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The Snack Pack where brought to the dining hall. The guards where setting up for the comback of Trollstice.

"This is going to be the best 'Trollstice' ever! Such a great idea I had." King Gristle exclaimed happy.

"Yes, tomorrow is Trollstice everyone and it must be perfect."

"Yes Chef!" The guards replied back.

"Feels great to be ordering everyone around again."

The trio where up on the chandelier watching. "Guys look!" Poppy said

"They're alive?" Branch replied.

"...and on a silver platter to, you guys where both right!" NightStar added.

".. and to mark the occasion your highness look." Chef opened a chest box. "I found your old troll bib."

"Oh, wow, I bet she still fits. Like a glove" King Gristle put his old bib on, but it was to small for him now, that it riped in pieces.

Cooper thought it was funny that he laughed out loud, the others quickly shushed him. NightStar winced at this cause he got caught laughing.

That made King Gristle mad. "Oh, you think that's funny?! We'll see who's laughing when I bite your yummy head off!"

NightStar heard that, it made her mad that her eyes glowed again. No one talks to Cooper like that and no one is going to eat him or her friends. As long she still lives.

"When I bite all your yummy heads off!" But the Bergen King realized something. "Wait a minute. Chef this isn't enough yummy heads to feed all of Bergen Town. How are we suppose to have 'Trollstice' if there's not enough trolls?"

"Theres plenty of more where that came from sire." Chef explained.

That made the trio gasped, she is totally talking about everyone back in 'Troll Village'.

"Are you sure? Cause I promised everyone a Troll." Gristle frowned.

"No, no, no. Sire everything will be fine. If I would truly be worried, would I be willing to do this?" Chef snached Creek out of the cage.

"Creek!" Said Poppy as Branch and NightStar hid the three of them before Chef spotted them.

"My first Troll!" King Gristle excitedly replied forgeting that he was worried a moment ago.

"Go on eat King Gristle, enjoy the taste of true happiness."

He was about to take a bite of the Zen Troll when he stopped. "Shouldn't we wait for 'Trollstice'?"

"Sire everyday is 'Trollstice', when you have Trolls." Chef put Creek in a Taco and gave it to him.

"Yeah, I guess." He was about to eat him again. "But my Dad said that my first time should be special."

The Trolls sighed in relief.

"Well your the King now." Chef put on some hot sauce on the taco.

"Yeah, I am the King." But he stopped from eating again. "But maybe I should share this moment with the hole Kingdom."

"Just eat!" Chef shoved the taco on his mouth without hesitation but didn't swallowed it.

The Snack Pack watched in horror. "Oh my gaw!" Said Smidge.

"No!" Said Poppy watching her crush supposely been eaten.

"Yes." Chef snapped her fingures, making the guards gave the King a sombrero and maracas. Then out of nowhere they played their Trumpets in mariachi style.

Then the King and Chef left the dining hall, not before Chef saying. "Bridget bring those Trolls back to your room and guard them with your life!" As she trew a spoon on her.

"Yes Chef." The maid replied.

"That's the most awfull Mariachi i've seen." Said NightStar seeing it all.

"We got to save him!" Poppy was about to get off the chandelier but the others stopped.

"Save him from what his stomach?" Branch said.

"We didn't see him chew, we didn't see him swallow!"

"I'm sorry Poppy, is it him or the others." NightStar made it straight with her.

As Princess, Poppy knew that she has to make a choice she might have not be able to save her crush, but she can't let her friends get eaten. She made a jump off the chandelier landed on a spoon, slide all the way to Bridget's back without anyone noticing. Branch and NightStar both jumped off as well, hoping on the guards' hats almost got spotted but managed to get to Poppy without getting caught as well.

Bridget walked all the way down to her room that was at the bottom of the castle. As she got in, the trio quietly got off and hid themsleves under something.

"Scullery maid." All the way from the Kitchen Chef dropped more dishes for her to wash as it landed on her. "Wash these pans and potts for 'Trollstice', the King is inviting everyone, except you."

The poor young maid burst out crying. The trio noticed this, why is she so sad? Bergens shouldn't be having feelings. Or did they?

Bridget landed on her bed still crying. She then revealed under her night table a magazine that has King Gristle's picture on it.

Bridget: I've been alone with you

Inside my mind

And in my dreams I've kissed your lips

A thousand times

I sometimes see you

Pass outside my door


Is it me you're looking for?

I can see it in your eyes

I can see it in your smile

You're all I've ever wanted

And my arms are open wide

'Cause you know just what to say

And you know just what to do

And I want to tell you so much

I love you

Bridget had feelings for King Gristle since childhood, even thought he doesn't notice, she is still on love with him. But despite not being notice makes her sad, she burst out crying again after finishing her song before falling asleep.

Poppy and NightStar thought it was romantic. "Oh, she's in love with the King."

Branch on the other hand didn't thought of it that way. "What are you talking about? Bergens don't have feelings...!"

"Didn't you heard the song? Maybe you don't know everything about them..!" NightStar argued.

"Neither do you...!" He snapped.

"Guys stop, what matters we free everyone, now let's go...!" They quietly went to where the others where. When they got there Branch took off the cloth.













"Enough...!" Branch stopped the joy cricle. The Snack Pack stopped for a moment. "Branch!"

"I know that you all are happy to see us, but right now is to get you all out of here..." The survivalist took out from Poppy her pair of scissors to unlock the lock to free everyone, damaging them in the process. He took off the lock letting everyone get out. NightStar immediatley gave Cooper a big hug.

"Now kid, what are you doing here?!" Cooper was quite surprise that NightStar came in a dangerous place.

"I came to rescue you!" She crossed her arms thinking that he's not happy to see her.

The tall Troll looked at Branch.

"She followed me..." He explained.

Cooper then put the young Troll down. "Why in the world would you go into a dangerous place for a kid like you?"

"I had to! There is no way that i'm gonna let you being eaten. Also without making it up to you after I hurt you!"

Cooper gasped, followed by the Snack Pack and Poppy. Branch was speachless. NightStar covered her mouth realizing what she just said without thinking. She spilled the beans now.

Bridget woke up from her screaming. "Hello...?"

The Trolls remained still thinking she heard them.

" it me your looking for...?" She eventualy went back to sleep releaving everyone.

But that didn't forget what they just heard. Branch frowned at her, he knew that there was something off about her! His suspicions where correct.

"I knew it...! I knew that there was something about you...!"

"It's not what it looks like..." NightStar tried to explain.

"What...? That you admited that you've hurt him and he didn't actualy feel off of a tree...?!"

Cooper steped in her defense. "Branch it's my fault that she hurt me, she was getting angry, she tried to warn me but I didn't listen."

"You got lucky, but what if she hurts you again...?!" He asked still mad.

"It was an accident..." NightStar cried.

"Are you even a Troll...?!"

NightStar nervously shook like a leaf.

"Branch your scaring her...!" Poppy step in front.

"Didn't you heard what she just said...?!"

Poppy may have heard everything but her good nature wants to know the reason of it. "But that doesn't mean you don't have to force her to speak...!"

"Even if she lied to us...?!"

"Even if she lied to us..." She firmly said, Poppy is hurt that two of her friends lied to her, but they are like family to her and family sticks with one another. She turned around to see NightStar hung her head in guilt. NightStar looked at her at the Snack Pack and Cooper. She can't lie no more, they deserved to know.

"I think it's time for you to know..." She then revealed her secret. "I'm not a Troll."

They gasped in quietly in horror. She closed her eyes and started to glow bright white, in a flash she revealed her real self. She is no longer a Troll, but a clear skined person who is a little taller than before, has wolf ears and tail and is now wearing different clothes. "I'm a wolf person..."

"A what...?" Suki asked.

"I'm actually not from here. I'm from another world where others like me exist. Where Trolls only existed in fairy tales. I'm a Princess with magical powers where I came from, I've been traveling to other worlds before for years. There are alot of more worlds all over the Multiverse. I came here after I had a fight with my friends cause of my... Anger problem." She explained.

"But how did you become a Troll in the first place?" Asked Guy Diamond.

She saddly sighs. "Sometimes, everytime that there's a world I visit it would turn me into that everytime. I'm so sorry, I don't wanna make you guys unconfortable with a person like me around. I don't belong with you guys..." She shed a tear upon saying that.

That made the Trolls felt bad for her, all this pressure of keeping a secret must have been hard for her. Branch started to feel bad for yelling at her, NightStar is just a kid, she is not use to tell truth, but that doesn't make him fully trust her, not yet at least. Poppy was surprised but sad too.

NightStar then felt something fuzzy pressing her. She opened up to see Cooper hugging her. "Cooper...?"

"I thought that you needed one..." He said as he keep hugging her. The hole Snack Pack, except Branch hug their sad friend. They don't care if she wasn't really a Troll or not, they love her for who she is on the outside and inside, that can't change their friendship. NightStar smiled at this throught her tears, she turned back into a Troll in the middle of the hug. After this hole thing is over she must go back to her other friends who are probably worried about her, especialy her family.

"Hey, where do you think your going?!" Bridget came with a lanter after she heard them talking to loud woken up from her sleep.

They all screamed in fear and the Trolls ran off in panic. Guy Diamond added some glitter on her face as a distraction.

She tried to catch them but they where to fast for her. "Chef is going to be so mad!"

They all went to hide in a corner, Branch took a fork to defend himself with. Bridget took a big pan ready to hit him with.

"Bridget stop!"

The maid turned around to see who was calling her. Poppy and NightStar stood where her pink curtains was.

"Your in love with King Gristle!" Poppy pointed out.

"Uh, I don't know what are you talking about." She nervous lied.

NightStar opened the curtains with her magic revealing pictures of him on the wall.

"Excuse me, that's not mine." She closed the curtains not admiting it.

NightStar looked deepaned. "Really? You sang a song about it."

Bridget sighs. "What is it matter? It's not like he doesn't even know that i'm alive."

"Bridget we can help you. What if there was a way to get what we both want." Poppy said. "That Troll that King Gristle put in his mouth, is Creek and I would do anything to save him."

NightStar then continued. "One problem is that we can't get anywhere near the King, without getting eaten."

"But you can." Poppy added. That made Bridget realized what she meant. "You can walk right up to him and tell him how you feel."

"As if, I can't just walk right up to the King. He would never notice someone like me." The maid said.

"What if he doesn't know that your that someone. What if he thought your this total babe."

"How can I be a total babe wearing this?"

The Snack Pack approched.

"What if we made you a new outfit?" "I'm thinking..." Satin and Chenille suggested. "Jumpsuit!"

"What's the point of a jumping suit, while I still have this hair?"

"Oh, we can fix that problem." NightStar added.

"But how will I talk to him if I don't know what a total babe says?"

"We can help with that too!" Exclaimed Poppy. "What do you say Bridget?"

The Bergen looked at her new Troll friends who nodded. "Let's do it?"

"5, 6, 7, 8!"

The Snack Pack (Except Cooper):

When you look in the mirror let it disappear, all your insecurites!

"Wait!" Bridget realized that Branch is the only one who wasn't singing. "Why isn't this one singing?"

"Come on Branch sing with us!" Exclaimed Cooper as the other suggested it as well.

"Oh, no that's okay."

"You don't think this will work?" Now Bridget doubt it.

"It's not that I just don't sing."

"Branch!" Poppy hissed.

"No, he's right this is stupid, King Gristle will never love me!" The maid burst out crying on her bed again. The Snack Pack are trying to confort her.

Branch scoffed at this, if they don't want to leave then he has to do it himself.

"Branch what are you doing, you have to sing." Poppy replied as they climbed up to the window. NightStar followed behind.

"I already told you I don't sing!"

"Well you have too!"

"I'm sorry I can't!"

"No you can, you just won't."

"Fine I just wont."

"You have too!"




"Why not?! Why won't sing?!"

"Because singing killed my Grandma, okay?!" He snapped admiting.

NightStar gasped in shock hearing that.

"Now leave me alone..." The survivalist saddly replied as he sat down at the corner of the window.

"How did singing killed your Grandma...? What happend to her...?" NightStar asked feeling sorry for him.

"It all started when I was singing..."

The girls where surprised as he continued to tell that tragic day.

Many years ago, before their escape, a young Branch was singing with the most beautifull voice. He was singing with all of his heart that nothing can't stop his joy.

"That day, I was so lost in the song. I didn't hear my Grandma trying to warn me..."

Chef came from behind, Branch didn't hear her comming. Her Grandma did.

'Branch! Watch out!' Rosiepuff cried out to her Grandson who was in danger, but didn't hear her.

Chef was ready to grab him when, it happend.

'Watch out Branch!'

Branch finally heard her, he turned around seeing Chef, Rosiepuff did the ultimate sacrifice of pushing him of the tree branch and let Chef take her instead.

Branch saw that his Grandma was taken away, he couldn't do anything to save her. 'Grandma!'

The young's happiness is gone, he lost his only family and there is nothing to bring her back.

The Snack Pack and Bridget:

Once upon a time there was light in his life.

But now theres only love in the dark...

Nothing he can say...

A total Eclipse of Heart...

"I haven't sung a note since..."

NightStar almost cried listening to that.

"I'm so sorry Branch. I had no idea, I just assume you had a terrible voice..." Poppy apologies to the sad Branch, all because he lost someone so close to him. It must have been hard for him to move on.

"No, it was like an angels. At least that's what Grandma used to say..."

Poppy just smiled, and went to gave him a heartfelt hug.

"Woah, woah, what are you doing? It's not Hug Time."

"I just thought you can use one." NightStar and the rest of the Snack Pack gave the sad Branch a group hug to confort him. Bridget also joined in. Branch shoved off the hug. "Okay, okay, i'll help! But i'm still not singing!"

The Troll when on doing their thing. "Okay people! Hair we go!"

The Snack Pack and Bridget (Except Branch):

You, you, you, you, you

You gotta let it show

I'm coming

I'm coming out

I'm coming

I'm coming out

I'm coming

Yo! I'm coming out

Like the sun after rain

Ready to shine no time to be plain

Feeling good, gonna get get what I, what I want

Gonna show 'er, 'erbody how I, how I bump

Look at me now my confidence is soaring

Dudes be impressed with the boards I'm scoring like

That it boy

And I just don't quit

That's the king drop his jaw when I'm shakin' my hips, I'm saying

She's coming out

She's coming

It's time to take a stand and show the world that I'm

She's coming out

Bridget landed on Barnabas on that last verse, he growled, but Bridget gave him the Sandwich she accidently stole and calmed down.

"No, no, no, no, no! It's all wrong! I am the King that's bringing back 'Trollstice' I need a bib to match!" King Gristle was at Bibbly's bib shop, looking for the right bib for 'Trollstice'.

"Yes sire!"

"I look like a child in this one!" King Gristle took off his bib and trew it on Bibbly's face.

Bridget dreamly glanced at him from outside the shop. "Oh he's so beautifull..."

NightStar poped out. "Don't you mean he's 'handsome'?"

"Oh, he'll know i'm just a scullery maid!"

"No, no, no! I'll be right here Bridget." Poppy tried to reasuring her.

"We all will girl." NightStar gave a thumbs up.

"You'll tell me what to say right?"

"Of course I will." Poppy added.

"Of course I will." Bridget repeated it in a sassy tone.

"Just wait until we get inside." Poppy got back inside the mane.

"Also don't repeat 'everything' she says okay?" NightStar followed back in.

Songs: Hello by Zooey Deschanel

I'm Coming Out/Mo' Money Mo' Problems by Zooey Deschanel, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Ron Funches, Icona Pop and Kunal Nayyar.

I think Zooey Deschanel has a beautifull singing voice when she sang 'Hello' it sounded like how female singers sang back in the day.

Now the Trolls now know NightStar's secret, but Branch won't trust her again that easly.

If your wondering who NightStar's other friends where. She is talking about the Heroes Squad, they are based on Characters from my favourite TV Shows and Movies.

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