"Whoa... how did you find yourself here?" Banjo asked in amazement while having his bear paws on his hips.

Superman chuckled while rubbing the back of his head, feeling his iconic red cape blow behind him from the gentle winds of Spiral Mountain. "You know that's an excellent question. I don't know how I found myself here."

Kazooie scoffed while flapping her wings. "Is that what you ask every superhero whenever you meet them?"

"...I don't think your bird is fond of me." SuperMan questioned while rubbing his chin.

"I'm poking fun of you, it's all right." Kazooie laughed. "I do it to whoever we run into regardless of where their position stands."

Banjo sighed in disappointment. "Yeah, that's just how she likes to roll with her priorities..."

Super-Man stood up while posing about on the top of the spiraling mount. "So I see."