown out Genevieve's as her veins took on an ashen grey look and her eyes turned starry. Concern clouded the faces of the witch and vampire as they watched the change happen to her, her expression turn vacant and her voice monotone.

For a few moments, Caroline was no longer there in the compound with the others. Well she was in the compound, only it looked like someone had shifted the lighting to blue and she was alone there. Though when she turned around, she spotted Hayley sitting up on the table and her should be dead father in law there. Caroline wasn't sure if she could use her vampirism here, but her magic should still work, so she went with that. With the flick of her wrist, she sent Mikael flying against the nearest wall.

"Stay away from her," Caroline shouted at him as she went to Hayley's side. "You must have nothing better to do with your afterlife than to haunt your children who want nothing to do with you."

Mikael rose to his feet, his expression aggravated. "Ah my ever passionate daughter in law. Still traipsing around that hideous creature my children call brother!"

Caroline felt pleased when her vampire features came alive, her fangs bared and veins bulging beneath her eyes, "And the only hideous creature here is you! You slit my throat a thousand years ago, I would so very much like to return the favor."

Mikael made the first move to attack her, he rushed forward to strike her, but Caroline was faster and dodged the attack swiftly. The magic of her witch and vampire side seemed amplified here, though she could not figure out why, she wouldn't question it. Instead, she sent a sharp kick to Mikael and he went down.

Anger covered his features, nostrils flaring he to her again, only this time he was stopped by Hayley who had moved over and struck with a broken piece of wood from the banister. When she had gotten it, Caroline didn't have the faintest idea, but that was unimportant. What was important was that Mikael was down. Hayley stabbed him with the broken wood and the man cried out in pain.

In vain, he tried to move to strike Hayley with his fist as he shouted, "There is no saving that atrocity festering in your womb. Klaus will destroy it, one way or another. Better he dies now, and you along with it!"

"You're wrong," Hayley snapped at him as she shoved him down allowing Caroline to get in another kick of her own. "You're dead, your son beat you."

"He is not my son! He is a scourge, a symbol of weakness," Mikael hissed at them.

Caroline slit his throat in one swing, her eyes holding a dangerous glint in them as she said, "He has more strength than you will ever know." As Mikael's 'body' fell, Caroline turned to Hayley and grabbed her hand. "Are you okay?"

Hayley nodded, "Yeah, yeah. That was, something."

Caroline let a small laugh at that, but didn't know what to say to that. They needed to get out of here, it wouldn't do either of them, especially the baby, any good while they were in this place. It would be simple enough for Caroline to pull them out, but just before she could, that strange feeling reached her again and her breath caught in throat. Hayley seemed to notice, but before she could speak, Caroline was already talking.

"You have to go," Caroline said smiling though it faltered when she felt that strange tug again. She needed to find out what it was. "Go on. It's alright."

In the blink of an eye, Hayley was gone from her vision, but Caroline remained in the blue tinted place alone. She would go back in a second, but first she needed to look around. It took a moment before she found the source of the tug within her. At first it had started as something in her mind, but now she could almost physically feel it… in her heart then the tug moved to her stomach before it turned a bit painful.

A slight gasp of pain left her as she slowly fell to her knees. Bent over, Caroline struggled to keep her breathing even, but the pain in her stomach only worsened reminding her of period cramps, something she was grateful ended with her vampirism. However it wasn't like she could mistake the feeling for anything else.

"Easy, you're okay cuz," said a familiar southern accent.

Caroline lifted her head up at the blonde girl, "Lexi? Hi. What are yo- ow."

"Breathe with me," Lexi said as she got on her knees in front of Caroline, putting one hand on her shoulder. She took an exaggerated deep breath which Caroline copied. "There you go. This is a side effect of something that we had been trying to undo for awhile."

Caroline frowned at that, "What? A side effect from what?"

Lexi gave her a hesitant look, "I'm sorry I can't tell you. Your husband has to be the one."

"No, you can't do that," Caroline hissed at her shaking her head. "You can't just, just lead in with some secret and not tell me what it is. What is happening to me?"

Lexi squeezed her shoulder, "Not what's happening, what already happened… Remember I told you that there were spells from other covens on us that can have adverse effects? Do you remember that lesson?"

Caroline sucked in a sharp breath and nodded. It had been ages ago and Lexi had breezed through the lesson, claiming it wasn't terrible important because there were only about five spells and none of them would ever be used against her without a full coven support. Though Caroline mentioned it was possible that a coven could come for her, Lexi had brushed it over. Something the older girl was regretting.

Lexi continued, "This was one such spell. It had been used on you months ago and we-"

"Months ago," Caroline interrupted furious. "I've spoken to you and our ancestors a few times and not once did any of you mention that I apparently had been spelled. Why didn't you say anything when we talked? Why didn't they say anything?"

"I didn't know until a short while ago when our ancestors explained it to me. They didn't tell you at first because of your missing memory," Lexi replied softly.

"What about when I had it after, they could have told me then. Hell they could tell me now," Caroline shouted, her breath slightly heavy. "What was done to me?"

Lexi's expression turned pained. "Klaus has to tell you. We can't."

"You have to give me more than that," Caroline argued back, desperation coating her face.

"I wish I could," Lexi said and Caroline could feel her honesty in those words. "But I can't. Just know that when the spell had happened, we did everything we could to fight it. Our ancestors practically went to war with the French Quarter ancestors for it, but we couldn't stop them. And we couldn't reverse it."

"Our coven is strong enough to wipe out their living and dead," Caroline said then, her voice torn between confused and angry.

Lexi swallowed, visibly upset. "On a normal day, they could. But not that day, not with other ancestors giving their support… that was one of the only times in our history that we have been powerless, a day of silence for us despite how loud we were... The next thing our ancestors tried was to amplify the side effects, to break through your memory charm,, anything, but it wasn't enough. Even when your memories were brought back… they didn't have it in them to tell you truth."

Caroline took an uneasy breath. "Why won't you say what it is now? You're freaking me out."

"I know and I'm so sorry," Lexi said with a heartbreaking look. "Caroline, haven't you wondered why our ancestors were suddenly supportive of you and Klaus? Don't you remember you blocked your memory so you could remain with him one day, but when you're memory returned, they didn't so much as put up a fight? They didn't want the two of you together, they only needed you with him for his curse."

Caroline frowned at this. "I know that. But there was nothing they could do about my memories. They were still annoyed, but I won that fight."

"They could have pushed you further or bothered you or even used the backdoor in your charm, yes there is one, but they haven't. But someone built off your charm and used it against you and our coven, for a few hours someone else had done what we couldn't," Lexi forced out, her tone slightly frustrated. "When this spell was used on you, the adverse affects were stripped away and placed under the memory charm and our coven couldn't amplify the effects to warn you, to tell you what happened. The only reason you're feeling it now is because this place here, a part of the Other Side, is cracking with magic running rampant and you are one hell of a conduit."

Caroline wasn't sure what to say to any of that and a lot of it didn't really make any sense to her. Granted a lot of magic stuff still confused her. As she tried to piece together what Lexi was saying and not saying to her, questions swirled in her mind that she wanted to ask, but knew she could not get an answer. Soon as she was back, soon as everything had settled, she needed to speak with Klaus. Whatever he had to tell her involved some spell placed on her months ago that her ancestors couldn't reverse.

While she wouldn't pretend to understand everything about the supernatural world, let alone the witches specifically, she did know that Maclynths were feared for their power and that no coven wanted to fight them. The French Quarter witches did something to her and that was a challenge to her coven, causing an entire war she didn't even know about until now. A war they apparently lost.

But even with all of that, why couldn't they have just told her the truth before? Why wait? Out of everything Lexi was saying, that was the hardest thing for her to wrap her head around in this moment through the discomfort in her stomach. They could have told her before, they could tell her now and they just... just weren't. Why?

"But my memory came back with Klaus," Caroline whispered, "Why not tell me then? Why wait until now? Why not all the other times where we had a break in the chaos, when they could have sent a message?"

Lexi looked down for a moment before bringing her gaze back to Caroline's, "I won't pretend to understand their reasoning. Personally, I think they should have told you soon as your protective charm was released, but they didn't. And I wish that I could tell you, but we all know that the best person to tell you, who has finally learned the truth thanks to they've been leaving."

Caroline shook her head, "That was all they could do?"

"I don't like it either and God I want to tear them apart for keeping it hidden from you," Lexi said honestly, some anger in tone. She then leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Caroline's forehead before she breathed out. "I wish I had known sooner, I wish I could have done more to help."

Caroline opened her mouth to say something, but Lexi was gone a moment later and she was alone on the floor in the blue tinted compound. Hot tears fell down her cheeks, startling her. Absently, she touched them and stared in shock. Sure the pain she was in was far from pleasant, but it wasn't enough to bring out tears. For a moment, she just sat there and shut her eyes when she felt a rush of things from her ancestors. One very clear feeling that they had been hiding from her for months, remorse.

When Hayley woke up, her heart started to pound erratically and her mind felt foggy, as if it were wrapped in cotton. Yet an overwhelming amount of clarity washed over her and she let out a sharp gasp as she tried to sit upright. Mikael tried to kill her, tried to kill her baby in some supernatural middle ground or whatever the hell that place was.

A strong hand was on her shoulder, followed by another one on her back and when she looked to her left, there was Elijah, looking at her with warm brown eyes and a measured expression, but she could see his worry. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the red haired witch Genevieve and shrinked away.

"I saw him," Hayley gasped out as she looked back at Elijah, who carefully helped her sit up as he rubbed circled along her back.

"Who," Elijah asked, some confusion on his face.

She met his gaze, "Mikael. It was Mikael, he tried to kill me, to kill the baby."

Elijah took in a breath at the news, then pulled her into a side hug and rubbed her shoulder, "It's alright. You're safe now. He can't hurt you."

Hayley let out a breath of her own as she tried to steady her heart rate, "Yeah. I-I don't know where we were, but Caroline and I fought him. I think we killed him there."

"Good riddance," Elijah commented, his head on hers. "I'm glad you're okay, you had us worried."

Hayley moved her head, "Where's Caroline?"

Elijah moved back slightly and looked into the direction behind her. Confused and worried at his silence, Hayley turned around to see Klaus on the ground with Caroline lying on his lap. Her skin was paler than normal, her veins ashy grey color that reminded Hayley of desiccation. If not for the rise and fall of her chest, Hayley was certain that was the state she had been in.

"What happened to her," Hayley asked as she met Klaus' gaze. "She was fine a second ago, we weren't hurt. I don't understand."

Klaus inhaled sharply. "Wherever you lot had gone, she has yet to come back. I need her to bloody wake up."

Elijah helped Hayley off the table and gave a brief nod of thanks towards Genevieve as the red haired witch left the compound. He was grateful to the witch for her help, however that did not change his feelings towards her in the least. The threat he told her still stood, if he caught sight or heard of her doing anything that would harm Hayley, he would not hesitate to kill her and he had no feelings of hesitance about that.

On the one hand, he considered yelling at her to fix Caroline, but she had already answered that she couldn't before he even asked. Caroline's magic was different from other witches, it did not necessarily obey the laws of nature and went with it's own path. There were things it could do that were strange and out of reach.

Genevieve offered the brothers that this was one such thing, but that she would be fine. Mac witches are never taken down by magic. And that likely, she was doing something else. However before he could question it further, Elijah watched as Caroline's skin returned to it's normal color and her veins went back to normal as well. She took a deep breath, then opened her eyes that were slightly red.

She looked up at Klaus first, who's hand was on her cheek a moment later, "You're alright love. You're okay, I've got you."

A moment later, Elijah watched as her eyes shined with tears before they spilled from her eyes quickly. Klaus lifted her into a hug and she wrapped her arms around him tightly, trying to keep breaths steady, but a small sob escaped her. Both Elijah and Hayley considered perhaps they should leave to give the couple a moment alone, but both chose to move forward and get on the ground beside them instead. Klaus gave them a slightly questioning look as he rubbed Caroline's back. Though before he could put the question into words, Caroline pulled back from Klaus to look at Hayley.

"Are you okay," Caroline asked her then, cheeks red and wet.

Hayley nodded, "I'm fine. Are you?"

Caroline chuckled sadly, "Not everyday that one of your murderers reappears, tries to kill you and your friend." She swallowed, the smile leaving and turning into a pained frown as she looked to Klaus then to Elijah. "Give us a little bit of time to recover… but you have to tell us what you learned... Lexi, she, she said Klaus had to tell me."

Elijah and Klaus met each other's gazes for a second, a silent conversation being exchanged. They knew this was coming, had known since the witches body fell to the ground earlier, since they heard every word he had to say. But after only a few hours, they still were not ready to share the news, to speak the words themselves as the two of them had hardly spoken on the matter to each other. However that didn't matter. The two women here deserved to know the truth of what they had discovered, no matter how much it would hurt to say or hear.

Klaus gripped Caroline a bit tighter, but still he did not speak yet. How could he possibly tell her this news? Caroline, his wife, who was so full of light despite all the darkness in the world, despite all the darkness that came for her. Part of him always wondered what her limit was, he feared the day that her bright light would dim or completely vanish due to something in this life, or worse something he did.

Would this be the thing that dim her light?

"We will," Elijah said after a brief pause.

"But first I suggest we all take a breather, get ourselves settled," Klaus added, "It is going to be a long night."

The group of four made their way through the compound, each to clean off the dirt and grime of the day before each getting some food or blood respectively. It had been long and grueling for each of them, and they each knew that it wasn't quite over yet.

Merely three hours later, when the sun had gone down did Klaus find Hayley in her room, which was connected to the nursery. He remembered how he and Caroline had made it as a surprise for Hayley, a nice place for her and the child to be close, to prove to her that she had a place here as the baby's mother and their friend. Caroline had taken over most of the decorating, but Klaus gave input and the two laughed. He recalled how he pretended that they were preparing the nursery for their child.

The memory was a fond one, but it didn't help his feelings on how he needed to tell them this news, how he dreaded telling Hayley. Months ago, he wouldn't have cared in the least and would have merely went on with his life, gloating even over what he had discovered. But he had begun to see her as… a friend and he respected her, saw her as an equal in the way that they would both look after their child.

"Hey," Hayley said from on her seat on the bed. "You still look shitty."

Klaus forced a smile to grow on his face, "Sorry to disappoint you little wolf. You were quite resilient today, both of you were. Fighters."

"We've had to be lately," Hayley remarked, but her smile was still kind. "Something else is on your mind."

"Yes," Klaus answered honestly as he shifted in his spot. "About the conspiracy you brought up. Elijah and I, had a breakthrough so to speak." He inhaled and met her gaze, she was surprised at the softness of it. "I want you to know, you have a place here and you always will."

Warning sirens flared to life in Hayley's mind at that, it reminded her of the insecurity she sometimes still felt that after the baby was born, they would abandon her, maybe even kill her. Though Caroline, Rebekah, Elijah and even Klaus had assured her otherwise, it still entered her mind. To hear him say this now, it made her worry grow and wonder at what exactly he had learned today. Whatever it was, she knew it was probably worse than anything she had imagined if he was leading with that point.

Elijah and Caroline entered the room next before she could even think of a response to his assurances, left to wonder where it had come from and why he felt the need to say it now. Elijah was still in a suit, she realized he was the only one still dressed formally not that she was too surprised. He always dressed more formally, but the others in the room were all in lounge clothes, sweats, t-shirts. Well Klaus was in jeans, so her and Caroline were the ones underdressed in this group.

"Have you already told her," Elijah asked, his expression alarmed.

Klaus let out a noise of frustration, "No, I was waiting on you to bring Caroline as this concerns her as well. I was merely reminding Hayley that she has a place here."

Caroline made an amused face as she moved over to sit beside Hayley, "Of course she does. Though she doesn't seem to get that in her thick freaking were-slut skull."

Hayley snickered, "What is it with you vampires and name calling?"

"It's more entertaining," Caroline remarked with a smile. Though it faded just as fast as she looked to Klaus and Elijah. "Something has been weighing on you guys all day. What is it?"

Hayley exchanged added, "Whatever it is, it can't be that bad. Spit it out."

"You're going to eat your words little wolf," Klaus remarked. He took another breath, straightened himself and explained what he and Elijah had discovered. "Marcel gave me the address to the witch who was Mystic Falls at the time of Hayley and I's affair. We had a nice chat, it was hard to get it out of him, but eventually he spoke and we have a breakthrough. Caroline, do you recall what you were doing two days before?"

Caroline gave him a baffled look, "Uh, what day? I mean, that was when a lot of stuff went down. That was right after Jeremy died, Elena burned down her house and switched off her emotions. Everyone was looking for Katherine and the cure popped up, Silas was around. There was a lot going on."

"Think hard as you can, this is important," Elijah told her softly.

Caroline frowned at this, she dug through her memory and said, "I, I don't even know exactly what date you two were together to begin with."

"Two days before your cheerleading competition," Klaus supplied.

"How do you remember that," Caroline asked surprised and faintly irritated.

"You told me about it," Klaus said softly, he glanced away from her as he went on. "Back then, there was a day, both our memories returned. Where your charm was unlocked and my potion useless."

Caroline's frown deepened at that, but for a brief pause, she let her mind return back to the conversation she had with Lexi. Her ancestors had been annoyed with her memory being locked, then they let it go after and even seemed to be helping her with Klaus. Lexi had asked her if she suspected why, if she ever even questioned it. The answer had been know, she had assumed they let it go because there was nothing they could do it about. But Lexi had said for a few hours, someone else broke it.

"When I was in the Other side I guess, after Hayley came back," Caroline started uneasily. "I saw Lexi. And she said that someone else had broken through my memory lock when my ancestors couldn't."

Elijah nodded, "That's correct. The witch had been there to get you Caroline, to get you and Klaus reunited."

"Why," Caroline asked then.

Klaus was the one who answered her, anger in his voice, "He and the French Quarter witches needed something from us. They stole something from you, with their magic."

Just know that when the spell had happened, we did everything we could to fight it. Our ancestors practically went to war with the French Quarter ancestors for it, but we couldn't stop them. And we couldn't reverse it.

"Klaus, what did he steal," Hayley asked him next, her voice uneasy.

Klaus knew he couldn't bead around the bush forever, he had to say it, "The witch broke through my memory charm, at the time I thought perhaps it had faded and with the protection charm you gave I was able to leave the house and I went to you." Klaus met Caroline's gaze. "When I arrived, you greeted me as your husband and I knew your memories returned as well."

A brief flicker of pain came to Caroline's mind and she could see him, standing in the doorway to her room and how happy she had been to call him her husband. The images were faded, blurry, but they were real, she could feel them as if they had only just happened, yet as if it were so long ago. Her ancestors had been annoyed because they couldn't get through, but these witches in the Quarter had.

"Lexi told me there was a spell used on me," Caroline started, her bottom lip trembled for a moment and Hayley took her hand. She flashed the wolf a grateful smile before she continued. "She wouldn't tell me what it was, that you had to be the one to tell me. And that, that my ancestors went to war with the Quarter ones. Please, what was the spell?"

When Klaus did not answer right away, Elijah whispered to him, "Niklaus. It has to be you."

Klaus inhaled deeply, "A transfer spell."

Hayley frowned, "A transfer spell?"

"Yes, the witch and the ancestors of the Quarter used a transfer spell on Caroline," Klaus continued, his expression torn between angry and pained. "The spell used on myself and Hayley two days later was merely a sleeping one and the second half of the transfer spell on Hayley."

Elijah added onto that, "The reason Hayley and Klaus have no recollection of the affair was because it didn't happen. The witch had merely put a sleeping spell over the two, put Klaus' memory charm back as well as add one for Hayley then placed them in bed and proceeded with the transfer spell."

Hayley swallowed at this, she had a feeling she knew what was coming and was terrified to follow the thought. Her hand gripped Caroline's a little tighter without meaning too and she was surprised to find that Caroline returned the grip as well. If this was going where she thought it was...

Hayley asked the next questions, "Why did they wait two days? What- what did they transfer?"

Klaus's gaze lingered on Hayley before turning to Caroline's as he explained, "Caroline and I reunited as lovers do. I never took a sex education course in a school setting, but I do know how long it takes for a child to be conceived. Hence why they waited on their spell for us."

Hayley was going to throw up and Caroline couldn't breathe.

Elijah nodded gravely as he said, "This particular spell is very, very difficult and requires nothing short of a coven to cast it. I've only ever seen it used by the Gemini coven in order to protect their next generation of leaders, but other covens can use it. And with the French Quarter ancestors supporting him, he had just enough power to complete the spell." Elijah kept his gaze on Hayley, the pain on his face was enough to match what she was beginning to feel inside. "What the witches stole from Caroline, they gave to you."

Hayley shook her head, "No, you can't mean-" she cut herself off as her breathing shifted. "No. Please."

Caroline couldn't speak, she could barely breathe as realization began to fall on her, what Klaus and Elijah were saying. One of the few spells that could adversely affect a Mac witch was the surrogate transfer spell. Her coven took bloodlines very seriously from what she knew and messing with their heirs was a death wish, their magic fought against anything and everything that tried to mess with their kids. The pain in Caroline's stomach, the adverse effects from such a spell were because they took… they took...

"Our just conceived offspring was transferred to Hayley in order to make it appear as though I had cheated on you, a ploy to break apart our marriage and persuade to join their side," Klaus said to them, but his gaze fell to Caroline. "But you remained with me, with us instead. That left them with only two other options. Either they kill the baby themselves to obtain her power after birth or they kill you for your power and raise the baby as their own."

"I'm so sorry," Elijah whispered to them both, his voice pained.

Hayley's hands went up to her mouth as she shook her head, tears falling down her cheeks as she let their words wash completely over her and much it would hurt less if they had just ripped out her heart and tortured her for years. She barely noticed that Caroline had stood up and stepped away in her place, Elijah had sat down and pulled her into his arms. It was so much worse than she originally believed it could have been when she first thought something was going on. That the child she carried, the chance she had at having a family, a blood relative, was in fact not her own.

Albeit in the beginning, she hadn't been thrilled about having a baby, but eventually she came to love the idea of having a baby, having a daughter. The idea of having her own family had always been something out of her reach and this baby, it had been her one chance to have that. To have a real blood relative of her own and now… now it turned out that wasn't true.

The witches had used her as a pawn to break apart the most powerful supernatural couple and made them all believe that the child hadn't been theirs. They had stolen Caroline's child from inside her before it could even begin to grow and become more than a few cells in her womb. And she had been nothing more than a carrier in this sick game. At first all she felt was sorrow, then she felt anger. Hot, unyielding anger that was a massive flame which could burn down the world.

Caroline stood at the end of the bed, her back to each of them as she let all of their words cover her and pierce every fiber of her being. The baby she had believed was Klaus' and Hayley's was actually her own child. The thought of her own child made her want to grin, but she could hardly feel the joy of it as she heard Hayley's cries behind her or thought of what the French Quarter witches had done to her, to them, her baby.

Her baby. The baby Hayley carried, was hers. It was her daughter.

The Quarter witches took her before she could even begin to grow into a baby, had been taken away from her. Ripped away from her body, the place where it was meant to grow, the first place for it to call home. They took it from her, they put her and Klaus together and then they- they- it was her baby growing in Hayley. It her and Klaus' baby and as happy as she was to know that they would have a child, she could not ignore the fierce and passionate anger that froze her heart.

A heavy breath left her as an influx of magic began to fill every part of her being. She could feel the power and the fuel that her ancestors were giving her access to. As the veins in Caroline's body turned ash grey before they appeared jet black she faced the two vampires and wolf in the room. They each felt the rush of magic fill the room, radiating from the vampire witch hybrid in their presence. Thunder roared to life above them and lighting flashed from the windows before a downpour of rain fell on what had once been a clear and empty sky.

With starry eyes, blackened veins and fangs bared, she said in the darkest voice they had ever heard her use, "I am going to slaughter every single witch responsible for this and ensure their ancestors never know peace in their afterlife."