Title: Celeb'loki ~ Aeternitas Draconis

Author: Nelia

E-mail: karolien_de_paepe@hotmail.com

Pairing: Harry/Draco and hints off Ron W./Hermoine G. and Remus L./Sirius B.

Status: incomplete

Beta: None, if you don't count me

Warning: Abuse, rape, hurt

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.yadda yadda.I'm just borrowing it all for entertainment. No money was made, nor do I wish to make any. Wouldn't say no of course, but hey. All characters belong to J.K.Rowling, I'm just borrowing them.

Brief Summary: After 1 hell of summer, Harry seems to be enjoying a quiet school year but it seems a little too quiet for him!

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt to write a fic so bare with me. ? Please note that I have never written anything in my life!!! And I'm from Belgium so please keep in mind that English isn't my native language, so I apologise for any mistakes you find!!!