~ Chapter 7: The Battle ~

"... it's time to get back inside!" said Hermoine and they started to get everything together. Ron took the basket with food, Hermoine wore her books and the big blanket they brought, Draco wore the basket with the forks, knives, spoons and other silverware they brought and Harry decides to carry the basket with the glasses and plates. Ron and Hermoine were already walking towards Sirius and Remus who were waiting for them.

Draco started walking with Harry just behind him, but he didn't get far 'cause the basket Harry was carrying ripped open and everything fell to the floor, luckily the grass was soft so no glasses or plates broke. Harry quickly started to get everything together when Draco stared walking back while Ron and Hermoine, after seeing everything was okay, walked towards Sirius and Remus. "Need any help, love?" asked a worried Draco, Harry looked up with a smile and said "No, I got but thanks", but Draco wasn't that easily persuaded "Are you sure, I can help you carry *that* if you want" Draco said while pointing at the basket and looking around kinda worriedly, Harry just shaked his head, Draco was very protective of him since the summer since Harry got raped and beaten, nobody but Harry's closes friend were allowed near and if one should even look wrong at him Draco would sent them the 'Malfoy' glare and make a threat so they wouldn't even think off doing it again but luckily not many people did and they were left alone and even then he was still very protective as if round every corner a murderer would be waiting but Harry didn't complain he found it sweet and he felt very safe the safest he's ever felt in his life but he could really handle a basket and he looked up saying "I'm fine Draco, you go ahead, I'll be right there", Draco was still hesitant looking back between their friends and Harry a frown on his face but before he could say anything, Harry said "go ahead and try to find something out about those two" pointing at Sirius and Remus with a big smile and raised eyebrow, and that was it Draco smiled back knowing how much Harry loved those two he went to investigate and walked towards the group standing some 100 meters away waiting for Draco and Harry to join them.

Harry cleaned everything up and stood up ready to walk to the group waiting for him but he didn't get very far 'cause suddenly he felt an incredible pain in his scar and fell to his knees screaming out loud while he clutched his head in his hands, his vision became blurry because of the tears flowing down his face but he saw his friend stop, turn and run towards him wands raised. He heard a familiar, too familiar for his taste, laugh and wanted to scream to his friend to run but he couldn't 'cause his throat hurt to much. A few seconds passed, even though they looked like hours to him, he got used to the pain and started to stand again and the voice started laughing louder and harder, he turned and came face to face with his greatest enemy: Voldemort.

"Well well well, if it isn't the boy-who-lived, ... still alive I see ... " said Voldemort cruelly "... but that's something we can change rather quickly" he said stepping closer to Harry, smiling evilly. "We'll see about that" said Harry while he heard his friends come closer yelling his name "Harry! Harry! Are you alright?", Draco, Sirius and Remus where the first to stand by him, Hermoine and Ron followed quickly after that, but Harry paid to attention to them he just kept staring at Voldemort trying to ignore the pain and prepping himself for a battle he wouldn't forget but when he felt Draco place his hand on his shoulder shouting his name he snapped out of his reverie and looked at his boyfriend saying "Yeah, I'm alright but ..." he said snapping his head back at Voldemort "I know someone who won't be in a little while ..." he took a step closer ignoring the "No, Harry no's" from his friends "... I'll let ya guess three times ... Tom!" and he smiled evilly. "Don't call me that you insolent brad ... you don't know who you're messing with ... and besides you wouldn't come close enough to hurt me ..." yelled Voldemort raising his wand towards Harry, who doesn't even flinch.

Maybe Harry didn't move but his friends did and all at the same they raised there wands ready to yell some curses and hexes but before they could utter even a word they heard Harry yell "Noooooooo .... stop!" and their wands were ripped from their hands and were flung backwards really hard and really fast and landed a couple of meters further on the ground. It seems Voldemort yelled "expelliarmus" just before they even got a change to do anything. Harry looked at his friends and was relieved to find they are unhurt and already getting up but frowned when they couldn't seem to move, it seemed they were all trapped in some sort of bubble and couldn't move beyond them, they were desperately banging on the bubble, yelling and screaming to let them out but it was no use, Harry looked at Draco who was looking helplessly at Harry tears rolling down his face 'cause he couldn't do anything, he can't help Harry and protect him, he whispered 'I love you' to Harry like it was the last time he would be able too, Harry whispered it back but frowned at the sudden scared look on Draco's face, the pain in his head came back and remembered Voldemort was still there but before he could even turn he heard

"Crucio" and he felt an incredible pain: his very bones were on fire, his head was surely splitting along his scar, his eyes were rolling madly in his head, he wanted it to end ... to black out ... to die ... but he couldn't and he wouldn't, he promised himself that if he ever met Voldemort again it would 'end' then and there and that was sticking to that. He never noticed Voldemort rose him in the air and walked towards his friends until he dropped hard on the floor, he started coughing and felt blood run down his chin 'well ... this is familiar' he thought but stiffened when he heard a yell "Open your eyes Potter so your friends can see what kinda hero you really are" but Harry refused even when his friends were yelling at him "Do it Harry, please open your eyes or he's gonna hurt you again, please Harry please" but still he refused he wouldn't let Voldemort get the pleasure but when his head was yanked up and heard a collective gasp from his friends he opened his eyes and looked strait in those of Draco's grey eyes brimming with tears thinking 'that he couldn't look that bad after one crucius curse now could he?' but the looks of his friend told him otherwise.

He looked at ever single one of them telling he loved them and that it wasn't their fault but stopped when he heard " Ooohh ... this just brakes my heart ... of course it's their fault Potter that you should suffer ... well partially at least ..." he chuckled " ... they should have known better then to attack me ... even you knew *that* ... for every single person ... *you* get to suffer " he smiled and yelled "CRUCIO" five time in a row each time with a little more time between them so he wouldn't get used to the pain, Harry yelled and yelled and yelled until he couldn't do it anymore, the pain numbed everything, he distinctly heard the voices of Sirius, Remus, Draco, Ron and Hermoine begging Voldemort to stop and take them in his place but Voldemort said "Why should I do that, it's more fun this way ... I didn't come here for you ... I have no interest in you ... you getting to watch is just a bonus ..." and yelled "Crucio" one more time. After what seems like days to Harry and his friends, he stopped and left Harry alone for awhile, Harry lay on his side facing his friends, he was terribly bruised and bled everywhere on his body, he was shaking, his breathing was very shallow and his eyes looked ... dead.

All his friends were crying afraid Harry was gonna die but suddenly a big shutter went trough Harry and it seemed his eyes glowed but it was gone so fast it was hard to tell it was real or not. Suddenly Harry coughed and blinked his eyes several times getting on his knees he fumbled in his robes looking for his wand, when he found it he tried to stand but his knees gave away, he tried several time before finally standing on wobbly legs. Voldemort just laughed but his friends stared at him in wonder and unbelief yelling "Harry ... get out of here ... run ... go away ... don't do anything foolish ..." but he ignored them and stepped closer to Voldemort wand raised.

Both Harry and Voldemort yelled "Crucio" at the same time and the same thing happened like what happened last year when they both yelled "Avada Kedavra" at the same time but this time no ghost or dead people came out of the wand only the power surge connecting them was there. Harry tried to hold on as long as he could but with his weakened state he fell to his knees easily and the surge was broken and before he could even utter a word his wand was out of his hand and in Voldemort's.

It seemed like the end!!

Suddenly Harry felt that shutter again and his eyes glowed but it was quickly gone again. He suddenly felt strong even though he didn't look like it and was back on his feet again, "you foolish boy, you really don't know when to stop do you ... well ... it will all be over soon" and pointed the two wands at him and yelled "Avada Kedavra" at the same time as Harry even though he hasn't got a wand.

They all looked at Harry in shock, he had his hand raised and a green beam was coming from it, 'Wandless magic ... he can do wandless magic ...' and their hope rose again. The beams hit each other and held on, feeling Voldemort was losing his powers he took advantage of the situation, closed his eyes and began muttering words he never heard before and the surge intensified and hit Voldemort whose eyes became wide when the beam struck his chest and he fell down: Voldemort was dead!

Harry looked relieved as Voldemort's body began falling down, the two wands fell from his hand and hit the ground beams hitting from them, Harry's eyes widened and looked at his friends, who were now free and started running towards him, and turned his head in time to see a black and green beam coming towards him, hitting him in the chest with a strength he flew back against a nearby tree hitting his head hard and slumping down, hearing the screams of his friends he lost consciousness.


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